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You forgot "pooped in the plants"!
Whew, what a day, so far >`^ ◕ ‿ ◕^`<
So true. Oh to have a pampered cat's life.
sounds like my kitty... but mine also drags around wet dish towels from the sink...
yea but mine stares at me for food
Heh, my cat goes through half that list before he's pooped for the day!
Make my servant lead me to my kibble dish
Yowl so that my servants will come
Sleep in fort
There's a lot more for my cat.
My cat plays fetch, chews on your hand for awhile, chases the dog, takes a ride on the dogs back, and a few others, haha
E. R.
I couldn't help but add "like a boss" to each of those statements...
U all are silly.... Adding u all now!! Lol
its soppose to br something funny sharon soto
its soppouse to be somthin funny sharon soto
Scratch Mama's leg while jumping into her lap for extensive petting.
1. stalk all bare feet in house 2. sit at windows, obsessing about birds outdoors, making odd mrrpy noises  3. take bath, chew feet real good  4. lay upside down, with one back foot WAY UP in air 5. take bath, pause while licking genitals to look around room 6. lay at bottom of stairs, in shadow, complain loudly when stepped on. 7. run up and down stairs, loudly, while making mrrrpy noise 8. take bath
5&8. Takes bath twice a day? Really clean cat you have there. :) Climb up on human's shoulder and demand a ride.
mine said he never did anything,He didnt do it
what to do? what to do? how will i know i am not a kitty or cat
Mine at nite has to sleep next to me on a pillow with one paw on my arm and his head resting on my arm
this is my cat but he take like 100 naps then is up all night all
elizabith, my mom has that flower as a profile pic to
Meow Meow Meow Meow, Meow Meow Meow, Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow!!!
read the hunger games you'll find catnip there! ❤❤❤❤
Sounds like my cat Ziva, and she would add is it time to play fetch yet. See Ziva is a Bombay & she plays fetch.
munju s
cat is queen....!
thats so funny! lol
I have a dog, really super cute
lol story of a cat! life of a cat! story of life of a cat! :-P 
ya not all dogs like cats  but my don't think his a cat.he thinks his a dog when the dog barks the cat meow.
+Rosaelia Cisneros just added you. I tried to tag ppl into help with inability to post... I will send them a message. R u on Chrome?
hehe..shoo innocent .. lol ..
my cat do sleep but not 16 hours straight..
i always wake him up..,
Bug your owner.
I know, I'll play cat's cradle with her knitting wool.
NOw what you know what to say im adorable cause he is 
That was a very active day for one cat!
Im a cat! meow!!!!!! u play with a ball, laserpointer, fether, and get people to pet u!!!!!!
Step on men's privates don't forget that Lol
That's the life of a cat over and over... still cats are very interesting pet. i love cats!!!
i like this cat post.........................
hey...are you watchin me....cuz....well......I do that.....
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  thats thats thats real comedy that is hilarious
No any comments cause never see before and may be in future???
This is embarrassing, that cat has been more productive than I have :-(
Love cats. They make you laugh alot . They are also very naughty, like stripping wallpaper!
Luv it so catty in every aspect
Sweet Baby Jesus!!!  I am laughing so hard reading your posts.... you guys are a riot!! :P
just like my cat... lol :D
Well +MAJOR TOM people shit in your face backstab you road rage you mug you burgle your house murder ppl kill your pets. Cats kept inside are no problem its not the cat its the owner ;-) be responsible for them & you have a great companian! Cats rock :-)
so u posted this............
so so so , friends???
...that was my day yesterday....well,
seriously?? This thread is too much... I cannot believe it's still going!!  
7 lives right?  will leave it up for 7 weeks?
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