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Pretty nice article on SVG and CSS animations.
h/t +Ilya Grigorik 
Nice walkthrough on creating SVG+CSS animations: 
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The German Army Music Corps playing on the Red Square in Москва in 2012.
I missed this one.

Millions and millions of dead people on both sides in WWII.

This can not be taken as granted and it is a great honour.
спасибо to my friends in Russia!
Let's keep up our friendship, despite the current political situation!
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Wow, another great post well written.
In one night I learn more about substantial American history during the fight of Independence or Civil Rights than from any history book.
Thanks, +Rugger Ducky 
The Father of Civil Rights

Prince Hall's early life is, as most were at the time, fairly minimally documented. By all accounts, he was born in Barbados, September 12, 1748. Some accounts have him born as a slave, and continuing so for 20 years, until freed by William Hall shortly after the Boston Massacre. Other accounts are that he was always free, born to a white Englishman, Thomas Prince Hall, and a free woman of color. 

In the latter accounts, he grew up free, and was well considered and educated. He learned the trade of leathermaking from his father. 

Despite a fairly quiet life in Barbados, he longed to see the American colonies, most especially Boston. He sailed there in February, 1765.

He married a slave woman, Sarah Ritchie, and that is likely where the confusion as to his free status resided. She died shortly after their marriage. 

Working primarily as a leather maker, Prince Hall did so well for himself in Boston that by the age of 25, he was able to buy real estate and vote. 

A lifelong Freemason, he established the first Black Masonic lodge in the world. 

He joined the Boston militia, and later the Continental Army, and served in the war, including the Battle of Bunker Hill. 

After the Revolution, he became an outspoken Abolitionist. He believed so firmly in the foundation of the new nation he had fought for that he began publicly calling for freeing of all slaves. 

Knowing he was fighting a battle against the wealth contained in slaves, he called for a gradual process, freeing all slaves when they reached the age of 21. 

He knew that education was the key to real freedom. 

He and 5 others sent a petition to the Senate and House of Representatives of Massachusetts urging that ‘means be provided for the education of colored people.’ He wrote that blacks were taxed as whites were and that they had not been backward in paying their proportionate share of the total taxation. He declared that they were willing to pay their ‘equal part’ but that they were denied the privileges of education in many cases, that there had been oversight in ‘the education of our children’ (Jay Griffin, Afro- Americans in Colonial Medford_)

After many years of begging for a school to educate black children in, he gave up and started the first in his own home when the city finally said they had the money, but not a building. 

While he never succeeded in his dream of abolishing slavery across the country he was willing to die for, he was critical to the abolition of slavery in Massachusetts in 1788. In January 1777, he sent the following petition to the Massachusetts State House:

To the Honorable Counsel & House of Representatives for the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court assembled, January 13, 1777: 

The petition of A Great Number of Blackes detained in a State of slavery in the bowels of a free & Christian County Humbly sheweth that your Petitioners apprehend that they have in Common with all other men a Natural and Unalienable Right to that freedom which the Grat Parent of the Universe that Bestowed equally on all menkind and which they have Never forfeited by any Compact or agreement whatever but that wher Unjustly Dragged by the hand of cruel Power and their Derest friends and sum of them Even torn from the Embraces of their tender Parents from A populous Pleasant and Plentiful country and in violation of Laws of Nature and of Nations and in Defiance of all the tender feelings of humanity Brough here Either to Be sold like Beast of burthen & Like them Condemned to Slavery for Life Among A People Professing the mild Religion of Jesus A people Not Insensible of the Secrets of Rational Being Nor without spirit to Resent the unjust endeavors of others to Reduce them to a state of Bondage and Subjugation. Your honor Need not to be informed that A Live of Slavery Like that of your petitioners Deprived of Every social privilege of Every thing Requisite and render Life Tolable is far worse that Nonexistance.

(In imitat)ion of the Lawdable Example of the Good People of these States your petitioners have Long and Patiently waited the Event of petition after petition. By them presented tot the Legislative Body of this state and cannot but with Grief Reflect that their Success hath been but too similar they Cannot but express their Astonishment that It have Never Bin Considered that Every Principle from which America has Acted in the Course of their unhappy Difficulties with Great Briton Pleads Stronger than A thousand arguments in favors of your petitioners they therfor humble Beseech your honours to give this petition its due weight and consideration & cause an act of the legislature to be past Wherby they may be Restored to the Enjoyments of that which is the Natural right of all men and their Children who wher Born in this Land of Liberty may not be held as Slaves after they arrive at the age of twenty one years so may the Inhabitance of this States No longer chargeable with the inconstancy of acting themselves that part which they condemn and oppose in others Be prospered in their present Glorious struggle for Liberty and have those Blessings to them, &c.
(text translation via

Outspoken to the day of his death in 1807, Prince Hall was a true American, an unsung hero, and the real Father of Civil Rights. 

