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Jo Garrett
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Jo Garrett

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Look that's you. Your beautiful self
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+Baba Abab
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Jo Garrett

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Caught in the Mirror on Zeedijk

#dutchphotowalk, #dpw01 +Dutch Photo Walk 
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works well, nicely caught..!
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Jo Garrett

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Thumbs up

I really enjoyed meeting everyone who took part in today's Amsterdam photowalk and this guy certainly seemed to approve of having his photo taken.

Many thanks to  +Nikola Nikolski +Rogier Rood +Arwin Meijer for all the hard work they put in to making it a great success  #dutchphotowalk #dpw01 +Dutch Photo Walk 
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We should be lol
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Jo Garrett

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Looking forward to seeing some of you on tomorrow. I've been keeping a very low profile around here due to personal reasons but tomorrow's photo walk should be just the thing to get me back in the game :)
Sunday 17-06 is almost there and this is last update about the walk till than.

Weather forecast for sunday is…. it will be dry! Ok its to early to be happy but when you look outside you will understand why we are so excited.

We think this is the right time to explain how to post photo's after the walk so those will appear also here in album of +Dutch Photo Walk 

IMPORTANT: To make this work it is important you have us in the circle!!!!!

Day after walk and hereafter
You have a beautiful collection of photo's and like to share it with us and people you met this day. 
Here explanation of how the best way to do that but you have to follow next steps.

• Upload photo's to one of your albums;
• Tag those as you tag people in photo's with +Dutch Photo Walk ;
• Use hashtag #dutchphotowalk  and #dpw01  in your posting;

Each photo walk will have own hashtag, this is the first we organize so #dpw01  is the first one we will use.

Other important info about this walk you can read in previos post:

If you read for the first time about this walk and you like to join comment with I'm in! thats all.

Pleas share this post to make us happy :-)
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Se you tomorrow!
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Jo Garrett

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Having missed the last Amsterdam walk I am really looking forward to this one!
We (+Jo Garrett +Rogier Rood +Arwin Meijer and +Nikola Nikolski) have made progress in organizing #dutchphotowalk and we like to share that with you.
If this is the first time you read about #dutchphotowalk we organize read the post below also!

So whats new:

After several proposals on route we agreed that this is the route we will walk
It is an interesting route with ancient architecture, interesting people and many more.
Intention is that we take time to take pictures of course as a group but no obligations.
We have considered how to keep you up to date about this event and also in the future. We have designed a website Dutch Photo Walk
If you like to follow latest developments circle us. We will circle you back and keep up you up to date about this and future events.
This is also a nice place for photos to show from our walk.

That's it for now, more coming...

Previous post

I just want to let you know that I have decided to organize a #DutchPhotoWalk with some G+ friends so that you can put the date in your agenda.

The details of the walk are still being worked out but we have already fixed the city, which will be Amsterdam. We have some great ideas for the route and spots to see.

If you like the idea keep 17-June free and watch for more detailed information to follow soon.

Everyone is invited, it does not matter what camera you have to make your photos. it's about to have a nice day and maybe something learn from each other, no obligations.

Don't be scared to share this post with people you know ;-)
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Many thanks +Paul van de Loo , +Jo Garrett ; I will do my best to attend the event although later that day I do have plans near Utrecht, so if times permits I'll be there.
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Jo Garrett

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Queen's Day: Prinsengracht

Happily neither, me, my camera nor any of my friends fell in the canal but I did see a girl from a nearby boat take a dip - she was fine once her friends helped her back on board and it was a sunny day so I am sure she recovered pretty quickly.

Progress along the Prinsengracht was slow and the music from the boats blended together in to one big party. I think it is fair to say that everyone had a good time.
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It was fine whether but water is still to cold to take a dip... was a very nice day!
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Jo Garrett

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I had a fantastic time on Sunday with the rest of the +Dutch Photo Walk group. This is one of my favourite shots so far  from the photos that the rest of the group have shared. Great shot +Hassan Dibani. There were loads of great shots but the timing makes this one.
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Good looking 
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Jo Garrett

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Moving in... Amsterdam Style

#dutchphotowalk, #dpw01 +Dutch Photo Walk 
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bish s
For those that don't know, these hooks are there because the buildings there are so narrow (just a few yards or meters) that there was no way large pieces of furniture could be carried up the stairs. So they came up with this solution of using hooks suspended from the rafters to lift objects up and then in through large windows. Very ingenious.
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Jo Garrett

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Wait for me...

As much as I like the shot with the thumbs up, this was my favourite shot of the two because of the way the cyclists are lined up. I also love the fact that the two guys upfront are smiling and totally at ease with having their pictures taken.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am dressed in orange and off to support de Mannen van Oranje in tonight's match "Hup Holland Hup" I know that its a long shot but I'd like to see them go through to the next round.

#dutchphotowalk, #dpw01 +Dutch Photo Walk 
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All lined up here, very well seen Jo
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Jo Garrett

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Albert Cuypstraat

Now maybe I am just a little bit biased but there is something quite fascinating about the light in Amsterdam - even when it's falling on the debris left behind after the market is cleared away.
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Sunday will be dry. Nice shot!
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Jo Garrett

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Uneven Surfaces

It really takes a lot to get Amsterdam cyclists to get off and push. This, however, is not enough.
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Of course not! That is smoother than some of the real bike paths that I have seen in other countries ;-)
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Jo Garrett

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*Would you mind moving over...
...whilst we dredge the canal*
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