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Trying to enjoy life!
Trying to enjoy life!

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Beautiful blog by Ruchira.

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World Environment Day 2017

World Environment Day (WED) is established by UNEP in 1972 and celebrated every year on June 5. Purpose behind WED also known as eco day, is to raise globe awareness to protect our environment.

This year’s theme for WED is Connecting people to nature. With all the tech and gadgets, people becoming indoorsy. Feeling the nature by self gives much more pleasure than just keeping a beautiful photos as wallpaper.

Just go out and feel the beauty of out nature and help as you can, to maintain it.

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#HTCOneMe #worldenvironmentday #wed #moments 

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It's so transparent

Captured this one last year in Bangalore. It is one of those shots I caught that wasn't planned at all. Don't know the name of this plant.

Have a great ⛅ Sunday!

#moments #HTCOneME #Bangalore #flowerphotography

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Feather left behind

On my visit to #ScienceCity at #Ahmadabad I found this beautiful feather on the bushes. Don't know to whom it belongs but thought it's worth for a shot. :D

Have a great evening!

#HTCOneME #moments #naturephotography

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Joined Goodreads

Hey there, I've recently joined Goodreads. If you are a book reader, do come there and create your profile. And if you already have a profile there, let me know so that we can get connected there.

#goodreads #bookreading #booklovers

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The Merging...

One is good, but sometimes two makes it better. Such natural dual colors always intrigues me. Got this shot from backyard, few days ago.

It's Sunday, done with #Agatha's one book...have no specific plans for the day...I guess it's a perfect day, after all! 😆

Have a good Sunday!

#HTCOneME #moments #flowerphotography #jituonplus 

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Good morning Monday!

It's a beautiful morning in Mumbai, winter is leaving the city before even frizzing the people. It wasn't that cold this year as expected.

Captured this shot last year in Bangalore. Got a chance to see variety of flowers there.

Enjoy! 😃

#moments #HTCOneME #flowerphotography #jituonplus #Bangalore 

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Happy New Year 2017!

Time is a mysterious phenomena. When we want it to pass very fast, it slows down or sometimes gets number, and when we want it to pause, it passes as quickly as a flash of light. Time is inevitable how sets its own rules.

The time frame of year 2016 gone in history, leaving behind the lessons for life. We are now all set to explore year 2017.

I wish this New Year 2017 will bring joy and happiness to everyone's life. Keep smiling and enjoy!

Happy New Year 2017!

#HTCOneME #moments #flowerphotography #NewYear2017 #Bangalore 

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Good Bye to Year 2016!

Yet another year came to its end. Many things happened during this year, some were good and some were not so different area of interests.

Talking about me, this year I traveled four months to four different locations in India. Collected memories, learned lots of new things and captured many moments. Read two new books, did some sketching and other such activities. Of course there were some ups and downs, but that's the part of life...I guess!

Today I feel I'm more experienced and skilled than previous year and hopefully will be even better in coming year...climbing towards edge.

I hope you all also had a nice year.
Wishing you a Happy and Beautiful New Year 2017!

#HTCOneMe #moments #Year2016 #NewYear2017 #snowman

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For travelers, a really good post by +Ruchira Parchur

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