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Joan Stewart

Discussion  - 
9 Other Ways to Use Trade Show Banners for Marketing

If you're like me and dread the thought of creating a banner for trade shows, don't it put it off any longer. There are many ways you can use that valuable marketing and publicity tool beyond the shows.

I created the one you see here when I was invited to speak at the Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza Jan. 6-8 in Orlando, sponsored by tax resolution experts +Michael Rozbruch aka "The Rozman" and Lawrence Lawler of the The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.

Because they're giving me a vendor table at the event, I thought a banner would be a nice touch.

Here are 9 other ways I can use it after the event:

1. I can take it with me and use it on the stage at speaking engagements.

2. I'll use it when I speak informally at MeetUp groups here in Milwaukee and out of town.

3. Authors, this banner would be perfect to take to a book signing.

4. Share it with readers of your blog like I'm doing here.

5. I'm publishing a photo in my email newsletter.

6. Can the image be used in a paid ad? If it isn't perfect for the ad, perhaps you can tweak the original image.

7. Share it on Facebook.

8. Pin it on Pinterest.

9. It can go onto other printed marketing materials like brochures and flyers.

I made three mistakes you might not notice. I explain what they are and walk you through the process of how I created the banner and which vendors I used. I also share a free resource that gives you lots of fabulous tips on how to use social media to promote your trade show appearance. Read it at my blog at

#tradeshows #tradeshowmarketing #tradeshowtips

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Joan Stewart

General Podcast Discussion  - 
How Perfect Does a Podcast Have to Be?

RadioGirl, aka +Margaret Larkin, wrote an excellent two-part series at my blog filled with podcasting tips for beginners. She shares technical mistakes she has made, and she links to a few shows here we can hear things like a faint humming in the background. I am starting my own podcast shortly and her tips came at the right time. Here's my dilemma: How do I get off the "it's gotta be perfect" merry-go-round? I'm a perfectionist, and this has gotten in the way so many times with new projects. Did you make a lot of mistakes when you started your podcast? Which ones did you let slip by? And which were definitely do-overs? 
Margaret Larkin is the creator and host of the Radiogirl Podcast, a media podcast that features interviews with people who work in radio and TV, in Chicago and beyond. She also writes for CBS Radio…
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This issue of wanting to be perfect kept me sitting on my ass for months, even after I had spent quite a bit of money on equipment. I really really wish I had started immediately, even if it totally sucked. I would kill to be on episode 30 instead of episode 3 of my show, even if the first ten totally sucked. I would probably have a bigger audience, and most importantly I would be much farther along in my skill set. So I say, just start! 
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Joan Stewart

Shared publicly  - 
Fiction Authors: A Strategy for Finding Your Target Market

Fiction authors struggle the most when looking for readers. Don't wait for them to come to you. You must find them first and connect. It isn't as difficult as you think:

1. Start by defining the demographics of your ideal readers.
2. Know their likes and dislikes.
3. Identify how you can help them or entertain them.
4. Know which readers are attracted to your competition---authors who have written fiction books very similar to yours.

Once you've done that, it's time to find them. I give you three great ideas on how to do that online and offline at my blog at

I'll share more than two dozen other ideas when I host an online training session for both fiction and nonfiction authors from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow, Oct. 22, on 30+ Places to Find Fiction and Nonfiction Readers in Your Target Market. Register at   
#bookmarketing    #bookpublicity   #marketingfiction  
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Joan Stewart

Advice & Suggestions  - 
Your Advice for Donald Trump Can Put You in the News 

Like him or hate him, Donald Trump isn't fading---at least not yet. If you're a leadership consultant, speech coach, hair stylist, makeup artist, or fashion consultant, use this opportunity to piggyback onto the GOP presidential candidate with sage advice on what you think he should to with his:

>>> Hair

>>> Branding

>>> Language

>>> Wardrobe

>>> Debate Style

Even if you don't have advice, you can do interesting comparisons on the candidates, like +David Meerman Scott did when he crunched the numbers of social media followers and concluded that Donald Trump is leading the social media primaries by a landslide:

One of my favorite ideas, mentioned in the blog post below, is for hair stylists. Use a hairstyle makeover app to show us how you'd redo his hairstyle if he sat in your chair.  Or do a few makeovers, post them on Facebook and ask people to vote for their favorite. 

I also show you how image consultant Sandy Dumont critiqued Trump's clothing, body language and even his hair.  

Publicity Ideas:

---If you're a coach, consultant or even a hairstylist, call your local TV station and see if they'd like you to comment the day after the next debate. Tell them you're "the local angle."

