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+Joanne McNeil writes about online and offline #occupywallst organizing in N+1's OWS gazette, republished today on Rhizome:

Occupiers play chess with chess pieces and read books made of paper. They partake in activities the internet is said to be dematerializing. Part of the utopic vision of Zuccotti Park as a microcosm is that real and virtual worlds may more peacefully coexist.

Occupy Wall Street’s actual web presence —“unofficial de facto online resource” —is a lean website not much more advanced than what Indymedia provided a decade before it. But its simplicity offers replicability. In the first month, over a thousand cities have occupied, many with bare bones “Occupy” websites of their own.

A leaderless movement doesn’t have to scrimp on design elegance, as the evocative poster of dancer balancing on the Bowling Green Bull demonstrates. Occupy Wall Street is purposefully “bootstrapping,” as a Silicon Valley marketer would put it. Perfect is the enemy of done. Elsewhere transcribed minutes from GA assemblies are posted to a basic blog template. There are comments for people to fact check that seem mostly populated with #OWS trolls (“…Buck up people get off your whiny ass and get a job. A job is a job is a job, no matter what you do...”) Often slapdash, the transcripts are replete with typos, which isn’t of chief concern as one would expect each meeting was recorded over a plethora of Android and iPhone app options. Further documentation of meetings might be pieced together with Twitter and Flickr fragments.

_The occupation is a gesture against the isolating experience of the screen-mediated online world. A need to experience the world for one’s self, to communicate with more than text. So many email threads and conversations over SMS go on, ceaselessly, over points that can be made instantly face-to-face. The “human mic” is not so tedious in comparison.

The “human mic,” after all, is acting like a retweet—a filter of redundancy; when it works best, you don’t hear things twice. This call-and-response is impossible to do while checking email at the same time..._
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