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If you've been following along for the last few weeks, you know that we've been discussing the 7 steps to start a business that you can run anywhere in the world.

For most business models, the steps are the same with a few variations. But ecommerce completely flips these steps upside down.

Building an ecommerce business is unlike building any other kind of business. In some ways, this is fantastic news for you. But it also means you'll have to really pay attention to the process if you want to succeed.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to start an ecommerce business.
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Thank you so much for your help ok
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Jo Barnes

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Do you have a brilliant technical mind?

Do you have nerves of steel and a desire to help people in all kinds of industries to grow their businesses?

If so, you may be a perfect fit for an SAAS business.

SAAS (software as a service) is a fantastic business model!

You can get people signed up on a free trial, and make passive income with monthly subscriptions and other upselling options.

But SAAS is not for everyone. It's a complex business model that requires planning and a lot of cash (or skills) upfront.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to start a SAAS business.
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I like Making business but how will i manage with small money. 
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Jo Barnes

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When was the last time you saw an ad for an information course, an affiliate marketing program, a coaching business perhaps?

Was it yesterday? Today? They are all over the place!

There are so many different business opportunities available to us everywhere we look, each one with it’s own promises of great riches, it can be challenging to decide which business model we should pursue.

Not knowing which direction we should be moving in leads to massive overwhelm as I’ve said in other videos.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’ve broken down the most popular business models into categories and am discussing which type you would like to focus on and how to prioritize your growth in the future.
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Jo Barnes

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We all love a good story. We love chatting with friends about past experiences and telling stories to our families around the holiday dinner table.

Stories are universal. They allow us to relate to one another at a basic human level.

And yet, when it comes to writing content or copy (the horror!) we usually forget about this!

If you're like me, when you sit down to write a blog post or an email sales funnel you panic, get overwhelmed with the process and end up putting it off.

But if you learn to incorporate stories into your copy, not only will you produce better content, but you'll probably even enjoy the process more.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to easily write engaging content and copy through the use of storytelling.
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Please send me a message
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Jo Barnes

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Fear is a normal part of life. Nobody is immune. And in a lot of cases, fear is good. After all, fear is what stops us from making dangerous or foolish decisions. But as useful as fear is, it can also be responsible for trapping us in our comfort zones.

When it comes to launching a new product, starting a blog or setting up a new email funnel, fear is just a part of the process. Anytime we do anything new, we can either rise above the fear and take action, or we can stand still and stop growing.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about what to do when you're really scared.
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That's how it is when you want to do things for the first time you should have fear and the bible said fear is the beginning of wisdom
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Jo Barnes

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There is an anonymous quote that says, "Entrepreneurs live for a couple of years how others won't so they can live the rest of their lives how others can't."

This isn't just an eloquent way of saying that entrepreneurship takes effort.

Becoming an entrepreneur takes massive sacrifice!

You may need to lose sleep, shuffle childcare schedules, give up things you love to do, and miss out on time with friends.

You may need to mortgage your home or work several jobs to make it happen.

Each entrepreneur has to make their own sacrifices, but the fact is you will not achieve business success unless you’re FULLY committed.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about the sacrifice and discipline it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to decide if it's really what you want.
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Jo Barnes

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If you have a skill, perhaps you're a fantastic Facebook ads guru or a great content writer, you may be interested in selling that service directly to clients.

This is a popular business model, and you can certainly run it from anywhere in the world, but it also comes with some limitations and best practices.

For instance, any time you sell a direct product or service, you're trading your time for money.

This directly affects the way you need to market and sell your services.

You'll also want to pay close attention to who you choose to work with, as they will consume a lot of your time.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to start a business selling 'done for you' services.
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Salut! je souhaite avoir plus d'informations sur l'entreprise.
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Jo Barnes

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Do you have something you're truly skilled at that others would pay you to teach?

Do you have a knack for helping people succeed?

If so, you might be a great coach.

Continuing in my ‘How to Start a Business You Can Run From Anywhere in the World’ series, today I’m looking at the steps you need to take to start a business as a coach!

