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Arms wide open to the sun

Simple handheld shot from the fields around the house.
No idea what kind of flower is it :)

Enjoy Sunday G+!

Floral Friday ~ #floralfriday flowers
Curator(s): +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman, +Kiki Nelson, and +Eustace James.
G+ Page: +FloralFriday
#floralfriday +FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson +Eustace James
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Beautiful view, Prague is such a nice town to visit.
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Jiri Papakiriakos

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Inspiring shot by +Betina La Plante
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Thank you, +Jiri Papakiriakos 
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Jiri Papakiriakos

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Nice circle of photographers from +Alycia Miller
February Circle time!!!
Google+ Friend, Haven't seen you in awhile. how are you? 
everything is ok here! I'm absurdly busy for my personal things. I "guess" things will get done around March.

It's a cold month, please take care and keep yourself in the warm.

About this circle:.
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Jiri Papakiriakos

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Awesome shot by +Yuga Kurita
Night and Day (夜と朝の狭間)
Shindou Touge is my favorite vantage point in the area I live. It's relatively easy to get there until the forest road leading to the place is closed on Dec. 10. I'll probably visit there again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Nikon D800E w/ AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8G ED

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Krásne. :)
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My personal "MUSTSEE" circle of photographers
Contains great photographers only. Hand picked :)
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Thank you for the inclusion +Jiri Papakiriakos 
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Spring pink
One week ago it was a tree without a blossom. Winter is over and it is beautiful outside. Have fun and enjoy it.
#Photography #Nature #Blossom #Pink #Spring
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Thank you +Gabi Gwak
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Local Hans and Gretel house

Lonely house in a town park and I would not feel very much OK spending some time around at night. Would you? :) Very quiet place.
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Broken wing... but Everything will be alright tomorrow

Hey you yeah you don't let it get to you, stressing you
It's what they want you to do.
♪♪Faithless Faithless - Everything will be alright tomorrow
More music less stress. Cheers & beers!
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Charles bridge with Prague castle

I went to Prague yesterday but despite cloudy/sunny forecast the weather did not like me. It was raining, cold and really dark. So i just hanged around the center and grabbed a quick shot during a blue hour. Enjoy weekend everyone.
#landscapephotography #Prague #Czech
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so nice pic
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