Some thinking on different types of structures, triggered by some conversations in the Conversation Community [1]. We're all too familiar with the rigid inorganic structures of the past (and present) and have seen the rise of more organic structures. Is that all there is? Let's introduce something new here and call it the Recursive Structure. You're at the center, but your connections create a forceful vortex/spin (meme drift [2]) in all directions along invisible trajectories (strange attractors [3]) and form recursive loops (strange loops [4]) where intersections exist to invoke serendipitous events (strange encounters [5]).

Now, that's an interesting structure to me! 

Fashion designer Eileen Fisher comes close to this idea: People feel like they are co-creating when they're in a circle together. They can see where the energy is. They're not being dictated to. When you're part of figuring something out, you have much more invested in it. [6],[7]

Structural elements:
Green dot (you), black dots (others, which are green dots seen from their perspective), straight gray lines (channels where information travels to reach you), RECURSIVE STRUCTURES: curved gray lines (trajectories where information is accelerated, best tools are activity streams and RSS feeds thus far),  overlapping circles (boundaries for groups, communities, networks, etc.), fractals (zooming in on a dot reveals a similar structure), recursive (loops feed back in itself), unfolding wholeness (answers surface deep from the fractal structure [8], social presence and seek-sense-share (PKM)  as prerequisites to maintain homeostasis at the center of this recursive structure


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