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several of the best pieces we published over the past month at

+Jason Huff interviewed Daniel Bejar — not from Destroyer, but an artist who shares his name. For the artist's project The Googlegänger he photographs himself in similar poses to the singer, they share a bit of a likeness adding a layer of weirdness to Google Images search results:

the concept took some time to solidify after intercepting the initial fan mails, but it evolved out of ideas where I saw Google’s Image Search or even the web as a space that Daniel Bejar and I would share for the rest of our lives. There was also the idea that as an artist working in visual culture you would ideally like images of your works to appear somewhere near the top of search results, and with images of the other Daniel Bejar dominating the search results I saw this as a contested space.

This led to the idea of somehow trying to intervene in the search results, so I guess it was technically born out of an effort to alter search results, but conceptually for me the piece really questions the idea of the original and the copy, and if these questions could be applied to one’s identity, personal history, or even a biological name, inside the context of the internet

+Britt Julious talked with artist Martine Syms about her book Implications and Distinctions: Format, Content and Context in Contemporary Race Film.

Another fascinating essay from +Adam Rothstein: City of QR Codes. It is so great it even inspired this tumblr:

+Jason Huff also interviewed Joe Hamilton, who created the incredible tumblr Hyper Geography. Hamilton explains, "There are 100 looping posts that link together horizontally and vertically. I am working on a script that will once a day take the last post in the loop and reblog it. Then I will leave it. Or not. I'm not sure."

I interviewed James Howard, whose artwork is inspired by online scams. I'm particularly fascinated with his performance inspired by the legendary black money scam

I also talked with +Cole Stryker about his book Epic Win for Anonymous: How 4chan’s Army Conquered the Web

Oh, and then +Jason Huff did a bunch of other cool things like a post on Dwarf Fortress and a review of Graham Harman's The Quadruple Object
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