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Do you run/have access to a website? Please consider a banner to find April Jones.

The latest Titanium Backup 5.6.0 is able to restore apps/data from an ADB backup. That is awesome because ADB backups can be made on Android 4.0+ without root ;-)

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No matter how fast we collect information and tell you about it, sometimes we can't keep up.

Tragically, 339 African rhinos have already been killed this year.
We'll never stop fighting this terrible crime.

Check out the threats to rhinos in this infographic, and please SHARE it with your friends.

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Bruce Willis fights to leave his iPod tunes to his family: Actor considering legal action against Apple in battle over who owns songs downloaded from iTunes
The Hollywood action hero is said to be considering legal action against technology giant Apple over his desire to leave his digital music collection to his daughters.

If he succeeds, he could benefit not just himself and his family but the millions who have purchased songs from Apple’s iTunes Store.

Willis has discovered that, like anyone who has bought music online, he does not actually own the tracks but is instead ‘borrowing’ them under a licence.

Most purchasers do not bother to read the details of the terms and conditions they agree to when buying an album but the small print makes it clear that music bought through iTunes should not be passed on to others.

Looks like TomTom for Android will be released around October. Sounds nice! How's the existing iPhone version of TomTom?

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 *3D Indy: Nano Racecar*

• This model of an Indy Car, about the width of a human hair, was made in 4 minutes using a 3D printer.  Printing three dimensional objects at a nanoscale with incredibly fine details is now possible using two-photon lithography.  Scientists at Vienna University of Technology have broken the record for speed printing, going from a few mm/sec to 5 m/sec! This is done using precisely controlled mirrors to focus a laser beam on printed resin. Because the resin hardens only when activated by 2 photons of light, at the very center of the laser beam, solid material can be created anywhere in the liquid resin instead of only at the surface.  Potential applications include making scaffolds to build human tissue or body parts.

• Meanwhile, at this weekend’s  Grand Prix races, real life Indy Cars will roar through downtown Baltimore, looping through 2 miles of familiar city streets at speeds >175  miles per hour.   (I drive the same streets at a slightly more sedate pace on my way to work every day.) This uniquely urban track includes 12 turns over 200 bolted-down manhole covers in the heart of a 300 year old city, past the picturesque Inner Harbor along the Chesapeake Bay. Watch what happens when Tony Kanann’s breaks fail  at 180 mph during last year’s Grand Prix in Baltimore. Amazingly, the drivers walk away unscathed. Tony Kanaan and Helio Crash at Baltimore
Also: IndyCar Highlights from Baltimore

• Watch the high speed printing of a nanorace car by a 3D printer: High speed fabrication of race car
• More Info:

#sciencesunday for +ScienceSunday curated this week by +Allison Sekuler and three guest curators: +Buddhini Samarasinghe , +Rich Pollett and +Gail Barnes .

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Smallest turtle ever

The smallest turtle ever was hatched at Pacific northwest turtle work...
this mini musked turtle is about 1.22 grams,the little one is still to be named,its mother is about 3 inches and father measuring 2 inches
so small that it can be easily fitted in a bottle cap.

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