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3 Things Parents Love About Paying for College
So what is there to love about paying for college?

Most parents want their children to have a successful life, and getting a college education is the first step toward achieving that goal. Students who receive financial assistance from their parents have a higher probability of graduating.

After graduation, a significant body of research confirms that a college degree leads to a higher salary and less unemployment.

1. Laying a solid foundation for your child’s future
2. It’s a good time to teach money values
3. Your child might actually appreciate you more

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Marketing Challenges and Solutions for Small Businesses
Marketing can lead to awareness and enthusiasm for your business

So what can an entrepreneur do to meet some of today’s toughest marketing challenges? Here are a few suggestions:

1. I don’t have a marketing budget
2. I don’t have time to do marketing
3. I don’t have the skills to do marketing

There are really no good reasons why your small business cannot benefit from a better marketing strategy.

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Five Big Issues Facing Small Businesses
Big issues your small business might be facing

As a small business owner, you sometimes face challenges that are unique to your individual situation, but you can also face some of the same challenges as larger companies.

1. Marketing Issues
2. Self-Assessment Issues
3. Time Issues

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Start the New Year With a Strong Marketing Strategy
It’s time for small business entrepreneurs to reassess the state of their business

Make 2017 the year you get up off your best intentions and get the job done.

1. Look at your website
2. What is working
3. Plan ahead

Once your business fundamentals are in line, you can map out a strong marketing strategy that will help you attract more prospects and close more sales.

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20 simple ways you can be smarter about your money

Live below your means, not within your means. The only way to get ahead financially is to stay behind your own earnings power.

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Are You Hunting for Scholarships Yet?
2016 is the year the financial aid timeline is changed

Scholarships are often considered “free money” in the financial aid world because they do not have to be repaid if the student continues to meet the academic or other requirements.

1. The search is ongoing
2. Always apply early
3. Look everywhere

For students, the extra money can help pay down the cost of living expenses involved in attending college.

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Key Completion Steps for the 2017-18 FAFSA
Have you filed your 2017-18 FAFSA yet?

Know when your school and state require FAFSA completion, but it is still a good idea to complete the FAFSA as early as possible.

1. Get Your FSA IDs
2. Read, Follow Directions, Look for Help
3. Parents

Provide information as requested, list schools to receive your data, sign and submit.

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#FAFSA #CollegeCash #CollegeCovered #MoneyTips #CollegeBound #Financialaid

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Can Social Media Influencers Help Your Small Business?
How to use social media influencers to help your small business grow

Do your research.Think about the types of people who are in your target demographic.

1. Get to know them
2. Ask if they will do review about you
3. Involve them in a contest or promotion

Start researching those keywords to look for people who write about topics. If you draw your clientele from a particular geographic zone, try to find people who write about events or interesting activities in your area.

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The 2017-18 FAFSA is Here!
Maximize your chances of obtaining all the financial aid

Check all deadlines to make sure you are in compliance with what your schools require. Take your time going through the FAFSA, and read the information that is supplied.

1. File, file, file
2. Don’t be misled
3. Use an FSA ID

You will never know how much financial aid you qualify for until you complete this application.

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College’s hidden costs: What the admissions office doesn’t tell you
College’s hidden costs are a prime topic of discussion

"Think of this as a guide to figuring out what college will actually cost you and your kid. This story isn’t about the basics such as tuition, room and board. Most — but not all — colleges spell that out on their websites". By +Washington Post 

1. Annual boosts in tuition/housing
2. Storage fees
3. Changing majors

Check out more in no particular order, costs to consider

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