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Joakim Nilsson
Joakim Nilsson is an Entrepreneur and Social Media CRM strategist providing brands with solutions for social media monitoring, analytics and engagement.
Joakim Nilsson is an Entrepreneur and Social Media CRM strategist providing brands with solutions for social media monitoring, analytics and engagement.

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Talking twitter and poker with the legendary Marco Valerio directly from Las Vegas.

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You are a genious +Thomas Baekdal
Yesterday, I posted about the weird rule that requires bicyclists to take their hand off the handlebars to indicate which way they want to go. My argument is that this is a rather insane thing to do, because by taking your hand off, you effectively reduce your ability to steer by 50%. Even if you claim you can do so, it's still far less safe than using both hands to steer at all times.  

I mean, does this look safe to you?

Note: we had quite a good discussion about it too: .

The solution to this is rather straight forward. Legislate Encourage the all bicycles must come with indicator and brake lights. It's not hard to do. And the current state of tiny super energy efficient LEDs wouldn't really add any weight, nor even compromise the design. 

To illustrate this, I quickly made this photo (using an original photo from Trek bikes). The brake light would be built into the seat post, and function both as a rear light, and as a brake light ... with the indicator lights would be built into the two seat stays on either side of the back wheel.

The bicycles' design wouldn't change one bit. But with this concept, bicyclists would not have to take their hands of the handlebars for any reason. They would always stay in full control (which is especially critical near intersections) and motorists and other bicyclists would no longer wonder what the heck the person would do, making everyone safer.

So, let's make this happen.

It's such a simple yet effective change.
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Ready for today's interview with iGaming business. 

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Thanks for sharing and linking to my example Martin! I've an updated social media scorecard free for download here: 

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Excited about presenting at +Brandwatch 's next Google Hangout... I've a really nice story on how to uncover insights from large amounts of data. Be there!
3 PM BST | 10 AM EDT

Businesses around the world are boosting sales, amplifying brand awareness, and differentiating themselves from competition all through social listening. 

While virtually all organizations are adapting in some manner to the new possibilities and opportunities presented by social business, making the most of social listening platforms has commonly been cited as a challenge.

In this 1-hour hangout, our Brandwatch super users and influencers, Jillian Ney (UK’s first Dr of social media), Joakim Nilsson (founder and Managing Director at SCRM Cloud), Marshall Sponder (CEO at WebMetricsGuru) and Ed Bass (Social Media & Content Consultant at More Light) will share their most thought-provoking stories and detailed Brandwatch setups, aiming to teach you how to master social listening. 

Their snappy presentations will cover a variety of industries and use cases on:

1) Tracking events and trends on social in real-time
2) Using Brandwatch to chart influencer demographics and interests
3) How brands can improve their product line with social insights
4) Finding trending topics of conversation relevant to your business

Feel free to join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #BWhangout

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This poker legend kindly invited me for Korean supper in Vegas! Thanks Marco! 
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