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Feel perfection!

Brought my new smartphone last week, HTC One ME dual sim. It has excellent look and runs smoothly with 2.2 GHz octa-core and 3GB RAM. At have great sound quality thanks to HTC BoomSound with Dolby audio and front speakers, so the gaming experience is awesome. Unlike Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, it's MediaTek helio X10 processor doesn't heat up so much.

Lucky I had to travel to three different places in India immediately after buying my anyone smartphone. So I've bunch of nice shots taken by its camera which I'll share soon.

Can feel the perfection! :)
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The only thing I concern before buying or advising new phone is its specs and unique features. Though I bought it in little rush. :-)
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Jitendra Mulay

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Hubble Space Telescope turns 25

Hubble Space Telescope was launched into low earth orbit back in April 24, 1990. Since then, it started taking high-resolution images which helps astronomers to study the universe. To know more about its detail operation, visit - ,

To celebrate this splendid moment, they are offering eBook with 25 significant images taken by Hubble Space Telescope and some other stuff too. And of course it’s free!

Free resources -

Image - Cosmic Ice Sculptures Dust Pillars in the Carina Nebula, NASA

#hubble   #science   #astrophysics   #nasa  
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Jitendra Mulay

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RBCs - Always in a rush ;)

Via +Carin Bondar
Red blood cells, always on-the-go! Via Beatrice the Biologist
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Jitendra Mulay

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Know more about this writer

+Priya Sharma is really impressive writer and that reflects in her each blog post. Her reading is massive as well as comprehensive. Even though the book title or cover image doesn't impress her that much, she never left it unread.

Know more about her and her passion of writing.
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My pleasure!
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Jitendra Mulay

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USB 3.1 is really blazing fast

This is really remarkable improvement with USB 3.1. As you said, those speed test graphs telling the truth themselves. USB 3.1 is practically faster for any type of file. Working between multiple devices will be less time-consuming and hence definitely worth to upgrade, even for USB 3.0.

Read detailed analysis by Antony Leather on Forbes.

; While many of us have yet to ditch our aging USB 2 devices in favor of the blue connectors of the considerably faster USB 3, a new standard for USB devices is just about to hit the mainstream. USB 3.1 has perhaps grabbed most headlines recently thanks to its inclusion [...]
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Jitendra Mulay

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Do you have 'Mind'fulness ?

'Clear of analyzing to be right or wrong' is the very lesson truly required to teach my interviewers.

Jokes apart, meditation is important in our life and considering today's lifestyle I think it's crucial way to relax and have (some) peace.

Via +Cheryl Ann MacDonald


Is an outlook of having alert, unblocked absorption in the present. People are mindful, when they recognize their thoughts and feelings at a distance, clear of analyzing them to be right or wrong. Mindfulness is living in the moment and paying attention to the experience, instead of letting life pass by.  For more information

I hope you're all having a good week-end!
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Jitendra Mulay

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Red-vented Bulbul

Commonly seen bird in India as well as in some poems too! Took this shot few days back, will try to post some other shots too.

Also have a blissful Ashadhi Ekadashi!

Know more about Ashadhi Ekadashi -


#NikonCoolpixL810   #birdphotography   #bulbul   #birdsinfocus  
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Jitendra Mulay

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...because I say No!

Excellent article by +Dawn Mentzer for small and medium scale business owners explaining some situations when it's acceptable to say No to your upcoming client.
Sometimes the very best thing you can do for your small biz is to turn work away.

It sounds crazy, I know. But it's true!

My latest post on +LinkedIn shares four times it's perfectly OK to say NO to opportunities.

Have you turned down clients and assignments for any of these (or other) reasons? Tell me more!

