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Jochen Breuer
father • husband • CEO & Head of Cloud Development at dajool • cooking • digital nomad
father • husband • CEO & Head of Cloud Development at dajool • cooking • digital nomad

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Who doesn't need an other NAS? But this time with free software in mind!

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The COW filesystem for Linux that won't eat your data

Since Btrfs has eaten my data twice, I'm looking forward to bcachefs.


Feature status

Full data checksumming

Fully supported and enabled by default. We do need to implement scrubbing, once we've got replication and can take advantage of it.


Not quite finished - it's safe to enable, but there's some work left related to copy GC before we can enable free space accounting based on compressed size: right now, enabling compression won't actually let you store any more data in your filesystem than if the data was uncompressed

Tiering/writeback caching:

Bcachefs allows you to assign devices to different tiers - the faster tier will effectively be used as a writeback cache for the slower tier, and metadata will be pinned in the faster tier.

Basic tiering functionality works, but it's not (yet) as configurable as bcache's caching (e.g. you can't specify writethrough caching).


All the core functionality is complete, and it's getting close to usable: you can create a multi device filesystem with replication, and then while the filesystem is in use take one device offline without any loss of availability.


Whole filesystem AEAD style encryption (with ChaCha20 and Poly1305) is done and merged. I would suggest not relying on it for anything critical until the code has seen more outside review, though.


Snapshot implementation has been started, but snapshots are by far the most complex of the remaining features to implement - it's going to be quite awhile before I can dedicate enough time to finishing them, but I'm very much looking forward to showing off what it'll be able to do.

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If external people are allowed on your GitLab installation, you should apply this update!

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Mozilla has started a petition calling for open access to the results of publicly funded research.
Another ally in the fight for #openaccess #opendata !

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Interesting read about the stability of Docker. I probably wouldn't use it in finance and some more areas. Hosting website should be fine though. We should probably give it five more years.

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