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How to Market Your Consulting and Your Expertise

In my 15 years as a consultant, I've heard one sob story after another from fellow consultants who either can't get their business off the ground, or they can't attract enough clients to keep the business afloat.    
One reason why might be because they're promoting their tasks instead of their expertise. I've listed 11 ways you can flaunt your expertise by doing some good, old-fashioned PR online and offline in your own community.

--At networking events, use the word expert instead of your job title in your 15-second elevator speech.
--Start your bio with the word expert like "Privacy Expert John Smith..."
--One of the most clever ideas I've seen is to write the words "(Fill-in-the-Blank) Expert" on your nametag when you're at a networking event. 
--Refer to yourself as an expert everywhere on LinkedIn: In your profile, in Groups you've joined, and in invitations to others to connect. 

You can read about all the others at my blog at

If you're a consultant, how do you market your expertise? What have you relied on, other than paid ads that usually aren't very effective?
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Joan Stewart

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Radio Publicity Tip: Call Talk Radio Shows

The best way to generate publicity on the radio for a product, service, cause or issue is to be booked as a guest on a talk show. The second best way is to call a talk show and join the discussion on the air.

Your first big test will be to make it past the call screener. That's why you have to be ready to "audition" as soon as the screener takes your call.

Here's my best tip: Open with a quick, succinct summary of your strong position on the issue the host is discussing. Don't ramble!

And don't even think about saying, "On the one hand...but on the other hand..."  Talk radio relies on controversial issues, callrs with strong opinions, a give-and-take between the host and callers, and discussion that's never boring. 

In this post at my blog, you'll find more tips on how to shine when you're calling a talk radio show and also learn where to find a valuable list of the 2015 Talkers Heavy Hundred radio shows:

Add the tip to your toolbox for radio marketing and for an overall publicity campaign. 

#radiopublicity   #talkradio    #radiopromotion   #radiomarketing  
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Joan Stewart

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Authors: 7 Ways to Make Blogging Fast and Fun

Authors love to write. But so many hate to blog. So they don't.

Or they start a blog and abandon it a few weeks later when they don't see traffic. 

Some can't think of anything to write about because they think "I've covered it all in my book." 

Your blog post doesn't have to be the Great American Novel. It doesn't have to be perfect. And it doesn't always have to be about business. Some of the most popular posts at my blog are those on personal topics:

>>> How afraid I was when I was diagnosed with a rare voice disorder several years ago.

>>> How I know all the words to "Talent Roundup Day" on "The MIckey Mouse Club" TV show in the 1950s.

>>> The long-lost photo of my two younger sisters and me, which turned out to be the perfect present for them this past Christmas.

That's just one of 7 different types of posts readers love. If you're an author who blogs---or even if you haven't started a blog yet---join me and +Joel Friedlander for a free webinar from 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, Feb. 26. It's on "7 Fast, Easy Ways to Pull Readers to Your Author Blog."  

Register at

We'll share dozens of tips on blogging, and we'll show you our favorite posts, the kind our readers love!
#bookmarketing   #bookblog   #bookbloggers  
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Excellent seminar Joan. Many thanks for ALL you share with us. May God Bless ALL u touch.
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Joan Stewart

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Hey, +Tom Snyder and +Marjie Snyder, congrats on your partnership with  BOSI. Sounds like a great team!
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Joan Stewart

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+Kristen Eckstein, I'd like to add a few more "questions to ask yourself" to your list:

--Are they gay or straight?

--Do they have pets? Mostly dogs, cats or both?

--Which magazines and newspapers do they subscribe to?

--Which talk radio shows do they listen to?

--Where do they hang out when they're offline? ( is a great place to find people in narrow niches.)

Too many authors have target markets that are way too big. Their message gets lost in the noise.  
The secret to selling more books isn’t writing about the hottest trending topic, Answer 7 questions to narrow your target audience & you'll sell more books.
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Great questions +Joan Stewart, thanks for add them. 
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Joan Stewart

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thanks, PRSA for sponsoring this. I'm a publicity expert and I'm sharing this before, during and afterward with my followers.
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Joan Stewart

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How Authors Can Become Experts (Even Nonfiction Authors)

Anyone these days can be an author. But not everyone can be an expert. What's the difference? An author writes a book. 