Turn work down? Are you kidding me? When you’re just starting out in business for yourself, that’s pretty much the mindset.Take the work—any work—so you can start making some money.Even after you’re established in your business, you still might feel like you should be seizing every single opportunity that comes your way.But knowing when to say no—and knowing that it’s perfectly OK to say no—is a business asset in and of itself. It can save you fr...
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This is a problem that sinks a lot of contract research organizations in the clinical trials industry. Some clients are ruthless negotiators, insisting on a fixed price while they push for endless revisions, e.g., different algorithms, two tables on one page for the price of one. Others complain about the organizational structure of the CRO team and refuse to work with key members of the team for petty reasons. One nightmare client came to our company with a 20-year-old drug that had never been presented to the FDA or its foreign equivalent because the client had been dissatisfied with the work of previous CROs: wasn't that a big red flag?
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Digital words

If you know something then you should share your knowledge with others to pass it to next generation. Telling another person by mouth involves some snags as the content couldn’t be told or heard properly and some information may get lost. To beat this problem, the best way of handling information in safe way is to write it down somewhere so that it’ll last long for large period of time.

Since the ancient time human invented various way to do that. Prehistorically human uses sign languages to express their intentions. After that the journey took a step forward with cave paintings, then to writing on stones, followed by leaf, then papers and now today’s digital words. We live in a digital edition of writing and reading.

With innovations in tech world, people’s reading habits are also altered over the past 20 years. The main advantage of digital reading is that it is possible to read anywhere and anytime. From giant screen PCs to 15-22” laptops, from 7-10” tablets to 5” smartphones, technology made it possible to carry large amount of books in our pockets and access them anytime.

People who like to read a lot usually prefers to go with old classical paper book style, and have to admit that I’m from the same league. A nice book, a cup of coffee and raining outside is unbeatable scenario for me! Printed version has its unique pros for which people still love to read them. But it doesn’t mean that digital version losses its value. Digital versions of books are low cost, smaller in size and portable.

Many authors and publishers are now considering publishing soft copies of their books simultaneously with hard copies or solely publishing soft copies, depending on their target readers. Several companies are adapting to digital and online work environment with very less paperwork involved. A number of schools as well as universities are providing digital learning resources for their students.
Digital words brought revolutionary changes in many things. Digital words are clear, can be saved and edited anytime and never get older with time. Electrical energy and innovation brought the words on screen and thus when anything book or article gets publish on internet, people living in any corner of world can read them in no time.

Digital reading comes with ominous deal. Whether it is Kindle or iPad with retina display, continuous exposure of bright screen for long time adversely affects on eyes. In this modern world, tech addiction is very common and getting rid of it is a bit difficult task. That’s why, while using any gadget for digital reading or writing purpose, it’s good to define certain time limit for its use and spending some quality time without any of those gadgets.

With sharp growth in human knowledge, techniques that are being in use to spread it to others are also changing. Started with body gestures, it took form of digital era over long period of time. There was a time when hands were used to write down someone’s number, now they are busy in scrolling digital screen. Many people who usually gets repelled by books have started to read digital books only because of its easiness. Who knows where these digital words lead us or what new information system could be built superior than this. For present, digital words are invincible.

#JitusBlogOnPlus   #digitalwords  
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Lol I hid few of the writings in the beginning. Becuase handwriting did not look like mine. And my fingers were protesting too. :D 
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Ello V2 is Beta is here

Ello has re-designed its site and also brought some new features. To name a few, they have added full screen browsing, rich text support in comments, drag and drop editing, save drafts etc.

I was just checking out those new features which are quite good, yet not too impressive. They need more improvements. The text color is very dull; notification symbol is on the right side of the screen and notifications opens on the left side etc. They are soon launching their mobile app for iOS and Android.

So if you've also checked it, what do you think?

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Yeah me too! I'm still figuring out what is the point of using it, should I continue it or not. No crowed – No fun!
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Jitendra Mulay

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I've just updated my foursquare profile after long time. Find me there if you're using it too! ;)
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Jitendra Mulay

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Nasa's Opportunity rover completes milestone on red planet

Opportunity and its twin Spirit landed on Mars in January 2004 and it surpassed marathon distance of 26.219 miles (42.195 kilometers) with a drive completed on March 24, 2015.

#science   #opportunityrover  
The space agency said the car sized rover's odometer checked in at 26.2 miles. Opportunity and its twin Spirit landed in January 2004 for what was supposed to be a three-month mission.
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