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Simple program I wrote in python to organize my desktop and downloads folder both in ubuntu and windows.
utilities - Sorts clutter on desktop/downloads folder by file extension. Tested on windows and ubuntu.
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Its been sooooooooo long since I watch another video from you !
Keep making them add them to your Youtube Channel
I know, finally, another video from the most interesting man on the Internet. Thanks.
That's just what I was looking for, thanks!
BTW, I'm coding a fractal- and cellular automaton-based map generator in my spare time.
Pretty awesome! Personally I use Belvedere on Windows, which does sounds pretty similar. It has a lot of options to create rules and exceptions and a nice easy to understand gui. Not take anything away from what you've done - just sharing it.
the point is more it's a very simple and short program that most people can make use of, and it's cross platform. It's useful as an example program for learning.
Absolutely! It looks awesome! Totally not trying to discount what you did at all! Lots of respect for what you have done - I'm certainly am not at that level! Just wanted to share something similar that I have been using. =)
Wish i could make something like this in qbasic, its what im learning right now. Or maybe i can, not advanced enough in it yet though, I've only been learning how to create variables and simple sums, so its all noob stuff :P, but i have to admit its hella fun coding in qbasic. Ill be moving onto c# afterwards though, then onto c++ or java. I really don't know which to go to whether it should be c++ or java, but i know i want to get into programming.

by the way that video, i finally have heard your voice after so long, brought a little tear in my eye. Man you been gone for way too long, i looked up to you haha :)
Wow, you're finally back! Good to know you're still out there.
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