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Jocelyn Christensen
There is no secret ingredient in secret ingredient soup!
There is no secret ingredient in secret ingredient soup!

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To Remember & to Be Remembered
I was sitting in church this week, and I suddenly remembered all of my old church friends, and missed them something awful!  I've wanted to write a post about each and every one of them and all of the things I love about them and everything they've ever don...

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This is the House that Faith Built
Things are really coming along with the house.  I enjoy driving by (at least) daily and noting the progress.  I was excited to see the siding go up last week, and now the stone and soon brick. But there was something that I wanted to be sure to do before th...

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To Fast or Not to Fast, That is the Question
My kids are growing up, if you haven't noticed.  I've been writing this blog for nearly nine years now, which means when I started writing, Guy was 2, Scarlett was 1, and Autumn was in the womb!  My how we've changed.  We've gone from learning to walk and t...

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I Prayed that She Would Feel the Spirit
This past Saturday, we had an opportunity to attend a fireside with Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, the General Young Women's President and Sister Bonnie H. Cordon , 2nd Counselor in the General Primary Presidency, as well as Elder Kuntz who is our area authorit...

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Shaking Up Scripture Study
Since the move, and probably, if I'm being honest, some time before the move, our family scripture study has really gotten pretty lame.  Although we're on our third time through the Book of Mormon as a family, I feel like we've been stuck on the same chapte...

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So Many Twists and Turns
After my previous post, I was really thinking we were on the upswing of this whole moving process and that things would just continue to get better, and maybe even easier.  So, imagine my surprise when I realized Friday morning that my children had been loc...

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It's a Work in Progress
It's been nine weeks since we moved.  In some ways it feels like only yesterday we were back home in Lewisburg, in other ways it feels like an eternity.  My children have definitely grown a lot emotionally, they've had to.  And our house is starting to take...

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Unfreezing Our Frozen Hearts
It's been six weeks since we moved here to Cranberry Township, PA...just outside of Pittsburgh.  Six weeks of being crammed in an apartment.  Six weeks of sickness.  Six weeks of trying to find a new routine and learning the ropes at school.  The children h...

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Many Mansions
Today is a happy day.  This morning, we met with our new home builder to have the "groundbreaking" meeting, which officially starts the build of our new home.  What a relief it is to know that we won't be living in an apartment indefinitely. But today is al...

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So Many Ways to See
Yesterday, as I watched my husband hold out our baby so that a blind woman sitting near us in church could feel his baby tie and then his chubby hand and finally his soft face and silky, fine hair, I was reminded that magic really does exist.  With each gen...
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