New AutoTools and AutoWeb beta! Really excited about this one as well :D

With the new Web Screen variables you can make your Web Screen easily customizable :D Full tutorial here:

Check out the example video where I first authenticate my user on Spotify and then send my Authenticated token to a AutoTools Web Screen where I can use it to search for artists :)

To summarize, with Web Screen variables you define <meta> tags on the HTML page with the variables, and those become instantly available in the AutoTools Web Screen action as input fields! :)

So it goes like this:
- define a <meta> tag in the HTML page for each variable
- each tag will generate a new input field in the AutoTools Web Screen action
- Each of these inputs will be sent as variables to the page

In the example there's a Access Token input field that is automatically generated from the following <meta> tag on the page:

<meta name="autotoolswebscreen" type="variablejs" id="accessToken" label="Access Token" description="A valid spotify access token. Can be gotten from the 'AutoWeb Authentication' action in Tasker for example." defaultValue="%awaccesstoken"/>

Check out the full page source here: (if you try this page on a normal browser it won't work becuse it doesn't have the access token needed to do the searches).

You can also use the Web Screen as a dialog now! You can position it however you want! Check out this example of a small app launch dialog:

Full Changes for AutoTools:

- Added Web Screen variables! If you set special <meta> tags in your web screen html page, AutoTools will allow you to directly set variables in the page from Tasker! Check out the tutorial here:

- Added option to show Web Screen as a dialog as well as other dialog related options, like size, position, etc

- Added option to close the Web Screen when you send an AutoApps Command from it

Full Changes for AutoWeb:

- Added AutoWeb Authentication action which returns access tokens for your APIs so you can use them anywhere else, like in this case, in the AutoTools Web Screen

Phew, this was a long post. Really happy about this feature :) Let me know what you think!
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