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Please block and report him!!

Matthew Teegarden10:08 AM - Public
hey guys! im new here and i just started one of these to meet men interested in younger men. haha well...boys.
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Reported for "Hate or violence", that was the closest option.
actually seems like someone else did this to this person, why would anyone make a profile like this about themselves, dunno, just an observation
+DJ Escho could be, either way it's wrong if someone did this to an individual, as well as it being sickening wrong if it is truly a real profile.
People are crazy, I don't want that crap on here, proactive am I !! :P
true, absolutely correct on that
I do not now if it is or not, But I am not taking any chances!!
I reported it as child abuse. This is disgusting.
I'm confused here...why are we to report & block this guy? And how is it dangerous to children?
He put his profile up to meet guys (as it states clearly)...he didn't create a profile that attracts children and entrap them with lies. From here and on I guess it is a person's choice/freedom to contact this guy.
Sure he's disgusting and has no tact, but I hardly think that's a reason to "report" him. I mean it's his choice. No?
The young boys comment should be enough
+Johanna Rogers you do not have to do anything. I just wanted to alert people, he's new and I personally think he should be blocked and reported.
Could be, but why leave it to chance? If someone moved in to your neighborhood near your children and presented himself like this, what then?
Blocked and Reported for "Hate or violence"..
okay, +Ian Littke , perhaps you're correct (I won't argue the point, it doesn't matter). Do you not agree that this should be removed?
Do you know of another way?