Leaving Facebook
My business partner +Amy Stults and I have made a big decision for our company +iHomeschool Network . We have chosen to leave Facebook.

We are not deleting the account, but we are no longer going to post there. Although we have garnered 10,000 Facebook likes to that page in about two years' time, we are not seeing the engagement we once had. The sense of community is harder and harder to muster up. It feels like a huge puzzle where we have to game the system to get in newsfeeds. And to be honest, our team of homeschool moms just don't have the time to be playing games like that. Their time is better spent creating great content on their blogs or using social media that has a much longer shelf-life like Pinterest, YouTube, or G+.

We used to host Facebook parties for our clients, and our stats became so dismal that we could no longer in integrity offer them as a viable way to reach the homeschool market. So we stopped. 

Instead of plugging the sinking ship, we are letting it careen to the bottom of the ocean while we jump aboard the luxury G+ cruise liner (and other platforms).

Is this a mistake? Maybe. But we won't know until we try. 

Bon Voyage! Bye bye Facebook! Hello, 2014 full of potential and promise. 
iHN is Leaving Facebook
We crossed 10,000 Facebook fans this month, and we appreciate every one of you! We are not abandoning our fans. But we are abandoning Facebook.

iHomeschool Network has so many exciting projects going on, and Facebook is not the cutting edge community that it once was. Instead of spinning our wheels there, we have chosen to spend more effort experimenting with
platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, and of course Google Plus.

If you are reading this, you are already following us here. And we thank you!  We have some bon voyage, Facebook giveaways here: http://www.ihomeschoolnetwork.com/bye-bye-facebook/. Please enter! There are 54 different homeschool prizes.

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