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Joby Elliott

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Wow, xkcd survey, that's specific. Also sort of hilarious to be both so specific and a thing I've totally done.
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Me too. I also record how often socks rotate and at what (which??) point they need to be discarded
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Joby Elliott

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The fact that the Army needed to make this poster is an excellent example of reasons why they don't let every person on every military base carry loaded guns all the time.
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Joby Elliott

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UNM's shady third-party vendor for ordering official transcripts is full of shit. $5 to mail a copy anywhere I want? Sure. Fine. Postage and paper and such. $4 to email a PDF anywhere I want? That's a load of crap and you know it, Credentials Solutions.
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Joby Elliott

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I have nothing to add.
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Joby Elliott

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Damnit, +NVIDIA, stop putting the 3D Vision Photo Viewer shortcut back on my desktop every. single. time. I. update. my drivers.
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Joby Elliott

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Comment of the day goes to: "OK, fine. But wouldn’t it be great if they had a drug tournament? I’d like to see the Thorazine team play against the LSD team."

Anybody else got ideas for a great drug/game combos you'd like to see compete against each other? I'd tune in to LSD vs Peyote, maybe playing Smash Bros.
Players can still get high before and after the event, though.
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Joby Elliott

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Somebody at UNM's IT department seems to have gotten a little overzealous with the firewall rules. As of some time between Friday and this morning all of * is blocked across the entire campus network. Seeing that this is Google's main user  content CDN, this means nobody on campus can download Gmail attachments or Drive files, use Google Photos, or really do much of anything with any of the Google services. I can't even see my own profile picture as I write this post.
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Joby Elliott

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Also: being wildly overpriced, a ridiculous form factor, and a thing pretty much nobody actually wants.
10,000s of players and 100,000s of tracks apparently sold, but money is a problem.
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Hey how my pc start /fast
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Joby Elliott

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I'm really good at laying vinyl. This piece is 52" wide (that's like 1.3m to those of you who live in sane places), and I laid it on a window perfectly by myself.

The trick is to remember that the vinyl wants to be flat. It will make itself flat if you just provide an environment conducive to it doing that by itself. If you're fighting wrinkles every inch of the way you're doing it wrong. Stop, regroup, fix your wrinkles and get it straight again before you put any more down.
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Joby Elliott

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"Oh man, good thing we caught that pothead. Every weekend he smoked way too much weed and beat the shit out of his wife."

Said no cop, ever.
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So true
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Joby Elliott

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Back in school again! For the record Kuru Togas are pretty much the best pencils. I now have a black one and a blue one, each loaded with that color of lead. It's really stepped up my notes game to have two colors of pencil at the ready.
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The Kuru Togas are really awesome because they rotate the lead slightly every time you pick them up, so it wears evenly. Sounds gimmicky, is awesome.
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Joby Elliott

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$168 for a rental of an ebook?!?!?

Go home, +McGraw-Hill Higher Education and +UNM Bookstore -- you're drunk. Also assholes.
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Man, what a racket the school book business is. 
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Jack of all trades, master of a few
My skills are legion
  • Pixel{pile}
    Founder, 2015 - present
    Striking out on my own to freelance web development and design.
  • New Mexico Lottery Authority
    Graphic Designer, 2008 - 2015
    I’m currently a graphic designer in charge of all front-end development and a significant portion of back-end planning, development and testing for the New Mexico Lottery website, and am perfectly comfortable designing and implementing complex data-driven UI’s that will have their monthly pageviews measured in millions. In my five years with the Lottery I’ve overseen the change from hard-coded Flash-based designs to a high-performance adaptive HTML/CSS layout. My relentless fous on performance has delivered visually rich designs that nevertheless yield average page load times of under 2.5 seconds. My work has over the years reduced average page bandwidth use from around a megabyte to below 120Kb.
  • NM Daily Lobo
    Production Manager, 2005 - 2008
    That was where I honed my visual design skills and learned to work under tight deadlines in a high pressure environment. To this day I’ve never been challenged by deadlines in a way that compares to the pace maintained in the offices of a daily newspaper. While with the Daily Lobo I won multiple Associated Press awards for design and illustration.
  • Mountain Mail Newspaper
    Graphic Designer, 2007
  • Long Term Ecological Research Project
    Field Intern, 2006 - 2007
  • NMT Performing Arts Series
    Graphic Designer, Web Developer, 2000 - 2004
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Make cool stuff, learn new things
My hobbies include computer tinkering, privacy worrying, obstacle course running, science fiction, accumulating unfinished undergraduate degrees, and obsessively gathering data about myself. Basically I love science, I love computers, I love technology, and I can't even help myself when I try to make the present more like the future I imagine.
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I've been in college on and off for 11 years or so, but have yet to actually finish a single degree. I've learned a lot about a lot of things though.
  • University of New Mexico
    Computer Science, Studio Art, 2004 - present
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    Drawing & Painting Early College Program, 2002 - 2003
  • Socorro High School
    2000 - 2004
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Best banh mi sandwiches in the city -- hands down. The chicken pastries are also unbelievably delicious.
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Delicious food, great service, nice outdoor seating. I don't know what more I could possibly want.
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32 reviews
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Food was amazing, and service was even more amazing. The staff here were seriously some of the friendliest, most likable people I've ever had the pleasure of being waited on by. I had the crepe huevos rancheros, which I highly recommend.
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I'm blown away by this place. It's huge, and the walls change frequently, and the staff and patrons are super friendly. The annual membership isn't even that expensive, either, if you look at it monthly. My only complaint would be that when they're busy they frequently don't have my size shoes. But they said they'll have a bunch of new rental shoes soon, and I got my own anyway -- because rental shoes are ooky.
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