---Offer your expertise to reporters at National Public Radio who are covering the candidates.

---Don't overlook women's magazines.

Just a few ideas to help you market your small business...
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Joan Stewart

Shared publicly  - 
Publicity Cheat Sheet for Authors Who Do Radio Interviews 

You'll love this short video from Publicist +Sophia Lazare of +Smith Publicity on what to do before, during and after a radio interview. 

You can turn these publicity tips into a little cheat that you take to the station with you. Keep it nearby in your office in case a radio guest booker calls. 

Here's my radio publicity tip: Let guest bookers, talk show hosts and producers know they can call on you in an emergency if a guest cancels. If they call, move mountains to be on the show. This one of the best ways to build the relationship and get invited back again and again... 
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Joan Stewart

Discussion  - 
How to You Find Amazon Reviewers?

Amazon has made finding reviewers really difficult. Free training tomorrow on how to find them, pitch them and amass lots of reviews. Any shortcuts you use for finding the right ones for your book? #amazonreviews #bookmarketing #sellbooks
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Hi Joan, your posts are kinda in the remit for this community, and I can see you're being careful to not just do link drops - which is great, but I don't want to see too many of them. One a week is more than enough and since there isn't a huge amount of  traffic I will remove older posts. (Or you could.)
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Joan Stewart

Discussion  - 

How to Snag Book Publicity on Your Local TV News

The news department at your local TV station has a meeting every morning, between 8 and 9 a.m., where they decide what news stories make it onto the air that day. One of the best ways for authors to get book publicity is to tie their story to a breaking news event. So says Roshanda Pratt, a former TV producer who gives you a peek inside what's referred to as "the morning meeting."

She explains how news executives assign their stories, how to pitch them, when to pitch, how to pitch, and other tips for enticing a local TV news team to cover your story.

I recommend that you do this simple task. Make a list of all the topics or sub-topics that are in your book. You can then create Google Alerts for them, or do simple Google searches to find out if any of them can be found in hot breaking news stories that day.

Have you done this? How have you tied your book to a breaking news or feature story?

(If you're a child of the Seventies, remember the newsroom meetings below?) 
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Joan Stewart

General Podcast Discussion  - 
Libsyn, Blubrry or Amazon S3 for Hosting?

Which of these three do you prefer for hosting podcast files, and why? Or are they pretty much all the same? 
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you can add +Podcast Blastoff to that list. No wordpress and you get a completely customizable  website with podcast audio hosting. You shouldnt need to be a web designer to have a great website for your podcast
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Joan Stewart

PR or Marketing Tips  - 
Prepare Clients for Nasty Questions at Speaking Gigs, Book Signings

If your PR client is controversial, or has a topic that is, make sure they know how to handle nasty, mean, hostile questions that can come out of left field when they're at a public event like a speaking engagement or a book signing.

One of the very best ways to deal with the question?

Don’t answer it.  Simply respond to it by pivoting to your key message.  A key message is the Number One thing you want your audience to remember as a result of your presentation.

That’s what Chelsea Clinton did when she was signing a copy her her new book, “It’s Your World” at a book signing in Austin recently and got this question from Robert Morrow, a conservative activist who showed up, mobile phone in hand, shooting video of her:

“Has your mother ever told you that you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton?” Morrow asked, referring to the fallen Justice Department official and Clinton confidant who the tabloids have claimed had an affair with Hillary Clinton.

Without skipping a beat, Chelsea closed the book she had signed, looked up, and responded.  “I’m so proud to be my parents’ daughter.”

Morrow asked a follow-up question about whether her book targets girls.  After she answered, he asked: “Would you say Bill Clinton also targets teenage girls, except for sexual reasons?” 

She ignored the question and, instead, pivoted to her key message about her book. 

Read four more about how to prepare your clients for tough interviews, and bridging statements they can use. I've included tips from Brad Phillips, aka "Mr. Media Training."

How else do you prepare clients for tough interviews?

#mediarelations   #mediatraining   #mediainterviews  
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Joan Stewart

Shared publicly  - 
Sailing Magazine Needs an Editor

If you love to sail, and you can edit and write, this might be the perfect job. Sailing magazine, published in the town where I live in Port Washington, Wisconsin, is looking for an assistant editor.

The job can be either full time or part time, and you'll be working in a picture postcard town of 10,000 people, on the shores of Lake Michigan. #sailing   #magazine   #jobs
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Joan Stewart

Shared publicly  - 
New Product Publicity Ideas Needed, Makes Shoveling Easier

Can you help a Pennsylvania inventor get publicity for his new invention? It's a spring-form handle that attaches to a shovel and makes shoveling snow and dirt easier because you don't have to bend over.

It turns a plain straight-handle shovel into an ergonomically correct shovel--perfect for people who live in snowy states, people with bad backs, tall people and gardeners.   

When the inventor, Howie Rosenshein emailed me for advice, I featured it as a Help This Hound question at my blog and in my weekly email tips, and asked my readers to offer their best advice. We'd love to hear yours.

Getting publicity for a new product is sometimes difficult if you can't think of enough good ideas for a product PR campaign. That's where you can help. 

You can share your best idea below or in the Comments at my blog at

If you have a publicity question you'd like to submit, you can email me at with all the details.

#newproductPR #productpressrelease #HelpThisHound      
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Joan Stewart

Shared publicly  - 
Free Media Contact Information at

If you can't afford one of those expensive media directories, here's a great alternative. It's USNPL, the giant database where you can find contact info for thousands of newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and campus newspapers in the U.S.

You can search by state. It gives you links to the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages of media outlets. You'll also find the key contact so you aren't pitching blindly.

I created a three-minute video that demonstrates how it works and embedded the video within a blog post that explains 7 ways to use this directory. You'll also find a helpful slidedeck and link to an in-depth article on how to get local TV, radio and newspaper coverage for your business, written by +Marc Prosser of +Fit Small Business    
Have fun with USNPL. Two paws up, way up, for  +Michelle Tennant Nicholson of Wasabi Publicity who tipped me off to this valuable resource.

  #mediadirectory   #freepublicity   #mediacontactlist  
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I love showing off Port Washington to out-of-towners, and Newport Shores has become my family' s special request for Friday night fish. Salmon and perch are our favorites. Cozy in the winter. Party atmosphere in the summer. Lots of fishermen and people who have been out on their boats all day eat dinner there, so come as you are. Try the Schaum Torte for dessert. When they brought this giant mountain of strawberries and whipped cram to our table, everyone in the restaurant gawked. Great place to watch Packers games.
• • •
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A truly memorable meal. Perfect restaurant for a special occasion, or if you're in downtown Port Washington in jeans and hankering for a great meal. --The Crab and Artichoke Baked Fondue came with 7 pieces of toasted crostini. Perfect for a cold winter night! --I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I ordered the Asian BBQ Atlantic Salmon. Fabulous! It was pan-seared and had a light crispy exterior. The sauce wasn't too sweet, and it was sprinkled with white and black sesame seeds. --House salads featured a beautiful combination of greens. The Orange Honey Dill vinaigrette was light enough that it didn't overwhelm the taste of the greens. --And those desserts! If you love cherries, order the Cherry Crumble. It comes warm, topped with an oatmeal mixture, with a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. I felt like I was back in Door County. I've already made plans to eat here again in March when my family is in town. I'm so proud to live in Port Washington where I can walk to the Twisted Willow.
• • •
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My family, a bunch of cheese curd junkies, visited from Ohio this weekend and I planned a surprise visit to your store. I told them I was taking them somewhere fun but didn't tell them where. As soon as they saw the giant yellow "Cheese Store" sign on the side of the building, they got excited. It was the highlight of their trip. They had a blast tasting the samples, and they loved picking out some of the packaged soups and dips, planning meals they will make when they return home. In the back of your store, all 7 of us each donned a different Cheesehead hat, and a customer offered to take our photo. It will be a fun reminder of a fabulous weekend. I'm so proud to live here and show off places like Cedar Valley Cheese Store. Where else can you find a Cheesehead sombrero?
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5 reviews
ZING is way more than just a local shop where women of all ages can find fashionable clothing that doesn't look mass produced. Owner Deb Neulreich works her magic on any customer who needs help creating the perfect outfit. She has a daring fashion sense and loves to mix patterns. She's chosen outfits for me that I'd never choose for myself, and I hear compliments galore when I wear them. I never feel rushed. If I have an outfit that I bought elsewhere I'll sometimes bring it in and ask her to "do the Deb thing" and choose the scarf or jewelry that pulls it all together. The shop is an explosion of color and textures.
• • •
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This is on my "we have to go here" list when friends and relatives from out of town visit Port Washington, WI. They love the place, and I try to leave at least an hour for everyone to browse around. Guys, bring the women! Work and casual clothing for men and women, travel and outdoor gear, delicious hand cream and even a few toys for the kids. Inside the store, there's an entrance to Smith Brothers Coffee Shop, the perfect place for lunch. Try the fried perch sandwiches. Eat in the shop or get it to go, and find a picnic table outside, overlooking Lake Michigan. In the winter, the coffee shop has a cozy fireplace.
• • •
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