It’s an exciting business model and doable by anyone who loves to help others achieve their goals.

Check out this weeks episode! :)
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Jo Barnes

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In last week's Make It Happen Monday video, we talked about all the different areas of business you can get into.

This week, I'm starting with the first area: selling info products online.

There are about a million and seven ways to sell info products, but no matter which you choose, the process is going to be roughly the same.

Once you master this process, you'll be able to get out there and make it happen regardless of your niche. ‎
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Jo Barnes

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"Be the best at everything you do."

How many times have you heard that phrase?

If you're an entrepreneur, you've likely heard (or read) that sentence many times.

There is a strong belief (and rightly so) that if you're going to venture into business, you need to pick a niche and become the absolute authority in that niche.

But trying to be the best is exhausting!

Instead of focusing on this daunting idea of being the best, I actively choose to take a less stressful, and equally effective route to success.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to add value to your business in order to become the best at what you do.
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How can I boost my capital in my business if I have a small amount of money in my business
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Jo Barnes

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Have you ever felt really great when purchasing something? Maybe the salesperson treated you very well and really got to know you as a person. Maybe you felt heard, or maybe you felt like the salesperson just wanted you to have a great experience, whether or not you purchased anything from them.

The fact is, we are more willing to do business with people when we feel like they make it easy. We want to feel like we are making the right decision and that we are giving our money to a worthy business. The same is true of your business. People will be more likely to work with you if you make it easy and if you connect with them.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to make it easy for people to do business with you.
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Jo Barnes

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If you have a social media presence (any at all) you've likely dealt with "trolls." These are the people that fire off negativity like cannons. They leave rude comments, call you terrible names, and insult your ideas with fake authority.

Once you start to see success in your online business, it's likely that you'll deal with trolls on a regular basis. Sometimes you may be tempted to give in to their comments, believe what they say, or get down on yourself. But I have a better idea!

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about how to deal with trolls online.
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Hi Jo
All your stuff comes on to my g mail, so I must have set it up at some time.
However I haven't been reading any of it!
Until now 'trolls'
Just wondering why I put you on here!
Have I ever met you first of all, or have you had anything to do with
Solihull SMC, or Birmingham Networking Groups
Was impressed by the trolls video so I will be following you closer in the
Good Luck

Alfred Lyons
Lyons Bookkeeping Services
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My MISSION is to help you create an online lifestyle business you can run from anywhere in the world!
Hi! My name is Jo Barnes. I am a Mother, a Sun Chaser, an Entrepreneur & an Online Marketing Addict.

I started my online business in 2010 and haven't looked back since. In the last 4 years as a family we have lived in Europe, Australia & South East Asia. We have also travelled extensively chasing the sun across the globe! 

This is all made possible because I run my entire business online, so as long as I have an internet connection I can work from anywhere in the world!

I LOVE what I do and I am experiencing daily the opportunities online marketing can bring, which is why it is my MISSION to show people how to increase their passive disposable income & achieve business & life freedom.

I want to give you the opportunity to make better choices because you have more money, more time and more passion for what you're doing than ever before!

My main focus is demonstrating how to increase leads and sales while systemising and automating your business using online marketing strategies & productivity hacks.

I’m also a great believer that good health equals improved results, so there’s a little bit of that thrown into the conversation also!

I can tell you this, living an 'internet lifestyle' is 100% possible for everyone and anyone who wants it and the good news is, you can do it ethically and with integrity and without hard selling. That's the beauty of todays inbound and social media marketing world we live in!

So if you love discovering new ways to fit more into your day, increase your income and get more out of life , be sure to circle my business page-

Also connect with me over on Facebook - and check out my blog -

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about our travels and the places we see and stay, then circle me here as I tend to use this profile to talk about and share my pics and experiences from all the different fab places we get to go because we can!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Stop Thinking, Start Doing!

Bragging rights
Mother to a beautiful 7 year old daughter. Currently living in paradise in Phuket, Thailand. Have travelled the globe over the last 4 years. I LOVE what I do! :)
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