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Jocelyn Kelly
Certified Creativity Coach at Realizing Your Creative Life and Publisher at Helen : A Literary Magazine
Certified Creativity Coach at Realizing Your Creative Life and Publisher at Helen : A Literary Magazine

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We've just launched an IndieGoGo campaign for our first issue. Please help support us.

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Are you a short story writer, poet, essayist, artist, or photographer with work highlighting the lifestyle of the Southwest specifically Las Vegas?

 +Helen: A Literary Magazine is looking for submissions for their inaugural issue. We're seeing work that highlights female protagonists and women's issues. 

We're also a semi-pro market and pay $20 upon acceptance. Check us out in the video below or visit our website: 

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Here's a short video about what we're looking for at Helen: A Literary Magazine.

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It's that time of year again and my favorite local poetry slam team needs help getting to the National Poetry Slam in Oakland. Donate what you can and get rewarded for your donation. Plus, you're helping out the Vegas community. Isn't that a reward in itself?

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New York YA writers, Nova Ren Suma is teaching a YA Novel  Writing Intensive. Check it out and pass it along to interested parties. 

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New profile pics! From Amanda Mae Images, Las Vegas, NV.

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Hey, I just wanted to officially announce a project that I'm very proud to be involved in getting off the ground.

Back in May I decided to start a literary magazine. We're Vegas-based, but virtual and global. I grew up here and this is my home and I hope to have work in here that features different sides of Vegas not normally seen in media and literature. I also hope to include work from locals and past residents from greater Southern Nevada.

We're looking for short stories, poetry, artwork, photography, short film, spoken word, and creative nonfiction. Our theme for our inaugural issue is "Strong Female Lead." Submission deadline is August 31st.

So, come and check us out. Add us on social media. We're going to be doing some really cool things and hope you all can join in.
We're looking for great work for our inaugural issue to be published in late October.

Our theme is "Strong Female Lead" and because we're based in Las Vegas, we have a special fondness for those submitting who are current or former residents.

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The Poetry Workshop for the Busy or Otherwise Engaged
A 6 Week Online Writing Intensive Experience
July 1-August 15

What Is This?
Writers have said throughout time that the only one way can improve in writing is by dedicating themselves to a daily writing practice, and that this is the only way one can show dedication to the craft.  While most of us dream of the writing life (one with an oak antique table, an intricate collection of pens, and hundreds of sheets of paper) where we can devote hours and hours to writing our manuscripts and poems, our lived realities are much much different than that.  Often our lives are full of a full time job, children, pet babies, chronic illness or disease, or other interests.  When we come home from doing whatever it is we have to do, our brains are tired. Published writers have told us that we can’t have it all.  This course will push that theory out the window, and we will leave this course with new writing techniques and new ideas on how to approach our craft, while doing 1,000 other things

Course Objectives
By successfully completing this course, students will:

1) Generate three new poems, one of which will be literary magazine publishable, with two well on the way.
2)  Come away with a wealth of strategies for writing and finding time to write.  
3) Learn about different poetic devices and poetic stylings that are often overlooked in poetry communities.
4) Become confident in your own writing styles and writing practices to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Who Can Take This Course?
This course is designed for people who have experience writing poetry and are working class or otherwise engaged with dealing with chronic illness, disability, a full time job, or loving all that life has to offer.

Any Required Materials?
Yes.  But don’t worry.  Everything is online and FREE 99.  We will be utilizing two “texts” for this course.

1) “From The Fishouse: An Audio Archive Of Emerging Poets”  This is an often under utilized resource in the spoken word community that consists of mostly “page poets” reading their work and answering questions about their craft and writing processes.  I like it because it allows you to listen and read along with the poem and is an excellent tool for visual and auditory learners.  From this website, we will be listening to poets reading their poems and answer questions about the poems they selected as well as their craft.  While the poetic styles of the poets will be different, all will have one thing in common.  They are all working class people, with jobs, and lives and children and have to fit in the writing time wherever they can get it.  

  2) Writers on Craft.  Each week, I will present a selection of writers from different online resources from all genres of writing talking about their craft and writing processes. All of these discussions and ideas are there for your taking and designed to help you cultivate new strategies for generating material in the face of our busy lives.

Who Are You?
My name is Nathan Say.  I’ve published in a number of literary magazines and anthologies including the anthology, “Flicker and Spark: A Contemporary Queer Anthology of Spoken Word and Poetry.”  You can also hear me on the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Podcast.  I have also coached and competed with the BattleBorn Slam Team in Las Vegas and featured and taught in poetry slams and universities across the country.   Before I was a poet, I taught youth with developmental disabilities and in the college classroom.  I love teaching.  I’m confident in my ability to help you succeed in finding time to write, and that how you write is enough to call yourself a writer.  

How Will The Course Be Conducted?
Using the Google+ Platform, this course will be conducted in an online asynchronous format, which means that you can participate anytime of the day or night… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Am I Committing To When I Say Yes To This Course?

1) Find 70 Minutes of Writing Time PER WEEK.  But I don’t care how or when you divide it.  It can be one 70 minute session, 7 10 minute sessions, 2 35 minute sessions.  You can also have multiple writing sessions in one day.

2) Read/Listen/Watch assigned material

3) Produce 3 New Pieces of Work in weeks 1, 3 and 5.

4) Edit your 3 New Pieces of Work in weeks 2, 4, and 6.

5) Provide Constructive Feedback to at least three of your classmates per week on their new or edited poems.  We will talk about the method used to provide this feedback during the first week of the course.  

How Much Will This Cost?
The entire 6 week experience costs $90.  Payable in one payment of $90, two payments of $45, three payments of $30, or six payments of $15.  You decide the terms.  (Please note that all payments must be received through Paypal or Money Order)  I’m also offering three full scholarships

Is There An Application?
Not unless you are applying for a scholarship.  The form you fill out is a registration form for the course.  I trust that you are a writer if you say you are.

I Want More Information/I Have Questions/I Want To Sign Up!
Send an email to Make sure the subject line says “The Poetry Workshop for the Busy or Otherwise Engaged”. I will respond within 24 hours.


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16 days left for the Battle Born Slam team to make their financial goal to get to Boston! Who's going to help them out besides me?
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