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Golden Oriole

Captured this Indian Golden Oriole few months ago, another one posted previously on new year ( This one is for incredible photographer I've met on Google+, a man who not only posts his amazing photographs but also writes thoughtful words along with them.

Happy birthday +Vincent Dale! :)


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Celebrate Earth Day with the Veiled Chameleon!

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Twitter's new Fave People option

While using Twitter app for android this afternoon I saw this new option called Fave People added to the top labels. Though adding someone in favorite list is not new, easy accessibility of this list is new.

I already have some selected peoples in my favorite list who I find more interesting. It really makes clutter-free read of important tweets. Moreover, you can also set notifications ON for this list so as to keep your phone buzzing to receive instant tweet updates from your favorite peoples.

Have you tried it?

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Good info. Checked my twitter accounts but neither one is showing this new option on my phone yet. Maybe would have to wait a while. 
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Jitendra Mulay

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Beautiful shot!

I just stopped by +Roland Hagemann's profile and saw this beautiful shot. He has more beautiful shots posted there. Go to check them out and if you haven't circled him yet then circle him. ;)

Via +Roland Hagemann

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Portrait of a Lizard

Taken with my new favourite lens, the +Olympus 45mm 1.8.

Processed with +darktable 

Jitendra Mulay

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Wonderful drawing

This is excellent art work using opaque and watercolors by +Rebecca Latham. The colors are eye-catching and detailings are too beautiful.

Via +Rebecca Latham

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Beside Still Waters - Red Fox, 5in x 7in, opaque and transparent watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Hope you enjoy! ..share if you like.

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A tale of a tail

I don't know whether this pigeon is reassuring his number of tail feathers or working on some dance move or checking if anybody is tracking him or whatever…but for me it’s impressive pose.

Captured last year’s summer while testing Sports mode of camera. This one is, I’ll say better shot than the rest of blurry shots.

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone! :)

#NikonCoolpixL810   #birdphotography  
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Wonderful wildlife photography

I just visited her website and got a chance to see a treasure of amazing shots.

+Edin Whitehead is wildlife photographer (science student and blogger too) from New Zealand. I’ve seen her wildlife shoots before and every time there is something new to see in each shot. She has a collection of remarkable shots taken at different places. Make sure to visit her website to know more about her, as well as add her to your circle.

Oh yeah, there is one cute GIF too in her post, so don't miss it! ;)

Wonderful shots +Edin Whitehead, keep up!
I love taking detailed, close-up images of wildlife. I love gorgeous, pin-sharp feather-detail on birds, and adore photographs with a single focus and soft backgrounds. Which is why I like to zoom out, every now and then, and try something different. I think that it’s important to vary what you do in photography so as …
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Jitendra Mulay

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Post sharing: Public or Private?

What is your preferred way of sharing any post?

It is commonly asked question by many social networking site users that whether to share anything publicly or privately? Well it’s actually tough to wave green flag to any one of them, yet the simplest answer could be – It depends!

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Jitendra Mulay

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Happy Birthday, +Cyrus Khan!

Glad to have you in my circle. :)


Happy Birthday Cyrus Khan
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Jitendra Mulay

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Yes I'm!

Although I'm a TechGeek, I'm a BookGeek too! ;)

What about you guys?
Ping +Priya Sharma :D

Via +Melissa Taylor
Happy Library Week!

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Sketching/drawing once in a while. :-) Though these days trying to find that same magic. +Jitendra Mulay
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