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If You Are on G+....... Read below!!
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Like... "short bus special?"
My tongue stuck to the screen when my windows froze. I'm not going to lick windows anymore +Jo Anne Thomas
Bill G
almost as special as you hahahahaha ;)
LOL... We're all special in our own way... :-)
Yes.... Well....I'd like more factual evidence
Tell Me and i'll discern that
We are on G+. We are sophisticated and mature.
I'm having a blast! You and I are going to have tomorrow with Tiff and my girlfriend in NYC! Did you print out that Groupon? lol
I don't lick windows...but I know "Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin :)
+Karen Thomas and I had a wee issue about my knocking her up in the morning... ;-)
Only in the Great White North, eh?
+Tom Napier Nah..... Smart. And smooth. Ok, most of the times... knocking up ladies in the morning???? Come on!!!! LOL
Nobody better be knocking me up at any time of day!!
Here we go again... LOL
Don't worry ladies, its a British term, often misconstrued but my days of waking up people in the morning are long gone.
But +Dana Geppi Long it is funny the British way... Its just a lot more fun the non-British way... ;-)
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