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DIY Design: How To Design Stunning Images Yourself
Creating images cab help your Small Biz grow

Here +Peg Fitzpatrick breaks it down for small business owners on how to create images like a pro.

1. Why VisualMarketing
2. Why do people share on social?
3. Use visuals with your blog

Check out here blog for key tips to add to your business today!

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Creating images doesn't have to be at the bottom of your list, and you don't have to be a pro to make them look impressive! These design tips will help.
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Jodi Okun

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How to Stand Out on Instagram
What Inside Tips Will Work For Your Small Biz?

Here +Peg Fitzpatrick gives you great tips to help your small business. If you need some new sparks for Instagram listen here and take good notes.

#smallbusiness   #smallbusinesstips   #smallbiz   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips  
Instagram Images: How to Stand Out on Instagram
Is your business on Instagram?
Are you curious about what to post?

Honored to be interviewed by +Social Media Examiner's Mike Stelzner. 

Read it all here:
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Jodi Okun

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Smiling is good for the heart

h/t The Power of Happy

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+Julie Holberg welcome glad we can all smile today 
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Jodi Okun

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Wishing everyone a great week !!

#quote #quoteoftheday #mondaymotivation   #inspiration  
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Jodi Okun

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Yes, Weekend.

Pass it on !! 

h/t +Peg Fitzpatrick 

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Jodi Okun

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Where Does Online Traffic Come From?
Does Online traffic magically gravitate to your website?

There are specific actions you can take to increase your online visibility and establish yourself as an authority in your field so that more prospective customers will become aware of the products and services you have available.

1. Start with search
2. Layer on social media
3. Become a local authority

Online traffic is generated by your efforts at creating an informative website, providing useful knowledge, and working to create interest in your product or service.

Read it here:
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Jodi Okun

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Tips for Entrepreneurs
What have you learned as a Small Biz Owner?

h/t +martin shervington 

If you are a small business owner and your are struggling with everyday tasks. Here are a few tips for you.

#smallbusiness   #smallbiz   #entrepreneur   #entrepreneurship  
21 Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

From the article...
1. Take risks.
One of the most exciting parts of being an entrepreneur is the thrill and exhilaration you get from seeing if something works.

2. Answer questions on Quora.
This helps establish your expertise, knowledge and wit. It is also cool to look back at your answers and see how much you’ve grown personally and professionally by re-reading your previous answers.

3. Cold email everyone.
Do it. See my previous column that shows you how to cold email, and the value of cold emailing.

4. Keep an idea journal.
Anyone who said ideas aren’t worth anything never had a good idea. Don’t listen to that crap. I write 10 ideas every night in my idea journal. Read what James Altucher says about your “idea machine.”

5. Network up.
Networking up can afford you mentorship opportunities, help strengthen your network (obviously) and help you learn from people who have the success you desire.

6. Network horizontally.
Your peer group is going to be with you forever. Meet them, learn from them, network with them.

Related: 5 Fatal Startup Mistakes -- and How To Avoid Them

7. Network down.
You’re going to always have more knowledge and experience than others. Even if you’ve only been an entrepreneur for one month, there’s an entrepreneur out there that’s only been an entrepreneur for one day.

8. Be open to advice.
Listening to the right advice is valuable to your business and your life.

9. And don’t listen.
Don’t listen to all advice. Take everything with a grain of salt, and learn how to trust your gut.

10. Work with people you like.
This is important. If you don’t like the people you work with, you will never be able to maximize your opportunities and thrive.

11. Disconnect.
It’s easy to lock yourself in a room and work all day and night. Learning to disconnect is just as important as working hard. Your brain needs rest. Disconnecting can give your brain the necessary reset it may need to help solve the problems you're facing that day. This might be the most valuable lesson you learn.

12. Brand yourself.
No matter what you do, it is important to have a strong personal brand. As an entrepreneur, branding yourself is your only real security.

Check out what Gary Vaynerchuk says about personal branding.

