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Joanne Law
My name is Joanne Law and I am on a mission to reduce and resolve conflict
My name is Joanne Law and I am on a mission to reduce and resolve conflict

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Malcolm Guy from MIM Mediation will be hosting a webinar (twice) for #AuMAW2016

Malcolm will be sharing hints and tips for Managers and Leaders to use to help diffuse disagreements before they escalate into entrenched and productivity sapping conflict.

Find out more about The Conflict Interpreter

We are just creating the website and putting up the first events for the 2016 Australian Mediation Awareness week and are keen for as many mediators and mediation businesses and organizations as possible get involved.

Host or sponsor an event, facilitate a talk or mock mediation or come up with some other creative way to increase community awareness and understanding of the benefits of mediation. 

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Have you participated in mediation with an independent mediator?

(Someone you didn't know before the mediation)
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A short presentation and discussion of the courses currently available through Mediation Institute for those who would like to become professional mediators.

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How well studied are you in the art of negotiation?  Have you used mediation to help you to negotiate and how did that work for you?

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How well are you exercising your brain?

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Excellent post by Daniel Goleman highlighting some of the reasons that employees disengage from their work. 

If you are a leader are you doing or allowing things that stop your employees enjoying their work? 

How's that working for you?

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Lets all be LEADER's and avoid conflict in the first place.

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What is Medi8 Australia?

Medi8 Australia Network and Medi8 Australia Referral Network are a part of the strategy by the directors of Mediation Institute to ensure that our students have ongoing support and assistance when they start their careers as a mediator.

The referral and support network is for all independent mediators interested in being part of the network. 

The overall vision is to reduce and resolve conflict in Australia by increasing the use of mediation and improving the perception of quality of mediation services.

We will achieve this by establishing Medi8 and Medi8 Network Mediation as a quality standard for Mediation in Australia and  marketing mediation as the preferred form of dispute resolution.

Who is it for?
This meeting is for Nationally Accredited Mediators, Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Students of Mediation who are interested in being part of the Medi8 Referral Network.
The purpose of the meeting is to begin the process of forming the network and agreeing on the standards that network members will uphold. Agenda items are:

1 - The Vision behind Medi8
2 - Ways of engaging with the Medi8 Network
3 - What the network offers
3a - Getting Experience
3b - Getting Work
3c - Getting Resources
3d - Getting Support
4 - Next Steps
As you can see it is a very busy agenda and we won't have time to do more than talk about each topic at a high level to give you an indication of what we are working on. The intention is to help you decide if you want to engage and if so in what capacity.

Please register if you are interested in finding out more about the Medi8 Network but are unable to attend. We will be recording the meeting and will provide you with a link if you have registered.

The meeting is scheduled for 1pm (Daylight Savings time) that's 12 noon in QLD and 10 am in WA.
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