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If You Are on G+....... Read below!!
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Like... "short bus special?"
My tongue stuck to the screen when my windows froze. I'm not going to lick windows anymore +Jo Anne Thomas
Bill G
almost as special as you hahahahaha ;)
LOL... We're all special in our own way... :-)
Yes.... Well....I'd like more factual evidence
Tell Me and i'll discern that
We are on G+. We are sophisticated and mature.
I'm having a blast! You and I are going to have tomorrow with Tiff and my girlfriend in NYC! Did you print out that Groupon? lol
I don't lick windows...but I know "Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin :)
+Karen Thomas and I had a wee issue about my knocking her up in the morning... ;-)
Only in the Great White North, eh?
+Tom Napier Nah..... Smart. And smooth. Ok, most of the times... knocking up ladies in the morning???? Come on!!!! LOL
Here we go again... LOL
Don't worry ladies, its a British term, often misconstrued but my days of waking up people in the morning are long gone.
But +Dana Geppi Long it is funny the British way... Its just a lot more fun the non-British way... ;-)
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