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I have a new client for whom I'm going to be doing bug fixes and maintenance type tasks. The first thing that struck me about this client is that they have 2 Wordpress installations. 

As to the why, I'm going to save space and not elaborate, but I will say that my client had a sensible reason for doing this to start.

The first thing that I suggested was that I merge the two sites for this person. My client is onboard but is understandably concerned about any potential negative effects on SEO.  

The current set up is - 

thewebsite/  - one wordpress install for all of the "static" pages (about, contact, etc.)

thewebsite/blog - for the blog. 

Both installs are under the same domain. Does anyone know if there would be any possible SEO impact to merging these two sites into one? My gut tells me no because all of the content and URL's would be exactly the same once I've finished as they would have been prior to the merge. 

I'd clone the site to local host and stage it on my development server prior to making the switch and I only envision an hour of possible downtime, tops, for the live site. 

With that, my question is does anyone here see any potential SEO snags?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really want to sell my client on this as I feel it would be very much in their best interests to do this. 

Thanks in advance for any advice. 

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Has anyone had any luck getting svg to work with the theme customizer? Use case - allowing end user to upload an SVG logo via the theme customizer. 

I'm able to get svg uploaded via the media uploader, but it's a no-go via the customizer. SVG files are greyed out and not selectable when trying to upload. 

Here's a gist of what I have -

TIA for any insight.

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Celebrating the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

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Pretty interesting - Fonts, lettering, and grammar conventions for comic books -

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good read on the utility of style guides.

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I made this set of Illustrator templates to use when designing WordPress sites with Bones Development Theme. They're GPL 2.0 & free to use, hopefully someone will find them useful.   #wordpress  #design
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