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JLmade manufactures and exports custom merchandise for international brands and retail stores
JLmade manufactures and exports custom merchandise for international brands and retail stores

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Communicating with Vendors in #China   - Free Ebook on Email Tips

Who does this benefit? Importers, obviously, but what type of importer?

-buyers for the #promotionalproducts  industry (distributors or suppliers)
-retail buyers and purchasing managers who work with overseas vendors
-Amazon and wholesale vendors
-Entrepreneurs who work in product development.

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Pending Confirmations and Sign-offs in #China #Manufacturing

It's Sat pm in China. If your supplier asked you a sign-off on Fri & you don't answer till Mon, those are approx 3 days lost in the process. If timing is tight, your China supplier, when quoting lead times, didn't necessarily consider that you'll disappear for 2 days a week.

When buyers return on Monday and leisurely start replying to pending issues, they then have trouble understanding why the timing is no longer what it was?!

When importing, tie up pending issues on Fri or if timing is tight, be reachable on Sat. Or 3rd option, know that whatever pending timing is on the table, doesn't include everyone taking a break on the weekends, and you need to add in those days yourself.

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China Supplier Quotations What to Look For

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Lay a good importing foundation for 2016


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China Gifts and Premium Manufacturing

These are the folks who manufacture your order. They hold your deposit, your product and in some respects, the integrity of your brand in their hands... why would you NOT want to make sure they are are
"on the same page"
"ready-to-rock and/or roll"
"see your vision?"

#promotionalproducts   #retail   #China   #manufacturing  

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Your inquiry to your vendor should have indications that business or a reasonable possibility of business is on the horizon.

#China    #manufacturing   #merchandise

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China Manufacturing and Sourcing
Upcoming China Holiday

Keep in mind that we are between the mid-Autumn Festival and the National Holiday. 

From experience neither of these holidays should cause a delay with actual factory production, but what they will delay is responses from the sales contact you deal. Thus new projects and new quotes will delay.

Our own office in Suzhou is taking a holiday break from Oct-1 to Oct-7. 

Find out when and how your supplier will be accessible during the holiday. If they are not accessible, be sure to obtain clear and full updates before they take off of work. 

Make your directives clear for whenever the holiday is over.

Lastly, be sure to wish your supplier, a Happy National Holiday. "国庆节快乐!"

#promotionalproducts   #China   #manufacturing  

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China Manufacturing | Promotional Products

If you are going to send a Purchase Order; are you making the most out of the document or is it going to actually create confusion? 

This post hopes to enlighten the discrepancies behind Purchase Orders vs. the suppliers' Invoices and expectations buyers put on the documents.

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China Sourcing and Importing

Is your supplier motivated to serve. Or are we relying on "of course the supplier should do the right thing?"

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China Sourcing

Chances of receiving professional pricing and detailed quotes are higher if you, as a buyer, send in a professional RFQ.

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