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Help Your College Graduate Get on Track Financially
How to help your student track their finances?

Continue your role as parent and provide solid input and advice on how to make financial decisions based on information. Here are some tips to help:

1.  Don’t Revert to Your Old Habits
2.  Have a Serious Talk About Student Loans
3. Have a Serious Talk About Student Loans
4. Get Ready to Kick Your Child Out of the House

Read it here:

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Jodi Okun

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Young Adults and Today's Health Insurance Coverage
What are students doing when it comes to doctor appointments?

Here +Lisa Heffernan helps us to understand health insurance for our students.

"WIthout such insurance and sufficient income young adults can find themselves struggling to pay doctors or emergency room bills when they become ill or are injured."

#students   #studentlife   #youngadult   #millennials  
Although young adults may be healthy with few chronic conditions and a long life expectancy it is still important that they have adequate health insurance coverage.
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Jodi Okun

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When you hear the word Entrepreneur what do you think? Who do you think of? What word comes to mind?

#inspiration   #entrepreneur   #quoteoftheday  
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Jodi Okun

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Hellp #Sunday  

Thank you +Steven Krohn Great Picture
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Jodi Okun

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Let's Talk: What should parents be doing between senior year and college?
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Jodi Okun

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How to Build Buzz with Instagram for your Blog

Yes it's true it works like a charm..

Here it is small business owners the "How to" crank up your Instagram. I tried everything +Peg Fitzpatrick recommend it her post. It took me a bit to get the hang of it..but it worked. Expand your Instagram for your business using these easy steps.

1. Rotate the link in your bio
2. Give a little teaser of your blog post
3. Quote your content

Read it here:

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#smallbusinesstips   #smallbusinessmarketing   #instagram   #marketingtips  
How to Build Buzz with Instagram for your Blog
Blog traffic and Instagram? You betcha!

ONE TIP Give a little teaser of your blog post

Create a compelling image for your Instagram post branded with your blog logo and URL. This image should be stand-alone quality, so it makes sense whether or not people read the whole article. 

You could ask a question that you answer in your post and start the discussion in the comments.

Add a call to action after your question that says more about what I think about this on my blog with [link in my bio] to remind people to click through.

In a study completed by Forrester study, they declared Instagram the King of social engagement for brands saying that “Instagram delivered brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.”

You can use up to 2,000 characters in your Instagram post descriptions – be witty, clever, and provide value to your followers. Instagram is clearly the place to start a conversation

Read the full article here:

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If you like this, please share with your social community as well. Thanks!

#blogtips   #blogging   #Instagramtips   #instagram   #socialmedia #ns #socialmediastrategy #artofsocial  
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good idea +Donna Cavanagh 
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Have her in circles
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Jodi Okun

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Start your long weekend early with this waterskiing squirrel
What are you plans this weekend?

Check out Twiggy and the +GoPro 

See it here:

#gopro   #4thofjuly   #summer   #summer2015   #beachlife  
Watch Twiggy the Squirrel flex her waterskiing skills to a crowd of supporters.
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+Jodi Okun Yes, I've heard that too.  I'm glad I'm not alone on the submarine ride.  I'll leave the skiing to my wife and talented kids. :)
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Jodi Okun

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18 Unusual Habits That Boost Your Energy More Than Coffee
Let's check out all 18 together._

The article start out with some funny but serious tips for small business owners, business owners or employees to help make the best of their work day.

I cracked up with when I saw the quote

"“Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death.”

Check out your favorite unusual energy boosts. +Peg Fitzpatrick are you going to try coconut butter in your coffee?

#entrepreneur   #entrepreneurship   #workplace   #coffee   #business  
18 Unusual Habits That Boost Your Energy More Than Coffee -
To understand unique and healthy ways to consistently and quickly boost energy daily, I asked dynamic entrepreneurs to spill their best-kept secrets.
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Some very interesting points. Thanks for sharing +Jodi Okun​
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Jodi Okun

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Today is an early day. Getting ready for my Radio Media Tour with 15 stations across the United States. A hot topic for parents - Paying for College: How much do parents want to chip in? I am taking questions and hope you will tune in.Are parents planning to help pay for their kids' college? Or has it changed? Let's Talk
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Yes  - I will try to get you a list and air times +Jennifer Bernstein 
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Jodi Okun

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Good Morning Friends.

So it looks like I have been drinking my coffee all wrong. When do you drink you are coffee?

