Mindset Hurdle #11:I Can Copy What I Do on Facebook (or Pinterest or Twitter) on Google Plus
Google Plus is unique, and what works on Facebook or any other platform doesn’t always translate directly over. Here are three big differences.
1) Hashtags
Hashtags are effective and useful on Google Plus but don't positively impact posts on Facebook. Just visit the G+ explore tab to see them in action. You can decide if you want G+ to automatically add tags or not. Look in your settings.
2) Post Length
Google Plus favors longer posts, meatier introductions to links, and conversations that stay on G+ without a need to click over to another site. Link litter is frowned upon and gets low engagement.
3) Post Format
Google Plus allows for special formatting such as bold, italics, and strikethrough. Making a post attractive and readable with these special tools is part and parcel of G+ posting.

Can you use the same content on both Google Plus and Facebook -- your same blog post, the same infographic, or a funny image? Yes! But you should not post that content in exactly the same way.

I am working on a course about Google Plus for Content Creators (Bloggers) that will give you the tools and strategies for using G+ in a more efficient way so you aren't spinning your wheels here. Look for a fall release of Plus Moxie.

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