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Are self-published authors happier than traditionally published? This post is getting some interesting comments... what do you think?
There are a myriad of options for authors these days, and the pros and cons of each must be weighed up against the individual's goals and ex
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Yes, I agree, having been published both ways. I love the lifestyle and freedom that being a self-published writer brings.
Very interesting article. I never thought about self publishing bringing happiness. I have one book published by a publisher and the rest I've self published. I much prefer the control that self publishing gives me. I didn't even get to choose the title of my published book. Most disappointing. But as to whether self publishing makes me "happy" I'm not sure. But it certainly gives me more satisfaction than 'traditional' publishing.
Ruth - I'm pretty sure satisfaction is a part of happiness :)

and Grant - freedom and empowerment are everything, aren't they!
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