New AutoTools Beta: Web Screen Overlays!! :D

Here's a full tutorial for the edge swipe use case:

Here's what's happening in the video:

- I create 2 card list screens as overlays, one at the top (animated from the top) and another one at the bottom (animated from the bottom). Both have drag handles so you can drag them around the screen at will :D
- I also create a transparent swipe screen as an overlay that I can swipe left to make an app launcher show up (which is yet another overlay)
- When I launch the calculator the launcher is automatically dismissed
- When in the calculator I access the AutoTools Overlay notification where I can manually dismiss any overlay
- At the end I dismiss all existing overlays at once by clicking the notification itself (it's just the one swipe screen, but all would be dismissed)

Full changelog:

- Web Screens can now be shown in multiple ways, including normal, immersive, dialog, overlay, overlay no input and toast

- Revamp of the AutoTools Web Screen configuration screen. You'll probably need to reconfigure some settings on your existing Web Screen actions. Sorry about that.

Let me know what you think :D
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