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Had the pleasure to attend an interesting talk, organized by +JUG Stuttgart and given by +Christian Grobmeier on #Dart . Most appealing, in particular, a theory proposed by Christian: In order to resolve the chicken and egg problem that Dart's not in widespread use, because the Browsers don't support it natively, and vice versa, (and for a number of other reasons), Google might make Dart a first-class-citizen of Android: In other words, create a bridge between Dart and Dalvik that would allow to write Android Apps in Dart.
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Luckily Dart compiles to javascript so you don't need to wait for all browsers to implement the VM before you can use it. Glad you liked to talk! 
True, Seth, but I think we all agree that this solution is, say, suboptimal.
+Jochen Wiedmann no doubt I'd love to see the VM in all browsers :) but I know that JS is here to stay so it's imperative that Dart compiles to JS. There's enough win with the Dart language, libraries, and tools for me to use it right now.
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