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Many colleges use the College Scholarship Service PROFILE as well as FAFSA.
Don't overlook it

"In effect, the CSS PROFILE takes FAFSA information as its base and digs deeper. It may require parents’ and students’ W-2s, two years of tax returns, current bank statements, records of untaxed income and benefits and records of savings, stocks, bonds, trusts, and other financial instruments. The College Board isn’t fooling around here, so be sure to have all of these things in hand, especially if your financial situation is complex."

Written by Willard Dix for +Forbes 

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Completing the FAFSA may only be the beginning of the quest for college financial aid. Be sure to see whether the CSS PROFILE is required as well.
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Jodi Okun

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We’re at the beginning of college admissions season for this year’s high-school seniors.

Counselors have always encouraged students to consider a variety of schools, including a safety school and a stretch school, for instance.

But they told me more than ever they are suggesting students cast a wider net, at least at the beginning of their search, so they don’t develop a love affair with one particular school that will be hard to break off when financial decisions need to be made in the spring.

#CollegeBound   #CollegeTalk  #college #highschool 
Four pieces of advice from high school counselors and college admissions officers as students and their families consider higher education.
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Jodi Okun

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Discover Smart Financial Choices for College Students
The the timeline for financial aid changed

Some colleges have moved up their deadlines to be in accordance with the spirit of the change, while others have not adjusted their timeframes.

If you are applying for admission to the class of 2021 here are some smart financial choices you can make:

1. Choose to file the FAFSA as early as possible
2. Make sure you maximize “free” financial aid
3. Carefully consider your student loan options

Check out the #FAFSA Assistant Tool on the +Discover Student Loans #CollegeCovered website to help you get organized before you apply for financial aid.

Read here:

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Jodi Okun

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The problem is that several media outlets are stoking the notion that all families must now file their FAFSA college financial aid form by or on the October 1st, 2016 deadline. Except it is NOT a deadline at all and never was. It is an option or a starting line at worst, but definitely NOT a deadline.
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Jodi Okun

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Discover the Difference Between Federal and Private Student Loans
In most cases, students and families borrow money in the form of student loans to make up this difference

There are two types of lenders when it comes to student loans: the federal government, which offers federal student loans, and private lenders, like +Discover  which offer private student loans.

Here are some of the differences between these two types of loans:

1. Borrower
2. Amount borrowed
3. Interest
4. Fees

2016 will be remembered as the year of the “big change” in college financial aid.Check out the Check out the #FAFSA  Assistant on the #CollegeCovered  website.

Read it here:

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Jodi Okun

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A Strong LinkedIn Profile Can Boost Small Business Credibility
_ Building credibility, through LinkedIn can’t be beat_

When prospective customers are looking for a specific product or service, one of the first places they now search is the internet. LinkedIn serves as your online resume. All of those things that give a business importance and credibility go on LinkedIn.

Tips to keep in mind when using LinkedIn for your small business:

1. Your headline
2. Add a good photo
3. Summary
4. Skills and endorsements

#LinkedIn is a viable marketing opportunity, and it can definitely help your small business grow by establishing a prominent information presence on the internet.

#marketing #smallbusiness #smallibztips #socialmediamarketing #business #resume

Read it here:
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Jodi Okun

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Discover Smart Financial Choices for College Students
Don’t be caught by surprise

Many students and parents convince themselves they have very good reasons for not filing a FAFSA – it’s too hard, we earn too much, we earn too little, I don’t know which colleges I want to attend, college costs too much – but those are just excuses.

You will never know how much financial aid you qualify for until you complete this application.

1. File, file, file
2. Don’t be misled
3. Use an FSA ID
4. Be careful

Read it here:

#CollegeCash #CollegeCovered #FAFSA #FinancialAid #MoneyTips #Finances #College #CollegeBound #Highered

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Jodi Okun

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Start Gathering Your 2017-18 FAFSA Information Now
_ #FAFSA for the 2017-18 academic year will be online October 1, 2016_

Since there are a number of programs where funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis, it might be wise for students who are submitting regular application admissions to consider filing a FAFSA in October, even if they have not yet settled on a particular college.

