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I'm betting on the Unicorn. Werewolf's arms are on backwards.
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Jodee Bayert

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Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin- Don't You Worry Child (Tom Staar & Kryder Remix)

Better than coffee!
#swedishhousemafia   #housemusic  
Tom Staar
Swedish House Mafia - Dont You Worry Child (Tom Staar & Kryder Rmx) by Tom Staar
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Good song, I meant :-)

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Jodee Bayert

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+Cason Pence​ 😶💕
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puts a bell around his neck
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Jodee Bayert

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Good Morning!
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Cheers, Jodee! Knew you'd approve.
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Jodee Bayert

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You'll come around.
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Yup i throw mine in that river too:)
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Jodee Bayert

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Miike Snow - Pretender  (Deniz Koyu Remix)
Happiness in a bottle.
#miikesnow   #housemusic  
Deniz Koyu
Miike Snow - Pretender (Deniz Koyu Remix) by Deniz Koyu
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Jodee Bayert

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Looky what the talented and crafty +Noelle M​ made for me!😍
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She's the best.
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Jodee Bayert

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Haha 👌
HT +Adrian Parsons
Adding my new "Gamer's Prayer" dice bags to my Zazzle shop (more products with this on the way).  All sorts of shapes & sizes to choose from.  Check it out!
Gods, Grant me dexterity for things I cannot kill, Crit for things I can, And enough points in wisdom to know the difference. Amen
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Ahhhhhhh meeeeeeeeeen!
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Jodee Bayert

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Everything about this is lovely.
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Jodee Bayert

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Gamers can have their cake and eat it too. 😉
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Jodee Bayert

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Lol when it gets that hot its probably better to start taking clothes off :-)
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