New AutoTools Beta!

You can now query the position of an overlay from a web screen. I've made of use of this in the newest version of the Bubble Web Screen, by adding 2 new optional commands: command when you first touch the bubble and command for when you release it!

With this you can do stuff like in the video, where I'm using the bubble as a slider to control my PCs sound volume :)

You can also use these new commands to detect click patterns.
For example:
- clicked for more than 5 seconds then released
- triple or quadruple clicked
- long click, then short click, then long click
- etc

I know these would be a bit convoluted but just wanted to relay what exactly is possible with this :) Hope you enjoy!

Full changelog:

- Added function so Web Screens can get the position of the overlay they are in, which allows for something like this demo video! :D

- Added option to use USSD code in the AutoTools -> Connectivity -> Phone Tasker action
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