But an expert author does more than one of these:

--Writes a book.
--Speaks for free or for a fee.
--Teaches classes, online or offline.
--Guest blogs.
--Serves as a source for the media.
--Appears as a guest on other people's podcasts.
--Coaches or mentors.
--Emails a tip of the week or an ezine. 
--Creates how-to videos.
--Has a following on social media.
Those are only a few of the many things you can do. Yes, I said DO. Expertise isn't only about what you know. More importantly, it's also about what you do with your knowledge.

Book shepherd +Judith Briles interviewed me recently for her popular +AuthorU (niversity) podcast.

Listen to the dozens of tips we both shared on how to be a recognized expert in your field, even if you write fiction. Download the podcast here:

One of my favorite tips is courtesy of +Nina Amir who recommends that fiction authors start building expertise by crossing over and publishing a nonfiction book that ties into the topic of the fiction novel. So smart!

If you're an author who speaks, I recommend you read "The Expertise Imperative White Paper" published more than a decade ago by five speakers in the National Speakers Association: Alan Parisse, Rita Risser, Bob Treadway, Robert Tucker and Alan Weiss. You can find the White Paper at Allen's website at

Questions about author expertise? Ask here. I'll be happy to answer.

#expertauthors   #expertise   #bookmarketing   #bookpublicity  

Questions about expertise? Ask here and I'll be happy answer.     
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Thanks for including my tip, +Joan Stewart 
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Joan Stewart

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DIY Book Publicity & Book Marketing Tips for Fiction & Nonfiction

If you're writing a book, launching a book or trying to breathe life into a book that's on life support, check out my series of book publicity and marketing tips.

I shared them with ghostwriter Julie Anne Eason when she interviewed me for her podcast back in January. I enjoyed the interview so much that I decided to have it transcribed and featured as a series of four articles at my blog.


Part 1: How authors can start do-it-yourself publicity

Part 2: How to identify the target market for your book

Part 3: How to get book publicity from newspapers, TV

Part 4: More book marketing tips for fiction and nonfiction   

If you'd rather listen, go to

Have questions about book publicity and marketing? Ask them here. I'll be happy to help.

Note to Content Creators:

This is a fabulous way to repurpose content. I paid about $35 on to have a 40-minute interview transcribed.  

#bookmarketing   #bookpublicity   #bookpromotion  
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Joan Stewart

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Why Authors Shouldn't Turn Up Their Noses at Local Library Events

Too many authors dislike libraries because "why should I want hundreds of people to read my book for free?" So they exclude libraries from their marketing.

That's foolish thinking.

Local libraries are marketing machines. If you can do a book signing or an author talk, those librarians will work their butts off promoting it, even if you aren't a big rock star author.

I've identified 7 ways local libraries can help you sell more books. But it's not always the book sales that are most important. It's the publicity and the exposure to audiences that might never have heard of you. Those include:

--Members of your local Chamber of Commerce. 

--Customers of local businesses that might want to partner with the library to bring you in and then maybe host an event a few weeks later at their own stores.

--The many people associated with Friends of the Library, the library's marketing arm.

--Thousands of readers who subscribe to your local weekly newspaper. Librarians will make sure those papers know about your event. 

Read all the other reasons you should walk, run or drive to your local library right now, even you're an indie author.

#bookpublicity   #authorpromotion   #booksigning     #libraries  
Authors who need help selling their books should start looking close to home, at the one place where books are free: their local libraries. When I speak at writers' conferences, I hear authors complaining that they don't want to be bothered with selling to a library “where hundreds of people ...
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Joan Stewart

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13 Ways to Use Your Author Resource Box

After writing 9 Ways to Make Your Author Resource Box Sizzle, at, I started thinking about all the ways you can repurpose that resource box, and I came up with a list of 13 uses. You can read them all at my blog at #authorresourcebox   #authormarketingtips   #guestblogging  
The author resource box, a 50-100-word paragraph at the end of articles, blog posts & your social media profiles. Why not make it as compelling as possible?
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Joan Stewart

Content Marketing  - 
Are You a Small Biz Owner with a Vanity License Plate?

I am writing an article for a high-traffic business website on using vanity license plates for business, and I want to interview several small business owners who have had good results with their plates. 

