I made this yesterday :^

They take the place name of Blubed Mamis

Blubed Mami are an OPEN MYO species(which means you can make your own for free without needing approval)

How I got the Idea
So I was bored and it was raining at the time and started to think of a mix between a mammal and a fish.

Introduction/Essential Anatomy
Blubed Mamis are two-legged mammal-like creatures holding fish/marine mammal traits. With mammal facial features humans can be easily attracted to the Mami. They have a layer of blubber to help them float and control body temperatures. They have two toes on each little paw they use to eat as if those paws were chopsticks. They can be based of anything and are very customizable due to their vary of custom traits that come in any size or shape you want.

Custom Anatomy/Custom Traits
Tails can have a length like a mermaid's tail, simply connected like a common fish fin tail or just any tail with a fin connected to it.
Cheek Misc(Sorry for no image ;-;) can vary in shapes and is one of the most customizable traits.
Head Misc can make it look like a whale, a swordfish, just a puppy? Ye, those can vary a lot as well.
Leg fins are going to make it strong when going in currents in the water. They would vary in many types of fins. You could even make it look like a dragon's wing or a winged fish somehow!
Colors don't have to be based of a fish palette, just use any palette a scheme or anything with an assistant with colors! You could color it all by yourself!

I'll just leave you people here to read this
Do not claim the species as yours.
Credit must be put in your MYO.
If you need anymore help/questions just PP(Person to Person) me!
Enjoy having fun with my first OPEN unsuccessful species :3
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