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Happy hump day folks! Just what we need to get us through the day. Enjoy!
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Major flooding in Toronto after a wicked thunderstorm. But to put this into perspective, this is just a fraction of what Calgary experienced with their flooding. Apparently we had around 94mm of rain in 2 hours.
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Jodi Echakowitz

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This is a report I always look forward to reading. Mary Meeker includes key web trends surrounding world growth patterns, mobile momentum, what is happening in China, the new state of entrepreneurship, and perspective on high-skilled immigration. Meeker says there are now 2.4 billion web users around the world and that total is growing rapidly. Mobile usage continues to explode, but mobile advertising is still sluggish.
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So funny! I bet that +Robert Scoble had a good chuckle at this one ;-)
Tune in for an important PSA from Mashable: If and when you do obtain a pair of Google Glass, don't let it turn you into a Glasshole!
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I did, and put it on my Glasshole Magazine on Flipboard.
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Jodi Echakowitz

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Never again. Six enduring lessons learned from the Holocaust. #YomHaShoah
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Bay Area companies raised $3.2 billion in 316 rounds. Boston companies raised $1 billion in 84 rounds.
New York startups raised $800 million in 142 rounds. 
Los Angeles companies raised under $500 million in 81 rounds. 
#startups   #VC  
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As someone who grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era, this piece from CNN's Nadia Bilchik on Nelson Mandela offers some great perspective. 
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It's not, but I think she may be connected to their family.
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I was invited to share my thoughts at the Friendship Circle volunteer appreciation event from the perspective of a parent of a volunteer. I have a unique perspective as my son has special needs, yet volunteers his time with kids who have special needs.

This was my first-ever public speech, and although I was nervous as heck, felt like I did okay :)

#specialneeds   #autism   #friendshipcircle   #FC  
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Jodi Echakowitz

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Great to see Jim Davidson, CEO of Farelogix (client) profiled by Skift. If you're looking for an example of a small business that is doing what it can to propel an age-old industry forward, Farelogix is it.
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Jodi Echakowitz

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Today is World Autism Awareness Day. This is something close to my heart as I have a son who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. 

Over the last couple of years, I've had the privilege of being involved with the York ASD Partnership ( as a volunteer on its communications working group. The organization is changing how people in York Region (Ontario, Canada) gain access to service and supports for their children or family members who are on the autism spectrum. 

Timed with World Autism Awareness Day, today marks the launch of the York ASD Partnership's new Coordinated Access System. It's a first in Canada (potentially in North America?), and is hopefully an initiative that will encourage change in communities across the country.

While I've shared the article, which provides a snapshot of the Coordinated Access System, I've also included info below on the initiative...

The York ASD Partnership is a grassroots collaboration of York Region community service providers, educators, health professional and parents dedicated to improving the service system for people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. (You can see a list of partners here: 

For a family that has a child or other family member on the autism spectrum, gaining access to supports and services is challenging (I know this firsthand as I have a son diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome). Between wait lists and referrals to several different service providers before you get any information about programs that may be helpful or services that you can access, this is a huge issue. Can you imagine having to share your same, heart-wrenching story to five or ten or more different services providers until you get at least a bit of help? 

The goals of the York ASD Partnership are as follows:
• Coordinated Access: Any call to an agency involved in the York ASD Partnership will lead people with an ASD and their families to the appropriate resource and action.
• Knowledge and Awareness: increase knowledge and raise awareness about ASD among physicians, service providers, parents and the general public.
• Continuum of Coordinated Services: Coordinated individualized plans of care, including more frequent use of electronic Single Plans of Care (SPOCs)
• Infrastructure: Formalize partnerships, strengthen collaborative capacity and increase transparency and accountability across the system of support.

In practical terms, with the public launch of the York ASD Partnership, here are two scenarios to help you understand what someone may have gone through before and after the launch.

Mrs X calls a service provider in her neighbourhood.
Mrs. X – “My child is diagnosed with Autism and she also has an anxiety disorder. Can you help my daughter and I with this.”
Agency Intake Worker: I’m sorry we don’t serve people with Autism, but here are six phone numbers that you can try. One of these should be able to help you. 
Mrs. X calls the 6 phone numbers she gets 6 voicemails, after some time she gets some call backs. Two redirect her somewhere else. Three give her conflicting messages about services in York Region and several say sorry we can’t help.
Mrs. X is frustrated and angry. Her child is not helped. She wonders how a complex service system can be so disjointed, so confusing and so difficult to access help.

Mrs. X calls a service provider in her neighbourhood with the same concern.
Mrs. X – “My child is diagnosed with Autism and she also has an anxiety disorder. Can you help my daughter and I with this.”
Agency Intake Worker: “You have called the right place” I can connect you to the agency that can help you with this.” People with ASD often have anxiety disorders too. How old is your daughter? Does she have a confirmed diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum? Have you been connected to any agencies yet? “
“Okay, a 13 year old with a diagnosis of Autism would access the service system through Agency A.”
“May I have your verbal consent to contact Phylis Diller, the intake worker at Agency A for you? I’ll make a call now and connect the three of us.”
"May I have your verbal consent to check the shared electronic record at the Agency B?" "Thank you, I see that your daughter already has a file there. Phylis will be able to access this file so that you don’t have to repeat all your details again.”
"Agency A will help you with a referral to a children’s mental health service. There may be a waiting list, but Agency A will help you with some coping strategies and other supports while you wait.”

Looking forward to seeing the feedback from those who benefit from the service.

#AutismAwareness #Autism #WAAD #WorldAutismAwarenessDay
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+Michael Mckerrell Despite the many challenges you've faced, it looks like you are currently in a good place. Maybe you should see if there is an adult social group in the area where you live that you could take advantage of? I know in Toronto, the Asperger's Society of Ontario runs an adult outing group. They meet monthly and have used it as a platform for building great relationships, learning socialization skills, etc.
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