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Jitendra Mulay

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World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is established by UNEP in 1972 and celebrated every year on June 5. Purpose behind WED also known as eco day, is to raise globe awareness to protect our environment.

This year’s theme for WED is to focus on saving wildlife with the slogan Go wild for life.

Climate change is rapidly affecting wildlife, making many species endangered. Our environment was damaged by us and the process is still going on. Serious steps are crucial to take in order to save our environment before we run out of time.

This shot was taken last year after raining season. Seeing bunch of Eastern Cattle Egrets on a tree was awesome moment! Have few more detailed shots to share. ;)


Read more :

#NikonCoolpixL810 #worldenvironmentday #ecoday #wed #moments 
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Jitendra Mulay

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Happy Birthday +Jacqueline Hodsdon​!

I haven't been around like I used to, but thankfully I'm not missing out Jacqueline's birthday. She's one the wonderful photographer I've met over G+.

Wanted to share this shot from many days but was waiting for occasion. ;) I captured this flower at IIM Ahmadabad during my last year's visit. They have awesome gardening in campus. Done little bit of processing using #snapped .

#moments #flowerphotograph #HTCOneME 
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Jitendra Mulay

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Good morning!

Haven't been around so I thought I should share something from my collection. It's Saturday and 37℃, so a good start of summer, I would say! :D

This shot was taken at Bangalore last year. I particularly like its reach color and think petals. Captured with HTC One ME and proceed with snapseed.

Enjoy! ;)

#HTCOneME #flowerphotography 
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Jitendra Mulay

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Happy New Year

It's fresh start of another new year. Previous year gave me little tough time as well as better opportunities to travel, sort of 50-50 situation. I never prefer to dwell into the past, as usual, so I only take important part from it and move on to new year hoping for the best.

And I'm still working on deciding my new year resolution. :D
What about you?

Photo taken at Ahmadabad last November.

#HTCOneMe #moments #flowerphotograph 
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Happy New Year, J! Did you get my last email, it was a while ago, re the job?
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Jitendra Mulay

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This is so me! :)

Happy winter!
Via +Carin Bondar
Helllllo winter! Via BuzzFeed Comics
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This picture depicts all!
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Jitendra Mulay

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Beautiful morning!

I was in Kolkata in last week. Didn't get much time for photography but took this panorama in early morning while heading to the airport. It was nice cold weather there as compared to Mumbai. This image is little bit processed with #snapseed.

Enjoying my Sunday and hole you too! :)

#moments #HTCOneME #naturephotography 
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Thanks +Anna Reynolds​, I also like this shot for the perspective. It was kinda busy trip but enjoyed!
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Jitendra Mulay

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Happy Birthday +Sumit Sen​!

Saw this tiny flower at CMI Chennai, took with HTC One ME unedited.

Sharing this to with best wishes to wonderful photographer I know on G+, +Sumit Sen​ sir!

Enjoy! :)

#HTCOneME #flowerphotographer #moments #cmi #naturephotography 
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Thanks a lot :) Looks great!
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Jitendra Mulay

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Earth Day

It is not supposed to be just one day, if we really care about our mother earth.

This shot was from last year's trip to Bangalore.

Have a great day! ;)

#HTCOneME #naturephotography #flowerphotography  #earthday 
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Jitendra Mulay

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Working It Out: How to master the art of concentration at work

I'm going through this article and finds very helpful. Like to know your opinions too!

Have you ever complained about the lack of time? A better question will be - how long are you able to stay focused on a task without getting distra...
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Absolutely true, I've heard it a lot. I think balance is needed which is somewhat challenge to achieve.

Looking forward to have great conversation as we did previously! 😃
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Jitendra Mulay

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Happy Republic Day!

It's 67th republic day of India. Seen people celebrating it with lot of excitement and enthusiasm, feels nice.

Here's shot taken from Sunday's visit to sinhagad fort in pune. Due to low rainfall in past year the greenery is reduced by considerable amount.

Have a great day!

#HTCOneMe #FlowerPhotography #moments 
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Jitendra Mulay

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Collection of quotes

This is one more shining post by +Priya Sharma​​. It this post you will find bunch of thought-provoking quotes. Usually we (or may be only me :)) read something and move on, leaving the actual message in that particular quote/s behind. But sometimes these quotes provides key to our questions/problems. It's a nice idea to to through them frequently.

"Consciously choosing what and who you surround yourself with is among the keys to finding more space for joy." ~~ Thich Nhat Hanh (Book: Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise)

Source :
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Thank you for sharing and for the kind words! ☺

I didn't believe in this thought for a long time (coz everyone has a good side right?). But it's true. 😄 Why waste our time being around people who only makes us unhappy or brings the worse part. 
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Jitendra Mulay

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Happy Diwali!

I'm little late but it's on so, Happy Diwali! Hope everyone is celebrating this joyful festival of lights. :)

#HTCOneMe #happydiwali 
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Happy diwali bro..
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Nice architecture, however too much vehicles.
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Visited here in 2015 and now again in 2016. Nice weather at night but too hot at day time.
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Nice airport with good infrastructure.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago