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Joan Price
Advocate for ageless sexuality, author, speaker, contemporary line dance instructor
Advocate for ageless sexuality, author, speaker, contemporary line dance instructor

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Leaving for Australia tomorrow for 7 speaking engagements!  This article appeared in Daily Life: 

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I really enjoyed this opportunity to open the conversation about keeping our sex lives vibrant as we age on Bay Sunday, San Francisco. The interview was only 5 minutes -- there's a lot more information and tips in The Ultimate Guide to Sex after 50: +Cleis Press 

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I'm excited about the amount of attention this article is getting. People need to know about this! Thank you, +Senior Planet .

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Thank you - The Dating Experts  for this splendid review of The Ultimate Guide to Sex after 50! It's important to get the message out that a sexuality book is not just for those who have partners. It's crucial that -- especially at our age -- we keep our sexuality alive on our own when we're solo.

I was happy to include a lot of senior dating advice in this book because so many of us are on our own at this stage of life, and that should not derail our need for social interactions, touch, and  sexual release. 

 (Attn. +Cleis Press )

If you're a sex educator or anyone involved in the field of aging and you live in Australia, please message me and introduce yourself, including your email address. I'll be in your beautiful part of the world in September to speak at a new conference in Melbourne. Maybe you'd like me to speak to your organization while I'm there? 

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I'm thrilled to announce that my newest and most comprehensive senior sex book, The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50, has just been released. In it, you'll find straightforward, nonjudgmental information and immediately useful tips, spiced with comments from my readers.

Please check it out at

Thank you for being part of our sex-positive world!


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Question for you: If your partner wants a sexual behavior that not only isn't your thing, but really turns you off, what do you do? Please see my blog post, "When Your Partner Wants Something that Turns You Off." I hope you'll comment.

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