13. Commit to a regular workout schedule.
One of my mentors/business partners sold his business to Richard Branson and has had some pretty wild success. When I asked him the single most important advice he could give me about being an entrepreneur, he said: “Your health is your most important asset. You can be the most successful person in the world, but that won’t matter if you don’t have your health.”

Every day, I commit time to fitness.

14. Learn everyday.
Entrepreneurship is about solving problems and learning on the go. It’s exciting to learn new things, and as entrepreneurs we should be learning something new every day. That’s part of the gift of entrepreneurship.

Related: 9 Common Mistakes Made by New Entrepreneurs

15. Write down what you learn.
Writing down the things you learn on a daily basis is important too. Some days are harder than others, and having a journal of all of the things you’ve learned will give you strength when you’re feeling weak. 

Learning is an asset, and your lessons can help give you reassurance when you feel like giving up. It can be that "money in the bank" when there's actually not any money in the bank, and give you the courage to keep fighting. 

16. Use LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is a very effective business tool. You can network with pretty much anyone, read blog posts and show off your accomplishments and expertise on your profile.

17. Read everything.
Dedicate time to reading blogs, newspapers, magazines and books. Read stuff related and unrelated to your business and read fiction and non-fiction. I read everything, and it makes me more intelligent, cultured and dare I say more attractive.

Check out what Warren Buffett says about reading.

18. Eat healthy.
Food is the energy source for your body. If you eat unhealthily, you’re going to have low energy levels and risk potential health issues. This will save your life.

19. Get a part-time job.
If you don’t have regular income coming in from your startup yet, get a job, even if you have support or savings. It will help alleviate your monetary stresses, which can create an unhealthy mental state.

You need to be strong as possible to take over the world through business, and the last thing you want to think about is how to pay rent next month. Plus, at your part-time job, you can tell everyone about your new business, and potentially gain users, clients or customers depending on what type of business you’re creating.

20. Ask for help.
Put the pride aside. This thing of ours (entrepreneurship) is much too difficult to do alone. Ask for help. People will respect your willingness to learn and be humble. You’d be surprised what can happen when you ask.

21. Don’t ever give up.
If you’re an entrepreneur, be an entrepreneur. Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you fail with one idea, start another. You’re an entrepreneur, no matter what, whether up or down, success or failure, you’re always an entrepreneur. Remember that.

Starting on this wild path of business ownership? Check out this list of must-know advice.
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Jodi Okun

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Use Instagram to Attract Prospects to Your Small Business
How to use quality content to garner attention?

Brand engagement seems to be strong on this platform, outperforming that of even Twitter and Facebook.

Small Business Tips:

1  Quality Counts
2. Include Hashtags
3. Make it Easy to Find You

It is important to have a steady stream of useful, quality content to garner attention on this social media outlet.

Read it here:
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Jodi Okun

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Are Millennials Living at Home Longer?
Maybe Millennials were making a smart decision

Now, millennial whose gambles might be paying off as the experience they accumulated becomes a valuable asset when searching for higher-paying jobs.

At the same time, the huge Baby Boomer generation is beginning to retire in record numbers so there is finally some movement at the top end of the job and wage scale.

Read it here:
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#millennials   #millennialtips  #college #finance #money #moneytips #moneymanagement   #moneysaving   #moneysavingtips  
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Jodi Okun

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Budgeting Tips for the New College Freshman
Are more financially independent than you ever were before?

Now it might get a little harder as your budget tightens with you in school.

A few budgeting tips:

1. Set a budget and stick to it
2. Beware of easy credit cards
3. Look for textbook alternatives

Decisions and lessons you learn now about managing money should be able to last you a lifetime.

Read it here:
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#college #money #finance   #collegecash   #millennials   #moneymanagement   #moneytips  
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College Planning for High School Sophomores
Keep Working on Your College Plans

As in your freshman year, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. At this point, slow and steady is good. Just keep it on your to-do list that at least once a week you are doing something to prepare for college. 

1. Refine your interests
2. Polish your college list

Read it here:
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#college   #admission   #highschool   #highered   #highereducation  
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Jodi Okun

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3-Part Social Media Strategy That Actually Works
What 3 Things can Small Business Owners Add?

