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That's it. The end...

DarkyROM has been stolen by my own crew.
I've been thrown out by my "loyal" crew...

My team (ficeto, Robbie Hood and Tom) want me gone.
Why? Because they think the project is theirs now.
They think because they worked in the last few months, it belongs to them now and I don't have anything to say now.

I was and still am in my last year of education and everyone understood I can't invest that much time anymore. But now when I asked my team to transfer DarkyROM to another domain - to make DarkyROM bigger - they want me gone now so I can't do anything.

I can't do anything about it as I trusted Hristo (ficeto) when I gave DarkyROM to his server. He suspended my access, so he has the full control.

I'm so upset that a few people STEAL my project I started in October 2010 (alone). And just because I had to concentrate on my education, I have nothing to say now? This is just not fair.

- Joël Staub (Darky)

Further steps will be communicated here.
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feeling sorry for you, hope that community behind DarkyROM will stay behind you and support your right for the project
Darky was my First and only rom i used in the past. From now i Never will use a Darky rom anymore. Till it comes from YOU again! F*** the rest!
Joel, i really feel very bad :-( Darky ROM was my first ever custom ROM it is nothing without you. It is your property. U trusted ficeto, he betrayed you. They have earned whole lot of money only because of you. Why the hell they did it to you? :-(
That's pretty damned harsh Joel :(

Keep your spirits up at this upsetting time mate. We won't quickly forget everything you've done for us.
Deepest sympathies, your concept lead to some brilliant roms. Tried many on the SGS1 and always ended back on a Darky :)

Good luck to you!
Please withhold judgement until you read the transcript of the conversation at Thank-you :)
Umm.. Sorry, but when was the last time Joel did the work he used to do in the beginning? I remember a hangout with him and the rest of the crew, don't remember which version it was, but it was for the s1. All the kernel work was by +Hristo Gochkov. All the other work was by +Robbie Van Zegveld +Tom Pursglove and +Ben Thomas. All the hard work? Yes, but not for a long time, any deffo not for the s2 or note or even the s1 of late. This is really unnecessary Joel. If you didn't have the time, you could have just left it to the others the way it was going all this time. To say that you're just handing it over to someone else NOT of community (coz that's what it is, regardless of how everyone thinks of it. It's not a business) isn't right. Anyways. Over and out. As pointed out above, please read the forum posts. I haven't been on the forum much of late, but this is just unbelievable. I never expected it to happen.
Having read the irc log I can see both sides of this.

Yes, it does seem that Darky has made a decision which he shouldn't really have made without input from the team first. It has yet to be explained why that decision was made, and yes it is totally understandable why the crew are frustrated and upset by it. Also, it's blatantly obvious that the crew have been running the project without Darky for a fair while, and that alone gives them a lot more "rights" than Darky thinks - both in the eyes of the community and the eyes of the law. (UK law at least).

On the other hand, this was Darky's project from the start, he built up the original user base and without him there would be no DarkyROM. Contrary to what the crew believe, I don't think Darky ever said he was giving up the project and leaving it 100% to them. From reading the text it seems that Darky has been shit on from a great height. He starts a project, gets followers, it gets big, he gets help in, that help then take control and oust him from his own creation.

And yet I can totally understand the frustrations of the crew. They have put so much work into the project, it probably feels to them like they are the ones that have been shit on.

This is a horrible situation to be in for all involved, I hope you guys can come to a decent resolution. Life is too short for hate.
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