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My husband, Karl, is being successfully treated for wet macular degeneration with Avastin, injected into his right eye. We were in Spokane today for a treatment, and I asked him to grab this poinsettia so I could take his photo. Is he adorable, or what? I always think of him in my mind as "my adorable and darling Karl." I was with him the first time the doctor stuck that needle in his eye, and he was sooooo brave! My hero,   #KarlJFuchs   All my love poems, here and at, were written with him as my inspiration.
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Hello Karl.
I am so glad to meet you. And that the treatment is working for you.

God bless.
Hello Karl,
So nice to meet you, you and Joanna look like a Perfect Match, you both look like Wonderful persons - Karl I do hope your eye will get better soon - I´m sure Joanna is taking good care of you.
Love and Hugs to both of you.
Anna Vigdis in Iceland.
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