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So many mad Instagram users.
Many expressed their discontent with Facebook's purchase of Instagram.
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ex-instagram user. in any case they never enabled support on my one x so i have not used them for a couple of days now. removed today as soon as i read the news on twitter.
Can't believe that facebook pay my instagram account 33,33 USD i took 3 photos only with instagram !! :)
how long now until a Window phone app.
What's funny is this is the second time in a week a bunch of people who use a free application are giving out about it like it's something they owned or had any say in.
+Jason Croghan hehe. as they say, when the service is free, you are not the customer, you are the product. i guess the product itself has some rights to complain about its new owner ;)
They didn't give their android users enough time to establish any sense of loyalty.
i think the android launch was preponed because of the deal. from what i remember they had originally planned to launch a limited beta with people who signed up on their website. i do not think that ever happened. instagram launched on android just like that suddenly! (i could be wrong about this though).

i think the talks were on and instagram decided to go all out on android just to showcase how popular they are in the market today and android users fell for the bait.
Despite all the gloom and doom, the Facebook App is rather popular on both the App Store and Google Play, so I do not see the Facebook acquisition as a kiss of death.
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