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Joanna Chodorowska, Nutrition in Motion
Find your sparkle from inside out! Nutrition for body, mind, spirit and sport
Find your sparkle from inside out! Nutrition for body, mind, spirit and sport

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Is emotional trauma from childhood causing your pain? It seems to be a common occurrence I have seen with clients as well as with me.   Emotional traumas from childhood can cause physical pain.  It is not just inflammatory foods that cause physical pain,…

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Calories Don't Matter - Burn Fat for Fuel.
Triathletes guide to using stored fat for fuel to race better, banish food cravings and use better meal combinations with real food. #metabolicefficiency #burnFat #triathlete

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Keeping the real food in sports nutrition training!

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Last week I celebrated my birthday. I am truly blessed to have friends come over to celebrate with me and my BF Ray brought an amazing cake! My birthday was last Monday and as I was putting some away into the freezer after breakfast.   I decided to eat a…

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Message of Love – Valentines Day 2017 Why show love for just one day? Why show people you love them for just one day called Valentine’s Day? We should learn to show love all the time as well. Remember to share love not just through cards and flowers or…

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Having a hard time getting back on track after the holiday mayhem?? Try these simple tips to resume healthier eating.

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If you struggle with arguments and general alienation in your relationships, this retreat will transform them into love, intimacy and bliss!

Ask for your needs to be met without disregard.
Receive the gifts of love and communication leading to bliss and healthy relationships.
Creating Bliss - an amazing retreat to open the heart! 

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When you want to sparkle & shine - you need to work on balance on the inside first - physical, emotional, mental and spritual balance.

They are all related. 
Emotions make food choices poor.  Poor food choices cause stress (or does stress cause emotional turmoil?).
and it is related to helping your skin shine, your creativity and brilliance show and you are empowered to show your greatness - it is there, but it may be clouded by the wrong food choices, stress and imbalances you are not aware of.

if you don't know, you cannot #Sparkle&ShineFromInsideOut

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3 Tips to improve your recovery after an event!  #recovery #RaceDayNutrition

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One of the best rides of the year!

Ride your bike to 3 grocery stores...donate purchases to local food pantry! Feel good kinda day - must do it!
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