1. Use 2015 tax return
2. Apply for FSA ID
3. Determine student’s dependency
4. Establish Who is your parent?

Once you have settled those questions, start gathering documentation.

Read it here:

#CollegeCash #FinancialAid #CollegeCovered #CollegeBound #moneytips #College #MoneyTalk

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Jodi Okun

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What Should You Save for College?
How much is enough?

You should be able to estimate college costs for a current high school student, but long-term projections can be difficult. If current trends continue. Check out +Discover for great articles and videos to help you plan for the process.

Few things you can take into consideration when thinking about how much to put aside:

1. Your child’s age
2. Make projections, but don’t be surprised at the amount
3. Set a limit

In general, you need to save anywhere between $1500 and $7500 per year from birth, depending on your level of commitment.

Read it here:

#CollegeCash #CollegeCovered   #moneymanagement   #studentloans   #moneytips   #moneymatters   #spon  
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The founder and president of College FinancialAid Advisors Jodi Okun has helped thousands of families since 2008. Jodi is a systems and processes business owner who creates a company culture leading with the client experience as the key to her success.

In 2012 Jodi began to expand College Aid Advisors to give clients the best customer service, increase digital marketing and use social media to connect. As a recognized leader and influencer, Jodi has been seen in Daily Finance, Fox Business, Mashable, Newsday, USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.

Paying for a college education is often new territory for parents and children. But with research and preparation, they can learn how to maximize available funds and borrow responsibly. Parents should encourage their soon-to-be college students to take responsibility for finding solutions and forming a long-term financial plan that they can work through together.

Jodi was recently voted a Top 99 TwitterAccounts Covering Financial Aid by Yes and one of the Top 50 SocialInfluencers in Personal Finance and Wealth in 2014.

Through Jodi’s loyal Twitter following, she has organically incorporated outreach into her brand. Every Thursday night at 5 pm PT, Jodi hosts #CollegeCash a Twitter chat devoted to connecting college-bound families with higher education professionals. #CollegeCash is a resource for families to learn all about the college process: application, social media, career, graduation, paying for college and financial aid.

Brand Ambassador for Discover Student Loans:
Discover Student Loans and Jodi established a partnership to help educate parents and students about the true cost of college and how they can determine the right funding mix needed to cover all costs. Jodi and Discover believe that families should max out free monies and then responsibly evaluate loan options.

Jodi is excited to continue her partnership with Discover Student Loans for a second year. Partnering together helps provide clear and accurate information for parents on how to navigate the complex student loans landscape. The subject is often complicated, and there is a lot of misinformation. Jodi and Discover continue to explain the options available and provide resources and tools to make the process easier.

Let’s Talk:
Do you have questions about the college financial aid process? Are you struggling to understand and make clear decisions with financing college? The months between high school graduation and freshman year of college are an exciting time, full of anticipation and planning for the next chapter of life. But with these new opportunities may come uncertainties, from financing an education to finding an on-campus job and making the most of the summer.

Connect with me today and schedule your FREE 30 minute Strategy Session!

Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing:
Adding digital marketing into her brand and implementing a social media editorial calendar Jodi is able to connect parents, business owners and brands. Jodi is the moderator of College Talk a Google+community to keep the conversation going and actively share insight, increase engagement and lower the stress level.

Small Business Talk:
Are you an Entrepreneur starting your own small business? Do you have a small business and want to create systems, processes and procedures?

Do you want to add digital marketing to your brand? Do you have questions on how to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram for your small business and add a social media strategy that works? Check out some of my small business articles:

Get More Mileage From Your Content Marketing

Search Marketing For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Linked Helps Boost Your Small Business Credibility

5 Quick Steps For Marketing Your Small Business Now

Make Facebook Videos Part of Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

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"Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an interaction becomes your trademark" ~ Denzie
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