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I was dumbstruck when I found this three d20 among The Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of on-line pictures of dices.

The three dices were formerly in the collection of the Reverend Chauncey Murch (died 1907). Collected between 1883 and 1906 while Murch was a missionary in Egypt. Collection purchased by the Museum from the Murch family with funds provided by Helen Miller Gould, 1910.

They are made of serpentine, probably date from 304–30 B.C., and I seriously want them a reproduction of them to play D&D with. Don't worry about the rules, I would happily make some home ones to accommodate to their use.

The rest of the collection can be seen here:*&what=Dice&rpp=20&pg=1
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Wow. So D&D goes back to the ancient Egyptians...
+John Hummel , I guess so. What other use can one find for d20's? :)

But now seriously, I would love to know what the Egyptians used them for...
Me, too, +João Figueiredo. Do you happen to know in what base those people counted? (Were they one of the base 16 peoples? Possibly base 20?)
Proof once more that Gary Gygax is roaming around time and space screwing with history ;)
That´s definitively a job for an 3-D-Printer, isn´t it`?
The regular polyhedra used as dice in D&D comprise the Platonic solids. Given that Egypt was part of the Greek empire, it's not too surprising that some icosahedra were found there that date to around that time.
Unless I'm missing it, the site doesn't say where they come from. But dice like those are more commonly found in China and other Asian nations. Dice like these were used to play Ryu-Po in the 2nd and 3rd century BC (
I also know they used dice like these in ancient Korea by the noble classes when entertaining people, but the sides had words like "Finish you drink" and "Sing a poem" Though if I remember right many of the sides instructions have been lost to time or the words can't be translated anymore.
+Gopindra Hannigan I guess so, but icosahedra used in gaming? That was the surprising bit (the Met clearly classifies them as dice)...

+Xatolos Wired the collection they are part of was gathered in Egypt.

+Joseph Carboni , God I miss it to (it has been 3 years since I last DM'ed).

+TAYLOR PUMFORD I found them browsing through the Museum's website. I do that a lot when I'm bored...
+João Figueiredo According to what you wrote, they were collected in Egypt between 1883 and 1906, but doesn't seem to say from where they came from. Looted from a tomb or bought from a merchant? Its possible they came along the silk road, brought by traveling merchants from China.
Either option is possible I think since the website seems to say the same thing you wrote with no idea where they first came from before they were collected at the end of the 19th century.
Although there is no info in the website about how Reverend Chauncey Murch collected the dice, it turns out that there is another set of Egyptians d20's from the Ptolemaic period (323 - 30 BC) at the Louvre, and that the Romans also used them.

Also I found a website that sells replicas of Egyptian dices, 84 euros a set... I'll post about it.
Choose a thief class and they can be yours! Just remember to save vs. poison traps and watch the gelatinous cube at the security desk.
Ancient Egyptians were role playing as corporate middle managers. "You have TPS reports to file, roll a D20"
the louvre has models that you can buy in the gift shop
its funny how the use of d&d in a comment can take it from quasi-interesting to full blown gay in the blink of an eye.
LOVE dice!! I'm a master at Greedy. Or as they call it in the penitentiary, "Rat's Ass." Great game for those who can't sit still and can stay up all night.
Perhaps +Travis Hutchison means that the mention of D&D makes the whole article so joyful and full of merriment. I find that whenever trolls use the word gay deriogatorily if you just switch to the pre-late-nineteenth century meaning ofthe word, it makes for a very positive and hate-free reading :)
There is no plural for dice since the word "dice" is already a plural for die. have a nice day:)
Only bad thing is all the dings they would put in the table.
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