I'm not interesting in clever or cute license plates that have nothing to do with your business. If your vanity plate has helped you build buzz for your business around town, brand your product or service, or helped generate leads, I'd like to interview you. Please email me at and put Vanity License Plate in the subject line. Include your contact info and let me know if there's a good time to call you.  
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will make a not to try to look out for them again. 
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Joan Stewart

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Need Entertainment Publicity? Free Hangout Today

If you or a PR client are trying to get publicity for anything related to entertainment, don't miss this free Google Hangout at 3 PM Eastern Today. Lots of pitching tips with top entertainment journalists from Variety, Made in Hollywood, ABC News and Closer Weekly.

#musicpromotion #entertainmentindustry #publicitytips  
Public relations professionals everywhere are invited to join a first-of-its-kind bicoastal Hangout, during which a panel of top-tier entertainment journalists will discuss the “do’s and don’ts” of pitching and securing editorial coverage in coveted broadcast and print outlets.

Join us on Thursday, November 13th at 12pm PST/3pm EST with:

+Public Relations Society of America, Los Angeles Chapter and +Public Relations Society of America, New York Chapter

Read more about this hangout:

- +Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Variety
- Patrick Stinson, Reporter/Producer, “Made in Hollywood”
- Steve Baker, Senior Producer, ABC News
- Ilyssa Panitz, Entertainment Writer, Closer Weekly

- +Howard Bragman, Fifteen Minutes PR

Join the conversation by posting a comment here or a tweet using #PRSAhangout

#pr #prsa #prsala #prsany #publicrelations #entertainment #media #reporters #hoa #googlehangout #hangoutonair  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Public Relations Society of America, Los Angeles Chapter. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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A truly memorable meal. Perfect restaurant for a special occasion, or if you're in downtown Port Washington in jeans and hankering for a great meal. --The Crab and Artichoke Baked Fondue came with 7 pieces of toasted crostini. Perfect for a cold winter night! --I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I ordered the Asian BBQ Atlantic Salmon. Fabulous! It was pan-seared and had a light crispy exterior. The sauce wasn't too sweet, and it was sprinkled with white and black sesame seeds. --House salads featured a beautiful combination of greens. The Orange Honey Dill vinaigrette was light enough that it didn't overwhelm the taste of the greens. --And those desserts! If you love cherries, order the Cherry Crumble. It comes warm, topped with an oatmeal mixture, with a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. I felt like I was back in Door County. I've already made plans to eat here again in March when my family is in town. I'm so proud to live in Port Washington where I can walk to the Twisted Willow.
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ZING is way more than just a local shop where women of all ages can find fashionable clothing that doesn't look mass produced. Owner Deb Neulreich works her magic on any customer who needs help creating the perfect outfit. She has a daring fashion sense and loves to mix patterns. She's chosen outfits for me that I'd never choose for myself, and I hear compliments galore when I wear them. I never feel rushed. If I have an outfit that I bought elsewhere I'll sometimes bring it in and ask her to "do the Deb thing" and choose the scarf or jewelry that pulls it all together. The shop is an explosion of color and textures.
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This is on my "we have to go here" list when friends and relatives from out of town visit Port Washington, WI. They love the place, and I try to leave at least an hour for everyone to browse around. Guys, bring the women! Work and casual clothing for men and women, travel and outdoor gear, delicious hand cream and even a few toys for the kids. Inside the store, there's an entrance to Smith Brothers Coffee Shop, the perfect place for lunch. Try the fried perch sandwiches. Eat in the shop or get it to go, and find a picnic table outside, overlooking Lake Michigan. In the winter, the coffee shop has a cozy fireplace.
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My family, a bunch of cheese curd junkies, visited from Ohio this weekend and I planned a surprise visit to your store. I told them I was taking them somewhere fun but didn't tell them where. As soon as they saw the giant yellow "Cheese Store" sign on the side of the building, they got excited. It was the highlight of their trip. They had a blast tasting the samples, and they loved picking out some of the packaged soups and dips, planning meals they will make when they return home. In the back of your store, all 7 of us each donned a different Cheesehead hat, and a customer offered to take our photo. It will be a fun reminder of a fabulous weekend. I'm so proud to live here and show off places like Cedar Valley Cheese Store. Where else can you find a Cheesehead sombrero?
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