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Just released Falcon Pro v2.0.5, get it from http://getfalcon.pro

Changelog # v2.0.5

- NEW : Offline access for Favorites
- NEW : When you fav a tweet, the link gets automatically preloaded for offline reading
- NEW : You can now choose between ViewText or Instapaper for the mobilizer service (under User Experience settings)
- Fixed : scollablle custom login for small devices
- Removed : Google Play previews (new play store design broke it)
- Removed : Lucky patcher check (no point anymore)
+ other fixes

Enjoy and spread the word !
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Done and done =D So glad yo are continuing to update the app, bought it on day 1 and don't regret it at all.
Favorite android app. 
Stopped everything to update. Updating Falcon is a priority.
Thnx for your work. Falcon is really perfect!
Thank you for the update! Keep up the great work!! :)
Prenz T
Favourite Twitter app by far. Just make it look more Android by making the action bar and navigation drawer like Google's.
What's the purpose of the new permission requested?? 
+Joaquim Verges Hope you somehow still upload the App on +Google Play . Specially for people who bought the app but doesn't side load. It's good that you still update the app though.
Damn man...just when you think this app can't get any smoother, it does. 
I love the fact that you are still updating the app after all those trouble and the removal from Play Store... Some dedication right here. Thanks so much! :D
thank god for continuing this great app development! I was thinking Im not gonna see any further update
+Joaquim Verges thanks for keep support all us. Since I buy it this is my favorite and only twitter app.

The best twitter client for android. Was really disappointed when you reset the keys and i couldn't renew my license - thanks for the workaround to that ;-). Starred user notifications are fantastic, now I'm only notified when selected users tweet. Perfect. 
Removed Lucky Patcher check (no point anymore) lmao that was funny
Amazing app though I don't really use twitter but when I try I use this app. 
Thx +Joaquim Verges for your great job. I'd liked to find a fix for autocompiling contact issue, but I see the problem is always on
+Joaquim Verges any chance of a "open tweet in browser" option? Falcon Pro is great but not being able to get to the original tweet in the web browser is a really huge down for me. Sometimes I want to share a tweet to a service via a bookmarklet - as even on Android there isn't an app for every web app ;)
Man I cant believe you're still updating this app! I love devs like you, Bought the app when MKBHD recommeded it to me. Was wondering why it wasnt showing up in google play but it was in My apps tab
Thanks for this, great app and great support! 
Nice work. Would like to see better list management. View list members and remove from list. 
+Joaquim Verges I tried updating on the HTC one and for some reason I can't click the install button. I tried rotating the screen and everything else. It just won't install 
+Christopher Bejarano Do you have an app running that could interfere with your display settings? I had this problem a while ago and fixed it by disabling twilight (check it on the play store and see if you have an app working in a similar way).
When using the white theme, webpages in the mobilizer cannot be read. All pages show black text on a black background, with only links and pictures able to be seen. 
+Joaquim Verges With 2.0.4 I have problems with DM sync. I mean, I can make update manually and DM are updated, but automatic sync doesn't work. So, no notifications with new DM are giving... The settings are alright (mentions works fine, for example) With preview versions all work perfect for me. Is this fixed now?
I use custom login, Android 4.1.2, Samsung S3.
Amazing work!! Fantastica!! Thank you so much
Please fix the black screen with "view original page" in internal browser. Getting that crap over 2-3 month, sent you some tweets about it but without response. On this version it doesn't matter which mobilizer I select -> black screen with "view original page", on/off mobilized view -> same bug.
P.s. couple of days ago as there was issue with mobilizer I had no black screens at all
It looks that way: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/w295ibam37nsltq/BgLHQywgyM
Your tweet about this version: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/9at2xi4m4ozixlw/QbPhHisKA0
And https://www.dropbox.com/sc/aze6au0w5aipgjt/tqfGIrc3q8
Seb K-y
I wish I could buy it because it's the best app for twitter, and I like supporting developers when they create great apps like this one ;)
+Martin Stephenson: Kindly assist with the workaround for the reset key issues pls.
Paul W
Is it just me or is the website not accessible from mobile browsers? I get no joy from Firefox nor Opera. 
Thank you so much, +Joaquim Verges for adding scroll for small devices on custom login. I never regret bought this app and even after it is free now. The support is still superb!
Paul W
Going straight to the IP Address works fine. 
+Paul W I got there by the address. But couldn´t download with stock browser, only Chrome - and it´s still unreachable from a computer. At least for me
What's the new "draw over other apps" permission used for? 
+Mats Gripenmalm Download link doesn't work in stock browser for me either. But if I copy the URL (long press on Download link) and paste that into browser address bar, it works.
I would like to have an automatic update in Falcon Pro - would this be possible? :)
Until now every installation or update of Falcon Pro caused all my CyanogenMod devices to reboot immediately as soon as the installation finished. Now this did not happen. Was this related to the Lucky patcher check? I don't use it but maybe it interfered with CM??
I was late to the party but Falcon Pro is one of the greatest apps I've ever used.
the "download favorited articles" feature is pretty neat, but I've noticed it repositions the timeline back to the item after it's completed downloading.  I typically star an item to check out later and keep scrolling.  It's annoying to have it jump back to where I was before.  it'd be nice to have this feature be an option.
For some reason when I tap the install button, doesn't register my tap. 
Ivan P
Help?! Keep getting a authentication failure. Even after i signed in via Twitter 
It doesn't let me download nothing happens when I press the little falcon.Please help i'm one of the firsts to get your app.Thanks
can't seem to find the "work around " without a token.  Has there been any change?
Best app for twitter and free... Damn man you are awesome 
If the download doesn´t start then long press on the falcon icon and open in new browser tab. Worked for me.
Yes Rene that's what I did and it finally worked. 
Yey for the scrollable custom loggin screen! :D
I still can't log in, though. I get a time/date error even though I have automatic from network :\
thank you. :)
could you bring back interactions tab feature? i think that's important feature. thanks again btw
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