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Click on the link to enjoy this interactive animation that allows you to zoom in and out from the furthest reaches of the universe to quantum foam of spacetime!

You might feel a touch insignificant after this! The Scale of the Universe
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I think I'm most amazed by how far it is on the scale from a carbon atom to the Plank length. Wow.
I was hoping to see the starship Enterprise somewhere around 10^2.2. ;)
They did have minecraft world, but that's about it. #geeks
Yeah, and the Minecraft world is wider than freaking NEPTUNE! LOL
The background music alone is worthwhile.
I simply never tire of these sorts of comparisons and this is very well done.
I wish I would have had science like this in school. Very cool.
I really wish we could disown the moon called Texas ...
I'm not from Texas, just think it looks cool as a moon. A moon with a star on it!
i heard its going viral!
very cool site tough
the minecraft world is ten times bigger than earth
That is incredible. Even though it makes you feel like a speck on a speck, it really helps to put things into perspective. 
the 3-D ness is awesome it makes me feel excited when i scroll here and there really fast
Look for "size of a mine craft world"! IT'S BIIIIG!
That was the neatest thing I've ever seen.
I hope this doesn't require any thinking, I'm all google+'ed out.
For some reason this reminds me of the Katamari Damacy series games…very cool!!
Wow just like the powers of 10 video
really cool.... this is everything... or at least everything we puny humans know.
Rick B
That is awesome!
This is so fail, the wall of china its the same size of the moon?, USA is bigger than Pluto?
hiiiiiiiiiiii sheetalllllllllllll
this is what im learning at shool D:
Amazing! Brilliantly done! There's no button as +100, otherwise, I'd have +100d it.
hiiiiiiiiiiii tara i like u as a ernd,
still amazed with this we are too small jajajajaja
yeah, this was the APOD a couple weeks ago:)
This is like the Total Perspective Vortex from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It shows us how completely insignificant we are.
i saw that that was beast i sent it to my science teachers xD
The organized cosmos is amazing. It can't be here by just coincidences.
Insignificant? No way - as NdGT says.."All of this...and I happen to BE here to see it!?...Sweet!"
old. one of the best things on the web.
Very cool. Reminded me of that old(?) video about the power of 10.
Wow dat was brilliant!... just felt like i travelled 14 billion light years of the universe in the last 20 minutes lol ... earth feels boring now
It's amazing & fantastic yaar.....
Back in my day, 1899 we did not have this fancy bull shit you guys have.
And no one said come at me "bro"
It was
Advance Toward Me Brethren
Sorry, but this is pretty old... doesn't change the fact that it's a nice program though!
awesomely cool! :~)
Nice snake, this was posted MONths ago by... "not you"... Give credit where credit is due.. BTW, this is awesome..
This was featured on Vsauce DONG on youtube as well, just saying.
its really awesome.....
You are small and the universe is great. To think you are bigger than anyone means you are smaller than the rest... and the rest well the rest keep on their path and you will fall into oblivion..
>Texas is smaller than California
>And better
This is the most fascinating animation I have ever seen, I just love it.
every body ........................... its an universal truth
you looks very intelligent .
You put everything in this . 감사합니다.
this is cool, but freaky lol it feels like im there
that's not awesome but that's cool man
No Alaska...cartographer's bias still exists. #muchbiggerthantexas
I liked it ! passed it to friends -- thanks.
really informative...and simply awesome!!!
Great body of work and imagination. Inspiring and Very Educational and could make for a good experience at the Griffith Observatory
in Los Angeles.
Must watch and get knowledge of universe.
Thanks guys! Must have taken a LOT of effort designing the app.
I'm simply blown away! We are so small!
Its amazing how we are so important at this relatively small stature :P
Its a great work indeed.. Thanks for sharing....
First thing that came to mind when looking at this is that we don't know much at all. Second is that space travel is extremely important. Further, it seems to me, that the answer to knowing how to survive space travel lies in understanding our own micro earth life. Finally, we really do know very little...
I feel somehow much enlightened :) thanks, or more like an ant.... wow
pa pi
E X C E L L E N T !
very very good knowledge for humanity
feeling that already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its amazing, my nerd side hasn't been activated in years, thanks :)
the great wall is longer then sedna!?!?!?
This is very impressive. Thank you for making/sharing it.
Very nice. Give you an idea of just how small we really are
that's utterly mind-blowing! thanks a lot! there's incredible stuff to explore!
here is a question. why is earth's moon so large in relative to it's mass while other planets moons a dawrfed by their host planets.
also why don't we have two moons most computer simulations of the impact of how the moon was created ...and all other planets in our solar system ...the ones that have moon, have multiple moons
We have, nor will we ever have, a clue as to what is out there and how big it really is. My mind can't begin to comprehend it.
Expand your horizons Rakib, there's so much beyond us that it is proven, how insignificant we can all be.
Seriously good stuff, my kids will love this, very nice project +1
OR Much Significant seeing how small the scale goes
+Victoria Rabelisoa there is so way you can say such a thing with certainty. Making absolute statements like that only makes you appear arrogant and unlearned.
Have you noticed the west evening sky this week? Big Dippper and Jupiter showing bright!
Wow! So interesting. I spent 10 minutes messing with this darn thing. Nice work.
Danger will robinson! Flash site ahead!
Muchas gracias por enviarme esta dirección web tan interesante; nos lleva a sentirnos minúsculos e inmensos al mismo tiempo. Un abrazo fraternal.
how did you measure the minecraft world its a repeating code
WOW! Amazing! And you can feel how small we are (humans) And how big.. in a same time. Thanks!
Makes one realize that how small and frail man is and yet man is so arrogant of his superiority. 
Amazing to see on one dynamic scale!!
Absolutely fantastic, somethings telling me that my Physics teacher was a bit of a fibber!
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