The Best Pinterest Boards about Google Plus
I know you will want to follow these outstanding Pinterest boards centered on Google Plus (and Google Hangouts). I do! They are owned by plussers who love both platforms and curate the best pinnable G+  content across the web.

If you are just getting started with Pinterest or haven’t yet made an account, these boards offer a great place to start. Follow these boards and then set up your own G+ board

Pin this list:

(Boards are arranged by number of followers. That's not necessarily the most important factor, but it gave me an arbitrary way to order them.)

►Google Plus Galore 
3,200+ followers

►Google Plus Hangouts on Air
3,200+ followers

pinner: +Jimmie Lanley  (me!)

►Google+ Resources #EvanG +
4,000+ followers

pinner: Group board owned by +Peg Fitzpatrick

►Google+ Tips
3,000+ followers

pinner: +Rebekah Radice

►Google+ Resources
1,200+ followers

pinner: +Mike Allton

►Google Plus 
900+ followers

pinner: +Wade Harman

►Google Hangouts and On Air 
800+ followers

pinner: +Wade Harman

►Google+ For Business
600+ followers

pinner: Group board owned by Create Your Online Business ( +Emily Sotupo   )

700+ followers (This board has over 600 pins! An astounding collection!)

pinner: Adam Kubicki +Google Plus info, tips and tricks

►Google Plus Tips
300+ followers

pinner: +Mark Traphagen

►Google+ Tips
500+ followers

pinner: +Jeff Sieh

►Google+ Tips and Techniques
300+ followers

pinner: +Stephan Hovnanian

If you have a Pinterest board about G+ (or create a new one), I want to follow it. Please leave a link in the comments.
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