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Jimmy Gunawan

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Not sure where to start writing this topic, but it has been in my head for a while. I will jump around, but all will be related to animated GIF. But basically when it comes to dealing with GIF (animated) using code or progr...
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Jimmy Gunawan

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Hi Jimmy, sorry to write you here but i need your help with the Voronoi Cage article...could you write me an email to so i can explain you in depth what my problem is? :) thx

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Jimmy Gunawan

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Can you tell what it is? Computer Vision. Yesterday, I spend almost whole day exploring this opencv module using Python. What I discovered was revealing. Even at the very basic level, I could produce some interesting Image an...
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Jimmy Gunawan

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Wolfram Alpha thought: immediacy and simplicity VS the good feeling when one able to code something using all the available tool.
This is going to be a really quick blog post. IMAGE & WOLFRAM ALPHA APP Last night, I was again exploring this Wolfram Alpha app on the iPhone, which I paid for extra few dollars to get "Image" upload feature. I am curious a...
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Jimmy Gunawan

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From Wolfram Language, back to Python and iPython Notebook under Jupyter.... #programming   #ipython   #jupyter  
For the last few days, I have been dwelling myself into Wolfram Language inside Wolfram Cloud Lab, which is really quite a brilliant and I got a taste of a BIG KNOWLEDGE and ALGORITHMS. I grow to like Wolfram Language really ...
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Jimmy Gunawan

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Jimmy Gunawan

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Jimmy Gunawan

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Magic of Wolfram Mathematica (Desktop version)... I wish it is not a commercial app.
Wolfram Mathematica Installation I installed Mathematica on both on Mac and PC, it was a pretty heavy 2.5 GB download and when installation completed, one will end up with 7-8 GB of hard disk space occupied. And THEN, t...
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Jimmy Gunawan

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Real time edge detect is so simple to do using Python and OpenCV, all provided already. Surprised.
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Jimmy Gunawan

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ipythonblocks... simple but fun.
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Jimmy Gunawan

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My personal interest in Wolfram from the start is because of Wolfram's BIG KNOWLEDGE BASE. And also the way Wolfram could "filter" and "re-present" those data back to users in an interactive and rich kind of way. I supposed i...
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  • University of Sydney
    Master of Digital Media, 2001 - 2002
  • TAFE Enmore Sydney
    3D Animation and Visual Effects
  • Sydney Graphics College
    Bachelor of Design
Improv CG artist, designer, technologist, comedian, philosopher, visual explorer, inceptionist. Together we make a better world.
Someone with a huge passion in story telling, drawing, photography computer graphics, animation, and anything visual.
Bragging rights
Every artist should live a money worry free world!
Independent Photographer, Artist, Animator, Web Designer
High observation skill, opinionated, open to ideas and new experiments
  • Luma Pictures
    TD Rigger and Layout, present
  • University of Technology Sydney
    Character TD and Animator, 2012 - 2014
    Casual Teacher and Mentor.
  • Dr.D Studio Sydney
    Final Layout Artist, 2011 - 2012
    Penguin footprints.
  • ETEL Communications
    Designer All Rounders, 2008 - 2011
    Character Rigger/Technical Animator, 2006 - 2006
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