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Falcon Pro v2.1.3 available form 

Changelog :

- Updated Twitter4j to 4.0.2 with SPDY support
- Smoother scrolling
- Better image loading handling
- Better threading policy
- Fixed quick preview being larger than the screen
- Fixes for internal browser
- Other fixes from crash reports
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Is there still problem with high battery usage, or it's already fixed?
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Joaquim Verges

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Hey guys, I just uploaded a new bugfix patch, get it from as usual.

Changelog v2.1.2 :

- Fix TweetMarker position restore
- Fixed favorite user's notifications while streaming
- Fixed muted users while streaming
- Fix a few crashes reported by the new crash report tool

Let me know how this one works for you guys :)
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I've updated to 2.1.2 about a week or two ago, and figured out that my battery on Nexus 7(2013) now drains really faster. 
Today, wakelock detector showed that falcon pro waked system up for about 117 times! 

Amazing client, but that issue is really sad.
But, to be honest, Im not pretty sure that battery drains cos of falcon.
I've installed ver 2.1.1 again and gonna look at battery life now.
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Joaquim Verges

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Hadn't posted here in a while, my apologies guys.

Would you forgive me if I tell you I have a new update of Falcon Pro ready to download ? :)

That's right, Falcon Pro v2.1 is live on !

Changelog :

- New : Streaming over all connections ! That means you get all interactions in real time, yes, all interactions :) To enable this, go in settings > Sync and enable "Real time with interactions", then let the magic happen !

- New : "Stats" screen, showing you the impact of your tweets, with numbers of RTs and Favs. Have a few ideas for this, for now I'm keeping it simple. It's useful if you don't use the real time option.

- Optimized scrolling
- Tweet detail now shows the number of Favs for this tweet
- Bigger image previews
- More accurate conversations
- Fixed translation crash
- Fixed freeze 
- Many other fixes and optimisations

Let me know what you think guys, 

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Oh boy. The king app is back. Wow. 
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Joaquim Verges

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Introducing my new app !

Flyne, The Offline Reader.

The only app that delivers full offline articles from your favourite Twitter feeds.

Private Beta has started, grab your invite from
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Does it livestream only when on the app? 
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Joaquim Verges

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Just released Falcon Pro v2.0.5, get it from

Changelog # v2.0.5

- NEW : Offline access for Favorites
- NEW : When you fav a tweet, the link gets automatically preloaded for offline reading
- NEW : You can now choose between ViewText or Instapaper for the mobilizer service (under User Experience settings)
- Fixed : scollablle custom login for small devices
- Removed : Google Play previews (new play store design broke it)
- Removed : Lucky patcher check (no point anymore)
+ other fixes

Enjoy and spread the word !
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thank you. :)
could you bring back interactions tab feature? i think that's important feature. thanks again btw
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Joaquim Verges

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Massive Flyne update available ! Thanks to all Beta testers :)

Chnangelog v1.2.4 :

- New list based navigation, with big or small article previews (toggle it in the display settings) 
- polished looks for both day and night themes
- Double tap to close article
- Zoomable, dowbloadable images
- Mark as read while you scroll
- Feedly two way sync
- New tablet layout 
- Faster preloading of articles 
- Smoother navigation 
- New transition animation 
- Many bug fixes 
Introducing Flyne, a fast, fresh and simple way to stay up to date with you...
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+Javier Boadas it's already at version 2.1.2 - visit Check the Trouble with login? link for further instructions.
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Joaquim Verges

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Ok guys, as with any new release, here is the bugfix patch that comes with it :)

Get Falcon Pro v2.1.1 from

Changelog :

- Streaming on timeline now shows a "+" next to the unread count whenever there's new tweets coming in. That allows the stream to be stable and behave just like without streaming, except that you get new tweets instantly. I think this is more adapted to mobile and actually works very well. Mentions / interactions are still streamed in automatically though, so you get all the goodness of streaming without the jumpinesss in the Timeline.

- New automatic crash report system
- Fixed tweets not loading by default on profile
- Fixed clipped tweets in detail view
- Fixed some characters missing in Russian and probably others
- Fixed crash on Gingerbread
- Fixed crash coming back from a favorite
- Fixed issue on tweet writer
- Other small fixes
- Overall optimization tweaks

Let me know how you feel about this one guys.
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I bought Tweedle and it's cool but no way neer Falcon! 
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Joaquim Verges

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Introducing Flyne, The Offline Reader. For real this time :)
Introducing Flyne, a fast, fresh and simple way to stay up to date with you...
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Hi, I like your application but does not work with Cyrillic on Russian sites. When you load the full article text unreadable.
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Joaquim Verges

Discussion  - 
Some useful info :

1/ I uploaded v2.0.5 to google play, but didn't publish it. That means that all users that bought the app can get their updates through google play by accessing their "All Apps" list (the list of all the apps you've downloaded). Once installed that way, you should see the next updates normally via the "Installed apps" list.

Thanks to +Chris Banes for the trick ;)

2/ I've been playing with a "Floating window" concept for this version, but ended up removing it because it didn't feel right after a few days of use. I forgot to remove the "Draw over other apps" permission though, so that's why there's that extra permission on v2.0.5.

3/ I've heard that there's a fake Falcon app on the Amazon app store, don't get fooled guys, there's only one real Falcon, you know where to find it.

I've just started my new job, so I'll have my head elsewhere for a couple of weeks, counting on you guys to spread the words and help others when needed.

Cheers !
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Nice chat with +Phil Nickinson and +Jerry Hildenbrand from +Android Central about Falcon Pro
Podcast update for this week: No live show because of all the holiday madness.

But to make it up to you, we've got a great chat with +Joaquim Verges , the developer of Falcon Pro!

The interview hits the RSS feed any second now. (Subscribe at the link below.) We'll put up the formal post on Friday. Enjoy!
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Great interview. Made me go through the process of signing up.

All is well except for the fact that I cannot send any tweets. I get a 'Couldn't send your tweet/There was a network error. Tap to retry' notification. Bummer.
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