Img source:

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Requiescat in pace, dear John and Alicia.
Via +Richard Elwes 
John and Alicia Nash, RIP

Some very sad news: the great John Nash has been killed in a car accident, along with his wife Alicia. Our condolences to all their friends and family.
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Ein großer Verlust für die Menschheit, sie werden immer in unserer Erinnerung bleiben.
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I can just double underline what +Islegrooves Sherrie wrote.
This is definitely money for a good cause.

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Don't mess with the J.
The first rule of Jesus Club is Eric Sucks.
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Sid vis pacem, para bellum.
Sad, but true.
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A change of perspective on Memorial Day.
Have you heard of Crispus Attucks?
If not, read on.
h/t +Rugger Ducky 
This year, I decided to do something different for Memorial Day. Normally I will post stories or names of those who have served the country and have died in combat or after--which I will still do today, but with one exception. I'm only posting stories about people of color. Those who had even more at stake than their white counterparts. Who served with honor and distinction at home and abroad, even as they were reviled in their own homes by white citizens.

First up is the story of Crispus Attucks. Attucks was the first to die in the Revolution, well, in the lead up to it. Shot and killed by British soldiers during the Boston Massacre, Attucks is a perfect example of how our nation treats its heroes of color.

Born sometime around 1723 to an African slave father and a Nantucket Native American mother, he was born into slavery. In Massachusetts.

In 1850, his owner, one William Brown of Framingham, reported him as a runaway in the Boston Gazette, describing him as A Mulatto fellow, about 27 Years of Age, named Crispus, 6 feet 2 inches high, short cur'l hair, his knees nearer together than common.

Over the next 20 years, Attucks became a sailor, working on whaling crews and doing itinerant labor between, usually ropemaking. 

In 1770, Boston was an occupied city, forced to house the King's soldiers. Resentment against the Redcoats was high, especially since there was competition for part time menial labor from them, like ropemaking. 

An earlier bar fight between 3 soldiers and a group of Boston locals on Friday, March 2nd, 1770 increased tensions. Attucks was one of the locals involved. 

The following Monday, a lone Redcoat wandered into a pub, looking for extra work. Attucks and others chased him from the pub, and went looking for other soldiers nearby. The guard post located near had one soldier standing duty alone. The crowd, now numbering around 30, began pelting the guard with insults, snowballs, and sticks. 

A few minutes later, a nearby wig maker's apprentice, Edward Garrick, showed up and called to the captain of the guard, 
Captain John Goldfinch, that he had not paid his bill for his wigs. In a town already angered at having to feed, house, and support the British soldiers, this was perhaps the final tinder. 

The crowd continued to grow, until it numbered between 3-400. 

Captain Goldfinch and 6 other soldiers rushed to the aid of the guard being harassed. The 7 soldiers, with bayonets fixed, surrounded the guard house. Among them was Captain Thomas Preston. 

While accounts greatly differ, most agree that at some point, Attucks or someone near him struck Private Hugh Montgomery with something that caused him to fall and drop his musket. 

Upon rising up, Montgomery is believed to have opened fire. At that point, the other British soldiers began doing the same. Attucks fell first. 

Five men were killed. Future President John Adams, a prominent Boston lawyer, took the case of the soldiers. While being adamantly opposed to the occupation, he felt deeply that everyone deserved a fair trial. Well, at least everyone white. 

During the trials, in which Adams managed to get ALL the British soldiers acquitted, he put the full blame on the victims. Especially Attucks. The language may have changed from then to now, but it still sounds very much like the defense used by police now when they shoot and kill a man of color. The race-baiting was clear, and there was no way any jury of wealthy white men was going to convict white soldiers for shooting on a crowd of "thugs". 

Describing them as a motley rabble of saucy boys, negroes and molattoes, Irish teagues and outlandish jack tarrs, Adams blamed Attucks and named him as the primary assailant. 

Attucks with his myrmidons comes round Jockson's [Jackson's] corner, and down to the party by the Sentry-box; when the soldiers pushed the people off, this man with his party cried, do not be afraid of them, they dare not fire, kill them! kill them! knock them over! And he tried to knock their brains out. It is plain the soldiers did not leave their station, but cried to the people, stand off: now to have this reinforcement coming down under the command of a stout Molatto fellow, whose very looks, was enough to terrify any person, what had not the soldiers then to fear? He had hardiness enough to fall in upon them, and with one hand took hold of a bayonet, and with the other knocked the man down: This was the behaviour of Attucks;-to whose mad behaviour, in all probability, the dreadful carnage of that night, is chiefly to be ascribed. And it is in this manner, this town has been often treated; a Carr from Ireland, and an Attucks from Framingham, happening to be here, shall sally out upon their thoughtless enterprizes, at the head of such a rabble of Negroes, &c. as they can collect together

Crispus Attucks, the first to die in the Boston Massacre, considered the first death of the Revolution, has always been a controversial figure. Some believe him to be a martyr, some a villain. I tend towards the former myself, but whatever your feelings about him, he should be considered among those honored this Memorial Day. 

Image source:
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