#Coffee   #coffeelovers   #coffeetime   #coffeebean  
How many of you grab a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? If you said, "Yes," you're not alone, yet that habit isn't giving us the best bang for our cup and builds a tolerance to our drug...
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LOL, Ok +Jodi Okun will do!
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Jodi Okun

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Today is the day !! Welcome summer.

#happy   #summertime   #summerfun   #firstdayofsummer  
#goodmorning #goodafternoon #goodevening #happy #sunday #firstdayofsummer #longdays #beautifulnights #enjoy #summersolstice

What a beautiful day as we celebrate the summer solstice welcoming our Sun to guide us and bless our lives with light. As today is the first day of summer 😀😁😃😄

Enjoy your day ahead my friends 
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Jodi Okun

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Discover the Differences in Private Student Loans
Families should know tuition and related costs

Never rush into a decision about your student loans without first checking your options. It might pay to discover the differences there are in private student loans.

1. Fees
2. Interest Rates
3. Coverage
4. Service Center Location
5. Repayment Options
6. Rewards

Read more here:

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#collegecovered   #collegesavings   #collegecash   #studentloans  
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College Financial Aid
  • College Financial Aid Advisors
  • Pitzer College
    Consultant, 2014
  • Occidental College
    Consultant, 2009 - 2013
Contact Information
Small Business Owner
President, Entrepreneur, #CollegeCash, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing, Writer, Speaker

The founder and president of College FinancialAid Advisors Jodi Okun has helped thousands of families since 2008. Jodi is a systems and processes business owner who creates a company culture leading with the client experience as the key to her success.

In 2012 Jodi began to expand College Aid Advisors to give clients the best customer service, increase digital marketing and use social media to connect. As a recognized leader and influencer, Jodi has been seen in Daily Finance, Fox Business, Mashable, Newsday, USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.

Paying for a college education is often new territory for parents and children. But with research and preparation, they can learn how to maximize available funds and borrow responsibly. Parents should encourage their soon-to-be college students to take responsibility for finding solutions and forming a long-term financial plan that they can work through together.

Jodi was recently voted a Top 99 TwitterAccounts Covering Financial Aid by Yes and one of the Top 50 SocialInfluencers in Personal Finance and Wealth in 2014.

Through Jodi’s loyal Twitter following, she has organically incorporated outreach into her brand. Every Thursday night at 5 pm PT, Jodi hosts #CollegeCash a Twitter chat devoted to connecting college-bound families with higher education professionals. #CollegeCash is a resource for families to learn all about the college process: application, social media, career, graduation, paying for college and financial aid.

Brand Ambassador for Discover Student Loans:
Discover Student Loans and Jodi established a partnership to help educate parents and students about the true cost of college and how they can determine the right funding mix needed to cover all costs. Jodi and Discover believe that families should max out free monies and then responsibly evaluate loan options.

Jodi is excited to continue her partnership with Discover Student Loans for a second year. Partnering together helps provide clear and accurate information for parents on how to navigate the complex student loans landscape. The subject is often complicated, and there is a lot of misinformation. Jodi and Discover continue to explain the options available and provide resources and tools to make theprocess easier.

Let’s Talk:
Do you have questions about the college financial aid process? Are you struggling to understand and make clear decisions with financing college? The months between high school graduation and freshman year of college are an exciting time, full of anticipation and planning for the next chapter of life. But with these new opportunities may come uncertainties, from financing an education to finding an on-campus job and making the most of the summer.

Connect with me today and schedule your FREE 30 minute Strategy Session!

Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing:
Adding digital marketing into her brand and implementing a social media editorial calendar Jodi is able to connect parents, business owners and brands. Jodi is the moderator of College Talk a Google+community to keep the conversation going and actively share insight, increase engagement and lower the stress level.

Small Business Talk:
Are you an Entrepreneur starting your own small business? Do you have a small business and want to create systems, processes and procedures?

Do you want to add digital marketing to your brand? Do you have questions on how to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram for your small business and add a social media strategy that works? Check out some of my small business articles:

Get More Mileage From Your Content Marketing

Search Marketing For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Linked Helps Boost Your Small Business Credibility

5 Quick Steps For Marketing Your Small Business Now

Make Facebook Videos Part of Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Note to Self:
"Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an interaction becomes your trademark" ~ Denzie
Bragging rights
Founder at College Financial Aid Advisors; Financial Aid Consultant at Pitzer and Occidental College; Host #CollegeCash; Huffington Post; Speaker; Author; Faculty Director;
Basic Information
Jodi Okun's +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
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