Here +Rebekah Radice gives a complete list for you to follow to help your social media strategy in your small business.

My suggestion print and hang in your office. I did.

#smallbusiness   #smallbiz   #smbiztips   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips  
3-Part Social Media Strategy That Actually Works

Need a better way to manage your online efforts?

If you want to amplify your message through social media (and of course you do), you need more than a wish and a dream. You need a plan!

But here’s the good news. It doesn’t have to be hard to create one.

Surprising? Here's a look at how easy it can be to put a social media strategy that actually works in place. Plus, take a look at my daily social media checklist!

#socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #contentmarketing  
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Brilliant advice and doable too. 
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College Financial Aid
  • College Financial Aid Advisors
  • Pitzer College
    Consultant, 2014
  • Occidental College
    Consultant, 2009 - 2013
Contact Information
Small Business Owner
President, Entrepreneur, #CollegeCash, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing, Writer, Speaker

The founder and president of College FinancialAid Advisors Jodi Okun has helped thousands of families since 2008. Jodi is a systems and processes business owner who creates a company culture leading with the client experience as the key to her success.

In 2012 Jodi began to expand College Aid Advisors to give clients the best customer service, increase digital marketing and use social media to connect. As a recognized leader and influencer, Jodi has been seen in Daily Finance, Fox Business, Mashable, Newsday, USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.

Paying for a college education is often new territory for parents and children. But with research and preparation, they can learn how to maximize available funds and borrow responsibly. Parents should encourage their soon-to-be college students to take responsibility for finding solutions and forming a long-term financial plan that they can work through together.

Jodi was recently voted a Top 99 TwitterAccounts Covering Financial Aid by Yes and one of the Top 50 SocialInfluencers in Personal Finance and Wealth in 2014.

Through Jodi’s loyal Twitter following, she has organically incorporated outreach into her brand. Every Thursday night at 5 pm PT, Jodi hosts #CollegeCash a Twitter chat devoted to connecting college-bound families with higher education professionals. #CollegeCash is a resource for families to learn all about the college process: application, social media, career, graduation, paying for college and financial aid.

Brand Ambassador for Discover Student Loans:
Discover Student Loans and Jodi established a partnership to help educate parents and students about the true cost of college and how they can determine the right funding mix needed to cover all costs. Jodi and Discover believe that families should max out free monies and then responsibly evaluate loan options.

Jodi is excited to continue her partnership with Discover Student Loans for a second year. Partnering together helps provide clear and accurate information for parents on how to navigate the complex student loans landscape. The subject is often complicated, and there is a lot of misinformation. Jodi and Discover continue to explain the options available and provide resources and tools to make theprocess easier.

Let’s Talk:
Do you have questions about the college financial aid process? Are you struggling to understand and make clear decisions with financing college? The months between high school graduation and freshman year of college are an exciting time, full of anticipation and planning for the next chapter of life. But with these new opportunities may come uncertainties, from financing an education to finding an on-campus job and making the most of the summer.

Connect with me today and schedule your FREE 30 minute Strategy Session!

Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing:
Adding digital marketing into her brand and implementing a social media editorial calendar Jodi is able to connect parents, business owners and brands. Jodi is the moderator of College Talk a Google+community to keep the conversation going and actively share insight, increase engagement and lower the stress level.

Small Business Talk:
Are you an Entrepreneur starting your own small business? Do you have a small business and want to create systems, processes and procedures?

Do you want to add digital marketing to your brand? Do you have questions on how to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram for your small business and add a social media strategy that works? Check out some of my small business articles:

Get More Mileage From Your Content Marketing

Search Marketing For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Linked Helps Boost Your Small Business Credibility

5 Quick Steps For Marketing Your Small Business Now

Make Facebook Videos Part of Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Note to Self:
"Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an interaction becomes your trademark" ~ Denzie
Bragging rights
Founder at College Financial Aid Advisors; Financial Aid Consultant at Pitzer and Occidental College; Host #CollegeCash; Huffington Post; Speaker; Author; Faculty Director;
Basic Information
Jodi Okun's +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
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