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Anyone know anything about Microsoft OneDrive for Business? I have a personal OneDrive account linked to my Personal Email Address and now a OneDrive for Business account linked (I thought) to my Business Email Address through my Office365 domain.

I had been sharing work files from my OneDrive, now I want to ensure that I only share work files from my Business Email Address, and I only want people to share Microsoft files to me via my Business Email Address.

So, I shared a file in my OneDrive via Word Online to my Business Email Address, it came into my Outlook (OWA) on Office 365 as a link and the only option is View in OneDrive.

I open that link and try to login to OneDrive using my Business Email Address and you can't do that, because even though my domain is on Microsoft and I have an O365 subscription I apparently don't have a Microsoft Account for my Business Email Address.

The document has been set up to require login, so I can't log in to see the document at all, even though it has been shared with my Business Email Address.

I tried logging into Word through my O365 account and it the ONLY option to open files is from One Drive for Business.

The file that was shared to me is NOT in Shared with me folder in OneDrive for business.

I can't open the file from a link. I can't open any files outside of OneDrive for Business in my O365 word.

How do I open this file?

If someone shares a file to my Business Email Address how do I open it?

I don't know why random people keep following me. I am NOT going to circle you if I don't know you, so please just don't circle me. 

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I wrote a really long comment on this post and it did not save. Anyway, it's a good article and I like the idea. 
I naturally think about the APIs and what they can do for me to speed up the process of Administration. I use Mavens Mate a lot for Admin tasks (see my post 

Unfortunately with the new tools of Process Builder and Flow, they are not available via the APIs so it's not really possible to think API First when using these. 

If you don't sync all your contacts onto your phone, can apps that access contacts still access those contacts that are in your google account but not on your phone? 

So this may be the place to find someone to help my Sydney based client. Old skool sales reps on the road doing customer visits every few weeks... Want to get better at phone sales (and then Web, but they some work to do on their website). Can anyone suggest some sales training for them to help bring them into the 21st century? They are ready for the change now. 

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Here is my new website using the beautiful Sixteen Nine theme. I love that the Sixteen Nine theme is so different to most other websites out there, and looks great in all responsive modes. 

Things that I need to do in future is put a responsive logo in so it doesn't take up half the site on a mobile device, but I just wanted to get the site live first. 

Admin, can you please block the user +Shraddha Kadakia for posting so much to this topic it is advertising. 

I would like to have a bit less selling and a bit more discussion in this group. I just blocked a user for posting links to their app very regularly. 

Can a chromebook do scanning? And if so, which printer is best for that?

I would love to recommend chromebook to a friend, but she does a lot of scanning and emailing. 

Could be a silly question, but if you pair a chromebox with a touch screen monitor, can you use the touch screen? I'm sure there are probably no drivers or something that would stop you. That would be a nice option. 
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