New AutoTools beta! :) I'm excited about this one!

Now you can inject JavaScript in the AutoTools Web Screen action. This means that you can, for example, inject JSON data into a page, and then make the page be generated from this data!

This allows you to create totally dynamic screens based on JSON in whatever way you like!

In the video example I created a screen that shows a list of apps that can be filtered in real time! :)

You can also inject any other JavaScript you want, so you can create functions dynamically or anything else really. Hope you enjoy it!

Here are a couple of tutorials for JavaScript injection:
- Very simple injection:

- Dynamic app list as seen in the video:

- Added options to inject JavaScript in Web Screens allowing you to create totally dynamic screens like the example seen in the video
- Added Title and Bottom background color options for dialogs
- Added Title alignment option for dialogs
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