New AutoTools beta!

I've added some functions to Web Screens which now make a screen like this possible :D

Remember! To use the screen below you have to use the latest beta (v2.0.3b)!

Thank you very much for the inspiration for this screen +Matt Vogel (this was discussed here:

Since this is only possible to use in the beta I have not released it to the AutoTools server for everyone to use.

To use, add a new AutoTools Web Screen action in Tasker and use this as the action config:

Test (106)
A1: AutoTools Web Screen [ Configuration:
Display Mode: Overlay
Background Color: #00FFEBEE
Window Width: 75
Window Height: 75
Window Gravity: Top
Animation: Slide In From Top
Show Duration: 500
Hide Duration: 250
Drag: Draggable Anywhere
Drag Movements: Horizontal Only
Fling To Dismiss: Up
Visible Items: 3,5,7,2
First Items: 3,4,2,5
Item Padding: 8
Animation Time: 400
Snap To Items: true
Background Color: #FFF8E1
Expander Color: black
Timeout (Seconds):30 ]

If you change the Window Width and Height you'll change the floating bar and icons size.

If you change the Window Gravity you can make the floating bar appear on either the top, bottom, left or right.

Please let me know how it works so I can fix any bugs before releasing it for everyone :)

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