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Weekly Word  - 
Ambition is the picture you have at the back of your mind of how you would like things to look.

It's the photographs you'd like to take or rather: the ones you'd like to be known for taking.

It's the desire you have for the things you (secretly) want others to say about your work, and the qualities they'd notice.

It can be a force for good, pushing and nagging you to learn and to practice, to invest and to investigate, to make new connections and allow yourself to be challenged, and inspired.

It can also seriously get in the way of taking a photograph.

I think I notice photographic ambition most intently when I set it down, and pick up the camera.

It's the lightness I feel, the absence of its weight.

When you put ambition down, that's when the magic happens: when the world starts to move, and bend, and dance with you, to offer pattern, texture, colour, light, to offer invitation and challenge after prickly challenge, not of the abstract kind but the real: how to show the look of this day, this moment, this light, this patch of earth, never mind how it could look, but simply, how it does.

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Beautifully expressed, Joanna. Not to banish it, but to set it down. The lightness of being.
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Joanna Paterson

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Time away is great for shifting perspective. Especially when you're also unplugged and offline. Especially when you're also drinking in wild moorland vistas and outrageous mountain landscapes :-)

One of my shifts in perspective from a week away is that I'd like to explore a different way of using this space.

I pretty well stopped posting here a month or so ago.

There are more than a few reasons for this, and yes I know it might be in part be the old chestnut: you need to follow different people and invest the time in getting to know people in order to make it work.

But if I'm truthful I know I'm not looking for more content to consume or conversation to indulge in (between my feed reader and Twitter there is already more than enough).

I know I'm not alone in wondering what on earth yet-another-network might be for...
but I'm willing to think about other ways of using it.

Perhaps it's simply a place for photos: the chance to share some of what I see that's beautiful in the world, through the lens of my camera, and some of what those moments of wonder make me think about as I learn to better pay attention.

We'll see.

It is quite possible I'll change my mind again ;-)

(That's the good thing about new networks, you can keep on experimenting and shifting perspective till you're gaining from what you're seeing, reading, listening to and sharing.)

In any event: hope you like the photo.
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It feels like time away from the "real work". But it is also a really nice way to have a studio visit every now and then. Keep up on what's percolating up for everyone. I still think artists and creatives have a different cycle of time than most of the world. And yet we do serve that world and each other.
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Joanna Paterson

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"When everyone yells “Look at me!”, become quiet. When others seek attention, turn your attention inward."

I really appreciated this quieting perspective from +Leo Babauta at Zen Habits.
Post written by Leo Babauta. Most online marketing people will teach you how to use social media to reach a larger audience, how to use email lists and the scarcity principle and social proof, how to ...
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I liked that one a lot too.
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Joanna Paterson

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Things I like about g+ =

Being able to scroll. (I keep finding myself trying to do this in other places, and getting frustrated that I can't).

Being able to track conversations over a few days, even a week or more

Being able to share and view photos

Beyond that, I have to confess, there isn't much I feel I would miss.

Maybe I'm not using it right, maybe I'm just not getting it, maybe it works for some personalities but not all, maybe it works in some industries but not all, Maybe it depends on the other networks you're using, enjoying and connecting through.

Maybe there's still a light switch that needs to go on in my head about this place and space.

Can you help?

If google plus were no longer here, would you miss it? What is it that you would miss?
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I love and cannot bear to think of losing the meaningful posts and longer conversations with a range of different people who I would have not been able to interact with at the same level anywhere online, maybe not even in real life.
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Joanna Paterson

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I needed to write this, for myself really, as a way of allowing the writing of other things.
Why we need to keep writing even through the difficult times. Some thoughts on sticking with art, creativity and writing in the midst of news of UK riots
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Joanna, this was very thoughtful, I think...if we stop writing because darkness ignites, then where is the light that puts the darkness out? Art, words of hope, remembering the beauty, remembering love, goodness in the world....we have to keep it all upfront, reminding the world that the good is still here,right where they left it before they got confused and they can come back to it any time.
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Joanna Paterson

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Kind of surprised not to see more profiles showing the +1s tab...

I'm finding it a good way to bookmark stuff and (I hope) to spread a bit of search engine love to the stuff I'm google liking (although I confess not to understand how it is actually going to affect search)

I also see it as another way people can get to know me, when they have a look at my profile, through what I'm plus one-ing. (We need to do something about these verbs!)

How are you using the plus one option when you're out and about on the web?

Do you see merits in generating a tabbed page of plus one'd items... or is it not worth the bother?
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Yes, after a little thought I've added mine to my profile. I'm going to stick to delicious for proper bookmarking & just use +1 occasionally.
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Joanna Paterson

Weekly Word  - 
Being alone is, for me, a necessary condition for slow, deliberate photography.

Although there are some people that I can happily walk with (well, one or two if I’m honest), walking with photography in mind is a different beast entirely, and is best practiced alone.

Alone offers the space and most importantly time: to mooch and meander, to notice without aim, to bend down, shuffle round or lie down on the warm earth, to watch and gasp in wonder without needing to explain why you’re taking so long, and what it is you’re looking at when there’s nothing apparently to see.

This kind of aloneness, walking with camera in hand, is, for me, a gift, and probably the main reason I am hooked on the practice of photography.

It is not just time out, but also time in: to really notice, to appreciate and wonder and connect, to be alone to be reminded, over and over, that you are not. #alone  
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Your words echo my own thoughts on photography as well.  Beautiful image and words.
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Joanna Paterson

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The times they are a changin... Most definitely the hint of autumn in the air, and the hedgerows
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These are so crisp. Can practically feel the burst of juice they bear.
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Joanna Paterson

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Guest post from me on learning from wild flowers. Includes a whole lot of photos which if I say so myself are really gorgeous. Well, it's the flowers that are gorgeous, I just try to show them off :-)
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Joanna Paterson

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Is social media like the Force?

Reflections, questions and an interview from +Terry Starbucker
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Yes, is it.
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Joanna Paterson

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Writing a short piece about some favourite books on my creative bookshelf. Going to focus it around the (hero's) journey.

Seems to be one of those weeks where I'm seeing archetypal journeys everywhere :-)
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Joanna Paterson

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I shared this article with someone earlier, and then re-read it, for the umpteenth time. Every time I read it I get something new, and every time I read it, it blows me away.

"Breaking out is following your bliss pattern, quitting the old place, starting your hero journey, following your bliss. You throw off yesterday as the snake sheds its skin"

Joseph Campbell
The rest of the article is available from the link.
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Yes... we have to keep diving in.
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