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I am a LeEco Champ. I receive their products from time to time, but my opinions are my own.
I am a LeEco Champ. I receive their products from time to time, but my opinions are my own.
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Added photos to Giving Thanks #throughglass + Black Friday Madness.

What I want to see at the upcoming #Disney #StarWars theme park.

1. X-Wing vs Tie Fighter ride (similar to Star Tours but with 180° dome screen)
2. Live action AT-AT ride (similar to Indiana Jones ride but with live actors)
3. Speeder Bike ride (similar to Radiator Springs Racer ride)
4. "It's A Trap" ride (similar to Big Thunder Mt and Space Mt in one)
5. Kessel Run ride.
6. Battle of Hoth stunt show
7. Save Princess Leia stunt show complete with trash compactor
8.  Battle of Endor/Rebellion celebration parade.
9. Trench run (a la Ninja Warrior)
10. Sarlacc pits and Sail barges playground
11. Mos Eisley Land. Complete with restaurants and shops
12. Dagobah petting zoo
13. Beggar's Cyn shooting gallery
14. Blue milk
15. Han in Carbonite vanilla bars

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At Google I/O Extended
#IO14 #throughglass
With +JR Curley, +Ben Junya, +Andy Lin

El Segundo, CA
06/25/2014 10:50am

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+Google Glass Father's day brunch

Google LA
Venice, CA

Just had my first run in with #Glass and security at the Arclight movie theater in Hollywood. They stopped me walking out of the theater and asked to see what photos and videos I took. I gladly showed them knowing that I didn't have it on during the film. They thanked me and off I went.

Now that I think about it I should of offered to demo Glass to their whole security dept so they'll know how it works the next time they encounter it. Because they did seem unsure about this new device. Should I?

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My friend made a kung fu short featuring #googleglass ! Haha!

Hope you like it +Google Glass and +Vic Gundotra!


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Forest Lawn
09/01/2013 6pm

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Visiting Disneyland!
08/30/2013 3:30pm
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