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I'm trying to kick the #chocolate habit. It's not been easy. I'm used to eating chocolate, three, four times a day. I'm blogging about it here,

I'm on Day 3 right now. Just the rest of my life to go.

#lifestyle #change

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A little delayed, but I have up the next post of my #web #serial, a #lovecraftian #weird #fantasy named In the House of Eryx (part 1).


Eryx drew out his key, locked the door, and tucked the chain away.
Instantly, tension crawled up his spine, and a sensation of being watched settled between his hunched shoulder blades. His gaze darted, taking in details rapidly. To the right: walls, floor, lights, and a bend. To the left: walls, floor, lights, and bend. No one was there but him.
Nothing to explain the sensation of being watched. He was alone.
What about behind you? You haven’t checked there.

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I have the next post up on my #fantasy #horror #Lovecraftian #weird #webfiction :-) In other words, In the House of Eryx, 1.2 The First Room.

A snippet from this post, modified to make more sense out of context:

_That brought Eryx near a dark window, with one, open, lace curtain. The other curtain was missing.

_It made less sense than the mad scribbles on the wall, for a far worse reason.

_It wasn’t dark because there were no moon and no stars out. No, someone had papered it up—from the outside. 

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Hi all. I am blogging a #fantasy #book with touches of #horror and #lovecraftian #weirdness.

Summary: Eryx wakes up in a pitch-black room without memory of who he is or how he got there. Now he has to figure out the many rooms and the inhabitants of the House, and what he will do to escape them.

Snippet from the first post:


He woke up on a bed in a pitch-black room. Someone was panting heavily—no, he was panting heavily—but his was not the voice that had whispered “Eryx” for reasons unknown.

That voice had been feminine and unfamiliar as whoever or whatever “Eryx” was and whoever or whatever he was.

At least, he suspected he was male.

But he had no clear memory of the evidence to back the idea up.


Thanks for reading!

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Been writing again. This time I am inspired by American West tales of overlanders--you know, Oregon Trail type stuff? But this is a made up world, and oh, it has zombies, because everything is better with zombies. #zombies #weirdwest #fantasy #free #weird

Snippet from the Zombie West series: "Death went through our camp, and after we took the new route, the slow, lingering version of the fever prevailed. Of our two families, only two of us were left..."

Rest can be found at the link below

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the best judge judy parody

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